Loving Daniel by Ladyholder

Art by FanArts Series

“I love you, you know.”

Daniel looked over at the other man sitting on the couch. They were sitting like they had every evening for the last four years. He was curled into one of the corners with his feet tucked under the other mans thigh. His companion was sprawled out in the middle of the comfortable expanse, taking up far more room than he really should and radiating a lovely heat that Daniel was taking full advantage of.

“I know we never really say it, but I do. I love you so damn much it scares me right down to my bones. But I can’t see me stopping either.”

With his hands shaking slightly at the emotions running through him, Daniel carefully marked his place in his latest book and set it aside. Taking a deep breath, he tried to put the emotion he felt for Jack into the limited form of words. “There is nothing on this world or the next that I can see that will cause me not to love you. You have been there for me through my best and worst moments, from walking through the Stargate the first time to the death of Sha’re to my Ascension and Deasension. There is nothing I will not do to stay at your side and, yes, I do love you more than reason.”

“Or the Simpsons, pie and crossword puzzles you won’t help me do.” Jack said with a soft smile on his face.

Daniel felt his lips twitch lightly at that smile. It was the one that was reserved just for him. Fond, smug, filled with male pride and overflowing with love. Giving in to the urge, Daniel pulled his feet out from under their warm spot and quickly maneuvered himself into Jack’s lap. The only time he did this anymore was when they were on the couch or when they were in bed. Neither of them were spring chickens and some concessions to their ages were starting to crop into their daily lives. This was his.

Looping his arms around his lovers neck, Daniel rested his forehead against Jack’s. Tender kisses were laid on lips that seemed to smile more often than they frowned and he felt time slip away. Daniel would never be able to tell anyone when tender gave way to passion, but he felt the moment when his world caught fire again. The kisses became lush, wet, full of the fire and passion that permeated their lives and spilled over into their love life.

When Jack’s hands began to roam under his shirt, Daniel reluctantly pulled back from his pursuit of kisses to take his shirt off. It didn’t really matter that getting the shirt off would lead to more fun, he hazily thought. It was that he had to stop kissing Jack to get that done. Button down shirt were going to be his new standard, really.

Jack had taken the time to loose his shirt too, and Daniel was gratified to see how his eyes had lit up at the site of him. The feeling was entirely mutual and he wasn’t going to waste a moment of this impromptu seduction. His hands felt like they were too clumsy by half as he ran them over Jack’s skin. Hair that had gotten coarse with age tickled his palms as his fingers searched for and found the spots on his partners chest and Daniel had to scoot off he perch to lavish those areas with kisses.

Jack’s hands on his skin felt like fire and Daniel reveled in the feeling. But he had a goal now and he wasn’t going to be distracted from it. Moving completely off the couch, Daniel knelt between Jack’s knees and leaned forward to worship his mate. Slow sucking kisses dotted the skin in front of him, each one pulling a low moan from the throat above. His hands were busy too, slowly undoing a set of buttons and zippers to get at the prize within.

When he got Jack’s cock free, Daniel flashed a look up at his face. Jack had his head thrown back and an absolutely blissed out look on his face. Smiling to himself in satisfaction, Daniel turned his attention back to the treat in front of him. He loved giving Jack blow jobs and despite how much the other man enjoyed receiving them, he didn’t seem to get to give him all that many. So he was going to savor this one.

He started with little licks up and down the shaft and over the delicate skin of the balls. Long sucking licks at the head to gather up the precum that had started to leak at the first hint of suction. Careful, slow swallows that took Jack’s cock deep into his mouth and with deep breaths, into his throat. He wasn’t hurrying, he was making a meal of this.

His hands were wandering too. Slowly stroking the shaft of the cock in his mouth in time to his licks, gently rolling the balls in their fragile sack and pressing firmly against Jack’s perineum. Dragging his fingers through the spit and precum that had managed to escape his tongue, Daniel pressed one digit into Jack’s ass to tickle his prostate from the inside as well.

Daniel felt his own cock strain against the fabric of his jeans. The constriction was at turns painful and just snug enough to feel wonderful. His hips were moving in time with Jack’s and he knew that he was going to come soon, just from sucking Jack’s cock. Speeding up his motions, he added another finger to the one that was gently fucking the older man.

From the sounds of the moans coming from above him, this action was well received. As the muscles of Jack’s thighs and ass tightened up, Daniel tasted the change in his precum that indicated he was cumming and quickly moved to deep throat his lovers cock. Swallowing slowly and carefully, he tried to get just enough pressure, heat and suction to…

With a shout that seemed to shake the room, Jack came and Daniel eagerly swallowed what he had been given. When the last spasm passed, he slowly let the softening cock slip out of his mouth and leaned his forehead into the crease between Jack’s thigh and his stomach. He shifted slightly to try and escape the mess in his jeans and then decided to ignore it, he was going to bask for a while in his afterglow.

Daniel felt Jack shift slightly and then a hand began to run through his hair. It was shaking slightly and he smiled against the skin under his lips and pressed a kiss to it. It didn’t seem to matter that they didn’t talk about their love, they were both damn good a showing each other how they felt. And that was all that really mattered to him.


  1. No one ever said the strong silent types couldn’t communicate. It’s down right amazing what they can say with their bodies. I loved this little story. It’s a beautiful look at the inside of Jack and Daniel’s relationship.

  2. YES! Sweet and perfectly them, if they’d only get their act together. -So- how the show should have gone, if pervy minds had written the script. 🙂

  3. *happy sigh*

  4. :: Grins :: Glad ya’ll like it!


  5. That rocked.
    It was so sweet, yet filled with passion.

  6. That was wonderful and very loving.

  7. Such a lovely story. Thank you!

  8. My fiance does that. Says “I love you.” out of the blue just to make sure I know. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This was awesome. truly a meal to savor.

  10. This was wonderful, I always thought their relationship would be like this.


  11. That was so hot and yet so sweet at the same time. 🙂

  12. My favourite couple, thank you for this. I really enjoyed it.

  13. helengloucester

    Sigh…I’m in such a happy place. Thank you 🙂

  14. absoloutely gorgeous,just wonderful,evocative and romantic as well as HOT porn
    well done you!

  15. This was… *happy sighs*. Equal parts hot, and sweet, and just unghhh! YUM!

    Thank! You!!! 🙂

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