Star Trek

My OTP for Star Trek is Kirk/Spock.

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  1. hooray! I love this and I can’t wait for more, you are truly a goddess

    • I love this too. Around what time do you think you might start working on the next? Just so that I am not compelled to check everyday.

      • I have no idea.

        • Hello, Keira!
          I’m a huge fan of the Tangled Destinies and reread it at least once a year. The stories are full of love, warm and coziness I can’t help but ask you if you’re going to continue it. As I remember, you were planning on it.
          In no, it’s ok, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much for an amazing story you shared. Love is everything and you gave me this through the text. I’m touched by your Spirk and will always be grateful for what you’ve done. You have my heart, author. I mean it. Be gentle with it.

          • Ack! Don’t call it Spirk! That’s horrible ;-). It’s K/S — they’re the grandfather pairing for slash in fandom and they earned that slash mark.

            I want to write more but the last two movies kind of ruined some stuff for me in my head canon and I’m trying to work around it.

  2. You added a Star Trek series! You are now my most favoritist Author ever! And yes that is Author with a capital A.

  3. *waves my pom poms with enthusiasm*


    *Wiggles in my chair!*
    My heart is just exploding with joy that there is now NEW Star Trek fanfiction with you as the author!!!!!

    *Sings Really Really Badly*

    “I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!
    New star trek fanfic and I think I like it!*


  5. Well, I read it. What can I say? I have been a trekkie or trekker since the ‘60’s. I made up Kirk/Spock/me stories to put me to sleep before I knew what slash or a threesome was. I have all the paperbacks (still hang on to them in face of cleaning out my closets) from TOS published in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s when the fans wouldn’t let it die after the tragic cancellation of the original series and most, if not all, of the hardbacks. I have a signed copy of one book.

    At the time, I didn’t know it was fanfic. It was way before the web. I just loved the universe, the characters, the stories—at least most of them. A group of us (including my boss) took off work to go see the first showing of the first movie.

    The best movie I saw last year was the reboot.

    And you decide to write in the ST universe.

    I love the beginning, Spock being brave enough to take on his father.

    I wrote the above after reading the first few paragraphs and went back to finish. The Sentinels of Atlantis has been my favorite fic of yours, but now you have gone and changed that.

    You have really captured the young rebooted Kirk and Spock in an amazing AU all of your own. Love, love, love your writing and thanks so much for giving me a great morning. Cannot wait for what comes next.


  6. Mother Endurance

    Wow. Just… wow.

    I have shamefully been lurking, but after checking my own browsing stats, apparently I click on your site more often then I check my own e-mail. That’s how much I love your writing, and how often I re-read it.

    I would have sworn that nothing could top what you’ve already written, (Match it? Yes. Top it? No.) but this series is my new all-time favourite. So I am de-lurking to let you know how much I enjoy your stories.

    I haven’t been a trekker as long as Billie, I only date back to the early 70’s, but I started reading Trek fanzines in 1978, almost as soon as you could in Canada. I still have a few copies of The Sensuous Vulcan in fact!

    I remember when the big scary divisive issues in the ‘zines were about same-sex pairings and submission/domination, and whether stories with those themes fit the ‘Trek philosophy’. Mailing lists were, at best, in the triple digits. Some fanzines were still smeary blue hand-run mimeos! From the mimeograph to the Internet, how very far we have come.

    So, it seems Kirk was wrong when he famously said, “Shut up. We are in no way setting a precedent.” And thank goodness.

    Thank you Keira, for sharing your precious talent with all of us. May you write until you are one-hundred-and-twenty!

