The Merman

Cover Art by Kelly Martin

Coming Soon From Cobblestone Press

Henri Shaw joins the Pleasure Club for the fun of it, but he longs to explore his deeper sexual desires. His Pleasure Master gives him everything he asks for and exactly what he needs. When the fantasy is over, Henri’s reality is no longer enough.


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Henri felt ridiculous. Submitting a fantasy to The Pleasure Club had seemed like a great idea when a friend suggested it. He’d followed all the steps, filled out all the paperwork, and waited. He’d thought that his fantasy was too outlandish to be matched with another member.

A merman.

Henri frowned as he pushed off his shoes and dropped the bag he’d brought on the beach blanket he’d spread out over the sand. The sun was low in the sky, and the small cove he’d been directed to was as beautiful as it was secluded.

A splash of water caught his attention, and he turned toward the water just in time to see a bit of tail disappear. His mouth dropped open, and his stomach clenched with excitement. A man broke the surface and swam swiftly toward the side of the cove opposite him.

He pulled his T-shirt over his head and let it drop to the blanket even as the man…no…god, the merman heaved up out of the water and onto a flat boulder near the shoreline. The tail flowed down his body in varying shades of blue and green scales from a trim, muscled waist.

Henri’s breath caught as the merman looked his way and casually flicked his tail. It looked startlingly, unbelievably real.

The merman leaned back on his hands and turned his face toward the sun for a few moments before gracefully sliding back down into the water. Henri exhaled and closed his eyes to settle himself down. When he opened them again, the merman was swimming toward him—cutting through the water with strength and ease. Finally, when he reached the shallows, the merman stood and walked onto the shore. Henri wondered, just briefly, when he’d shed the tail. He let it go since that sort of reality had no place in his fantasy. The merman used both hands to push long, black hair from his face.

Henri opened his mouth to speak, but words failed him as his pleasure master left the water entirely. The man was every bit of six foot, leanly muscled, and his long, thick cock was already half-hard.


The man offered him a filthy grin and slid to his knees at the edge of the blanket. Henri swallowed hard as he met the man’s vivid blue gaze—the color was unnatural and startling.

Don’t speak to me, he thought, don’t ruin it.

He’d specifically requested no conversation; he wanted a wild, raw fantasy come true. The merman inclined his head and slowly leaned in. Henri’s breath caught as wet, slightly salty lips brushed over his. The smell of the ocean and the heat of his fantasy lover’s body sent a shiver through him. He touched the man’s face hesitantly then slid his fingers into dark, wet hair.

He let himself be prodded back onto the blanket and spread his legs. The merman slipped between them and rubbed his hard cock against Henri’s thigh. It had been months since he’d had a proper fuck, so he immediately lifted his hips when his pleasure master caught the waistband of his swim trunks with nimble fingers and drew them off.

He groaned and closed his eyes when the merman slid downward and sucked his cock in with one swift swallow. Henri’s hips jerked despite his best intentions, and two hands clamped onto him and held him in place.


  1. Oh, this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to buy it.

  2. Woah, this looks brilliant. Looking forward to it.

  3. I am looking forward to reading this.

    Thank you for the teaser!

  4. Just finished reading it–it is awesome! Certainly a more fun assignment then any I’ve had in grad school thus far, LOL.

  5. Just bought my copy! Now I have to wait all day until I get home from work to load it up on the tablet to read. The wait is going to kill me!

  6. Loved it! Seth definitely got Henri’s fantasy right. I’m amazed at how much you can pack into a short story.

  7. Got my copy via Amazon. And wow! *fans self* That was scorching hot! Thanks for that!

  8. I know you have no control over publishing but do you happen to know when this will be available at Barnes and Noble?

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