Unsung Heroes by Neqs

The Geisha had come back from leave with a black eye.

It was already fading, the last traces of it skillfully covered with make-up but visible after a shower – and there were always people in the communal showers when the Geisha was there. Not to harass or crudely ogle him, but few men had seen a Geisha before, let alone naked – and this Geisha was a stunningly beautiful man, well worth looking at.

Warrant Officer Jim Dempsey knew he didn’t stand a chance with the Geisha, knew that men like that belonged to kings or generals or otherwise exceptional men. Jim wasn’t putting himself down or anything, but he knew he didn’t stand out in a crowd and wasn’t going to change the world. He wasn’t an ambitious man. He was steady rather than spectacular, getting much satisfaction from the work he did to keep things on the Ronald Reagan running smoothly. An ex he’d nearly collared had accused him of being a closet sub or switch, too passive and easy-going to be a Dom. Jim had no hard feelings for that sub, but wasted no thoughts on him either. Jim was as he was and content with that.

However, he was in no way content with the fact that their Geisha had a black eye.

Jim knew he had no business voicing any possessive notions about the Geisha, but he couldn’t help feeling protective of the uncollared submissives onboard. The safety and well-being of the Geisha, for all his high status, was no more important any other sub’s, but Jim often found his eyes drifting towards him when they were in the same room. The Geisha wasn’t fragile as such – he was a Navy officer and a competent officer and pilot at that – but he looked like someone who should be cherished and protected from things like grabby superior officers and black eyes.

So Jim kept a tight rein on the brainless seamen who thought it would be funny to harass subs on *his* ship. He was concerned when a full Marine escort in dress uniforms complete with swords brought the Geisha flowers, wondering if it was some bigwig’s idea of courting by throwing their weight around. He was relieved when the Geisha just laughed happily and dismissed the rumors.

And later, Jim quietly and relentlessly ran interference when the Captain took umbrage at the Geisha’s refusal of his collar, nudging things so that the Geisha was transferred off the ship with his career, body, and spirit unharmed.

Jim knew he’d probably never see the beautiful Geisha again, but he also knew that this was for the best. The Geisha, under his usual mask of serenity, seemed relieved to go, and the Captain might not be happy now, but he’d be even less happy if he was facing a House Trial for harming a Geisha.

And Jim, while sad to part ways with the object of his daydreams, was glad that he’d been able to play a small role in keeping the Geisha safe and happy.

The End


  1. I love it. There are so many people like that. Not trying to be heroes. Just doing what they believe in, helping people without anyone’s notice and never asking for it. It’s beautiful in both it’s simplicity and it’s power.

  2. Oh, that is lovely. I think you did a great job filling in some detail. I really like your OC, too. This is definitely a piece that Keira can be proud of. 🙂


  3. soooooooo sweet. thank you for writing this. there will never be enough Matthew stories out there. 🙂

  4. Awesome fic and it’s great that Matt had someone watch his back until he got back with his brothers.

  5. <3 Thanks!

  6. I’m completely and totally thrilled with this. 🙂

  7. Wow, I loved this small side seen. Dose Matt even know what was done of him? Maybe a photo could be sent to the house for what happened.

    I really would like to read more.

  8. Yeah, I know guys like this in the Navy. Obviously my US Navy isn’t this one, but there are guys out there who subtly grease the wheels for those in need. They are always so damn surprised when someone notices!


    Thanks for letting this guy shine.

  9. Wonderful little story. I love Jim, he is a such a good character with the way he was so careful to protect the subs on his ship and especially our favorite beautiful Geisha. Very touching and well written.

  10. helengloucester

    This was so lovely I still have a smile on my face 10 minutes after reading it. Definitely in the spirit of the series.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very nice and sweet, and I hope Jim would meet Matt later on, just to know that he is happy. Jim is truly a good man and people like him is needed to keep others in order.

  12. Obviously there can be no Matthew and Jim but surely there is someone out there who needs a Dom as gentle and protective as Jim.

  13. This was fantastic and utterly charming. I loved seeing another persons perspective on Matt and I loved that Jim was quietly protective of Matt.


  14. Woah!
    Subtly done. Like it. 🙂

  15. Lovely. Now I want to meet Jim!

  16. I love the way you took this small OC and made him big. Even if Matthew never saw him, Dempsey was still important because he did what he did without recognition. Very nice.

  17. This is very nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!

  18. I really liked this, very sweet, very touching , thank you.

  19. As wonderful and exciting as Keira’s fic is, the quiet moments can be extra shiney when they get their oh so brief moments in the sun.

    Yours glitters.

  20. Wow, what a gem.

  21. Beautifully done. I like how you give us all we need to know to paint a picture of your oc in just a few words.

  22. Thanks so much for this very sweet and inspiring story.


  23. This was lovely thanks

  24. twilight_seeker3

    What a loverly vignette. It warms my heart to see people like Jim who quietly go through life protecting and serving. It would also be nice to either see Matt get a chance to appreciate him or for Jim to find his perfect sub What can I say, I am just a romantic at heart.

  25. I love this story. It’s humbling to see Jim’s regard for the unattached subs in his care, especially the way he appreciates and respects Matthew for who he is. I hope Jim finds a sub who deserves him!

  26. Lovely piece of writing. We can’t all be heroes but they need people who make the world turn, doing their work with a smile, pride and honour. Thank you for introducing me to Jim.

  27. This was bitter sweet for me, and wonderful too. I hope someone notices how special he is and he finds the right someone for him. And yes, I even want the OCs to have a happily ever after. 🙂

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