    Mother Endurance

  7. It is the best Star Trek reboot story I read so far.
    It is more than well written and is a great AU that you created.
    Everything is very interesting and entertaining.
    Looking forward to more and I think it is horrible that I still have to wait over a month for the next part …

  8. I’m not such a big Star Trek fan, I know most of the names so far though. ^^
    but I love your story, wich isn’t surprising, since I love all your stories. ^^
    looking forward to the next part…. and now I’m gonna go read it again. ^^


  9. Okay, so despite my reticience you totally got me hooked into the Star Trek fandom. Not sure how I feel about that yet.
    Anyway, I’ve been playing Robot Unicorn Attack and therefore listening to Erasure’s Always again and again.
    For some reason, I keep thinking that it goes along so well with the dynamic between Kirk and Spock… even though Spock would never like such illogical lyrics and Kirk would never listen to something so girly. Still, I kind of feel like the lyrics go along with their relationship. And it’s 3am and I feel like sharing. 🙂

  10. I have read all of your Stargate fics and I loved them all, so much. I’ve read What Might Have Been a few times at least.

    This is complete brilliance. I absolute LOVE it. It makes me smile like a dork at the screen. The interplay between all the characters .. Amanda and Sarek, and Sarek and Chris, and Jim and Amanda– it swims in so much detail and emotion that it seems absolutely believable and real.

    And that’s awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  11. OK so you have started a new obsession for me, K/S. or rather I am in awe of your writing and currently obsessed with to the point I will read anything you write. I like your series a hell of lot more than I liked the film, it makes me laugh and cry and sometime hurl things at imaginary characters. The only problem I have with you posting early is it will probably mean I will have wait longer for the next fix. With luck there with other stories (Mcshep Match etc ) but I like you Spock and Kirk because they are still growing, and anything is possible.
    I also have to credit you with one of the most romantic lines I have ever read Sarek to Amanda,
    “At the time it was the most logical of my options. It seemed unreasonable that I should spend the rest of my life walking around missing a piece of myself.”
    Thank you for sharing , I hope you had as much fun writing the series as I am having reading it.

  12. I hope your recovery is swift and trust the dog now remains confined to his yard.
    Hopefully the discomfort may be managed so the holidays will not be a total loss of enjoyment this season.

    You are an excellent writer. You take your readers beyond the surface of the characters and give them emotional nuance and growth. I love your take on Spock and Kirk meeting at such a pivotal time in their lives. Spock taking his stand against the prejudice of Vulcan at a much younger age certainly gave his parents the opportunity to enhance their relationship. It has solidified his clan connections politically, in ways that probably don’t mean much to him, since his world is Jim. Your OC’s add background and support that expands the universe the characters live in, painting a more vivid picture. I look forward to the remaining chapters.

  13. I’m rereading again and I wanted to clarify that this jim didn’t go to taurus 4 with kodos, you briefly have sarek mention the event but I’m a little fuzzy about it in your au….

  14. I’m such a big fan of all your fanfiction. Thank you for this awesome Star Trek fic. Unfortunately I can only read your fic when I’m on vacation in SA, because I’m working in the Middle East. They BLOCKED your website, the bastards!!! Can’t wait for the next fic.

  15. Eh, I will catch up with all your fic when I’m on vacation again. It gives me something to look forward to. My vacation is almost finished * Sad Panda * Thanx for your excellent fic and keep up the good work bb!

  16. Two words: Oh. Wow.

    Your work is so freakin’ awesome it passed awesome three wows and a holy F*ck ago.. Tell the nitpickers to bite you. You should do this professionally!

    Could I please ask you to update and continue this amazing story? And ALL your amazing stories! I’ve read them so many times so far it’s not even funny. 🙂 And I’m gonna do it again!

    Lady, you’re fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. I love your Spock-Kirk story! Sending loads of positive thoughts your way in the hope that inspiration will strike and more chapters will just flow out of you. Pleeeeeaaaase keep working on this story *serious begging happening here* … Love it – and all your other stuff, but right now this is my favourite 🙂

  18. Adore this series. Often check here for next installment….. if there isn’t one I just re-read another ! Your Spock is so sweet & naiive and I love how Kirk tries to take care of him.

  19. I love your story and hope that continue write super awesome tale of love, hope in found soul mate. Not many story that Spock and James meet before trial of crews and ship. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please keep write and update for devoted reader because you are super great writer.

