Keira Marcos’ Adventure in the Mountain By Shira Lynn

Art by FanArts Series

At first glance, Keira Marcos was just a normal girl. But she had one special attribute: Her extraordinary power of imagination. Luckily, she only used this power for the good of mankind (i.e. writing absolutely fantastic fan fiction).

One day, for reasons unknown, Keira happened to visit a small city called Colorado Springs. After a night full of sleep (and delicious dreams) she chose a nearby coffee shop to sit down, have a hot drink and write a few lines in her latest story. However, this proved to be rather problematic. Well, not the sitting down but the drink went definitely down the wrong way when a really, I mean REALLY, gorgeous guy came into the shop to get a coffee to go. It’s after all not every day that you get to look your fill of tall, muscular, tousle-headed man-beef, isn’t it.  *sigh*

Having barely recovered from this unexpected attack on her health, Keira once more settled down behind her laptop and started to write down this saucy, hot scene about, well, a gorgeous, tall, muscular, tousle-headed guy that just sprung into her mind. But the gods had no mercy with her on this day for right as she got to the best bit the door of the coffee shop opened again to admit … a whole bunch of absolutely magnificent examples of male Homo sapiens.  And let no one say that said species does not offer diversity: There was the dark haired come-and-get-me!underwear-model, the sandy-haired luscious!geek (complete with glasses!) and, not to forget, the big hunk of dark chocolate muscles.

After several minutes the bunch of walking, talking hotness left the shop and Keira finally managed to wipe the drool from her chin. Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths and murmured a short but heartfelt prayer of thanks to all the goddesses of the world for having created such wonderful specimens. Hearing a muted ringing, Keira opened her eyes – and felt her jaw drop. Coming up the counter of the shop was one the hottest men she had ever the privilege to lay eyes on. And the silver-grey hair did definitely nothing to distract from that fact. On the contrary, it seemed only to enhance the aura of sex.., er, sensual authority the man exuded.

Keira had still not recovered from the repeated attacks on her hormones when the waitress came up to her after having served Mr. Old-does-not-mean-Ugly. “And here my mother always said that working in a coffee shop has nothing interesting to offer to a girl like me,” the waitress said with a saucy grin to Keira, having noticed the effect her recent customers had on our poor writer.

“They are regulars?” Keira asked hopefully, already envisioning the rest of her mornings in this city.

“Well, yes, at least whenever they manage to get out of the Mountain”, the waitress confirmed.

All these gorgeous guys are held in a mountain?! Keira couldn’t believe that anybody could be so cruel and withhold such a feast of man flesh from the public. “The mountain?”

“Yes, up there, see?” the waitress pointed outside the window. “It’s a military installation” the waitress leaned near to Keira’s ear, “top secret! You can only get in with special permission from the general or the president, it’s said.”

“The general?” Our usually so loquacious writer seemed to have been reduced to simple repeats.

“Yeah, that silver-haired guy from just now,” the waitress said with a wink before she returned behind the counter.

Keira took a sip of her drink and tried to concentrate on the story she was going to write. But her thoughts just seemed to be drawn magically to the memory of all these beautiful men that had paraded through the coffee shop in the last half hour. Sitting back from her laptop she put her mind to the task of figuring out what it was that held her so captive.

Let’s recapitulate: Five unbelievable gorgeous guys from the military who … wait, stop – that’s it! It really cannot be a coincidence that the military has five so different yet equally beautiful guys posted to the same installation – in a mountain, no less! I mean, of course, the military has some really good-looking guys in their ranks. Everybody knows that. But … five exceptional, drool-producing ones in one place? No. Something had to be going on.

That’s at least the conclusion our intrepid writer came to (literally) in the aftermath of her trip to the coffee shop in the oh-so-innocent looking little city of Colorado Springs. Which is how she came to find herself right here, several level beneath the ground, hiding out in a small closet in a secret military installation right beneath the Mountain.

Looking through the small crack in the door, her eyes widened at the sight of General Silver Hair stalking through the corridor, accompanied by an excitedly talking and gesticulating Luscious!Geek and followed by Mr. Impossible-to-Deny and Dark-Chocolate-Hunk. Keira had to pinch herself hard to ensure that the incredible sight of all that combined gorgeousness did not distract her from what was spoken.