  20. This is wonderful and hilarious! Until I started reading these I was not a serious cock worshipper. I still wouldn’t write it, but have found that dark place in my soul that loves the thought of some of the pairings have hot sex.

  21. Looking forward to the new H/H series. While I was visiting I decided I really needed the ebook version of one of my favorite stories, so that I could read it again.

    I read that you also write pro fiction but don’t know how to find it. Any hints?

  22. You are totally awesome!

  23. totally love this, can’t wait for the rest of the story. any idea when u might be posting on this story next?

  24. Will you be doing more stories?

  25. I have so enjoyed this! Couldn’t put it down but didn’t want it to end. Please say you’re starting on the second arc soon?

  26. greenbunnyowner

    I have been a Star Trek fan for a very long time. I also have secretly a Spock/Kirk shipper even before I knew what ‘shipper’ meant. I am so glad that I stumbled into the Star Trek section of your site here. I sat here and read the whole set of your Star Trek posts from beginning to end, only getting up to get food, run to the bathroom and take cold showers when ideas you put into my mind over came me sometimes. Now THAT is a sign of a very good writer. You got me hooked on this whole series you have created. AND with the whole new AU Star Trek that has been created with all new younger crew in the movies… the new fanfics possibilities are endless. And seeing the new Kirk and Spock…. oh yes…. *nods* I am even MORE a Spock/Kirk shipper than before. I really cringe when I see Urhura (s?) kissing on Spock. Seeing your versions of the characters in action make me feel a whole lot better though. 😀 Thank you for making your work available for us to enjoy.

  27. wow, oh wow. I just love the canon choices you made here, the characters and threads you pulled in from the animated series (how chuffed was I to see you gave Spock a pet sehlat?) the political maneuvering going on between the Betazoids and Vulcans (and even Federation) big wigs. I just loved the very slow-paced relationship developing between Spock and Jim, and Jim’s very frank and almost nonchalant approach to sexual matters; he’s so comfortable in his skin. Very IC. At the same time, I liked that he is just learning some of this stuff too, and how he looks to his elders for guidance. <3 God, I love his relationship with Chris Pike SO MUCH, and Jaret and even Sarek as well. And I loved Amanda and T'pol in this! Hee snarky cats. Spock was just plain adorable with his uncertainty and his short hair and his hilarious deadpan jokes and his gorgeous, tremulous vulnerability, despite all his strength. He's just beautiful — they both are, the way you rendered them, and their relationship is a lovely thing. No matter who comes at them, I do believe eventually they will achieve their empathic bond as well, shining and gorgeous.

    Thank you for the thoroughly enjoyable, very long and satisfying read.

  28. I am filled with emotion. Although reading with a dictionary (not a good English). Do you have another loyal fan. I’ll wait for the continuation of this series with patience, and in the meantime go read something else of your work.

  29. Oh my…  you did it.

    I actually wasn’t sure about reading a Star Trek Fanfic (my first one by the way )because I only know the original show from years back and that’s it. But I read almost everything else you wrote so far and everything was amazing!

    So I read this and damn it’s absolutely fabulous! I love it and am looking forward to read more as soon as you decide to gift us with more (that’s also true for all the other fandoms you write in ).

    Thank you so much for presenting us truly wonderful stories.

  30. The entire series is completely wonderful. I see why it was suggested time and time again by various people. A true masterpiece.

    I shared small snippets of dialogue here and there as I was reading it. I absolutely adore Spock’s take on the Terran idea of Hell.

    Or McCoy setting that phaser down so calmly in that situation. I wish I could have seen various Vulcan’s faces at that. It was wonderful.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful series. It is something I will be suggesting to friends again and again.

  31. IchikoKitsuneKoumori

    Will you put the (I think)second arc back up? Have both, the original as well as the one with the changes you said your working on. The one where Spock and Jim go to Betazed. And end up going through some kind of trial, encounter an being/alien/deity that had been on Vulcan at some point in its past. I would really love to read it again.
    Arc 2 & 3 when will they be up?
    Could you have the unchanged one up in the meantime like have it as an AU of your story or something?

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