“He was offering his thing to me!” the General just said petulantly.

“Well, I told you not to touch it! That’s my job, after all!” Luscious!Geek replied.

“But I wanted to put it in myself, just this once!”

Keira’s eyes widened even more as her extraordinary power of imagination started to provide the pictures to these words.  Hastily but carefully she closed the door of the closet and took a couple of deep breaths. ‘I knew it!’ Keira thought. ‘Now I just have to find the proof (*drool*).’

Regrettably, while Keira was certainly an excellent writer, she was not so talented in the ways of a spy. Which is why she soon found herself in front of General Make-me-Sink-to-my-Knees(-in-Worship), having to explain just how and why she happened to be in his top secret, well guarded and even better manned military installation. Keira, for once failing to find the right words, stuttered out her logical deductions: “There are just too many beautiful men in this mountain! I want to know what’s going on (and my share of them).”

The General looked with raised eyebrows at his sandy-haired companion as if to say: ‘She’s crazy, therefore, it’s your job to sort her out.’ Meanwhile, Mr. Drop-Dead-Gorgeous helplessly tried to pick-up his chin from the floor. Luscious!Geek, looking even more adorable with pink-tinged cheeks and wide baby-blue eyes, tried to stammer out an (believable) explanation: “Well, you see, that is – erm – we are indeed part of a special, top secret project of the US government.”

The General suddenly looked panicked and ready to interrupt but it was already too late – Luscious!Geek was on the roll. “You certainly know about this ridiculous rule the US military has, Don’t ask – Don’t tell?” Keira nodded, wide-eyed. “Now, the premise for this rule was that having gay guys serving together in the military would be detrimental to discipline and cooperation. However, in reaction the increasing public pressure in favor of homosexuality and its open expression, the president of the United States has decided to put this premise to the test.”

“And that’s why you all are here?” Keira breathlessly asked.

“Erm, yeah, you could say so,” the General uttered after having received an elbow to his ribs, courtesy of his sandy-haired companion. “You certainly understand that this is top secret. If even one word about this were to become public, the whole test would be invalidated.”

“Yes, yes, of course, I won’t say a thing!” Keira eagerly professed. So it came that our dear writer found herself unable to write anything for the next few days having to rest her hand after using it to sign the mass of secrecy agreements (and do other things, ehem).

After a new, but not less handsome soldier had collected her from the General’s office to bring her back above ground, the group of gorgeous men left behind exchanged looks of relief (and disbelieve).  “Really, just how did you come up with THAT explanation?” the General asked Luscious!Geek who once more turned a delicate shade of pink and ducked his head between his shoulders as he replied:

“Well, it was the next best explanation I could come up on such short notice.”

The other guys in the room just stared at him when a light chuckle from the doorway made them turn around. Leaning oh-so-sex.., ups, sensually against the door frame was the deliciously tousle-haired guy from the coffee shop. Seeing the inquiring looks of his comrades, he said with a wide and lascivious smirk:

“Well, at least she didn’t manage to find out what we are really doing here!”

The End (or not?)


  1. *chuckling*

    Very cute. Well done!

  2. ROTFLMAO! Now that she has tracked them to their lair she really ought to by a little cottage (cabin?) nearby so she’ll always have fodder for her incredible imagination; one which Shira Lynn apparently shares. 😀

    • Thanks for everyone’s compliments. This was my first story ever and I am happy you like it.

      Alwaysand: Settling down is boring .*g* I have actually a sequel in mind: Our roving author is going to meet another gorgeous guy with silver hair and his team – if she doesn’t mind!

  3. *grins* Verry nice.

  4. ^^ i like it

  5. Oh my dear, that is so funny, I like it.

  6. LOL Don’t we all wish something like that would happen to us all.

  7. heheh that was funny. Man I would so like to live near a base that was test driving that theory. thanks!

  8. This was very cute, and would be very interested in more, does our intrepid writer come face to face with a tousel headed muffin? What about The KING of the Geeks? Thanks for sharing this.

  9. *Giggles* SNORT! This was ADORABLE! 🙂

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