Tangled Destinies

Cover Art by FanArts Series

Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk.

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01. Genesis (22, 600 words)
Spock convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted son, James Tiberius Kirk.
Also available in RussianЗарождение

02. Taken (20,600 words)
Jim and Spock attend a physics conference at the Vulcan Embassy, Jim’s grandmother tries to get him to agree to an arranged marriage, and the boys develop a mutual dislike for the mall.
Also available in RussianЗанят

03. Chaos (18,700 words)
Spock and Jim meld for the first time, Jim gets unwelcome news from Betazed, and Captain Pike reaches a difficult decision.
Also available in Russian: Хаос

04. Eternal (5,100 words)
Spock and Jim take Amanda out for the day to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Also available in Russian: Вечное

05. Affinity (20,200 words)

The House of Surak and the First House of Betazed gather for the bonding of Jim and Spock.
Also available in RussianРодство душ

06. Envy (19,900 words)
Spock and Jim adjust to their new bond while adults in their lives shift around them in response to the change in their relationship.

07. Justice (9,500 words)
Jim must testify in Federation Court in the trial of Delis Brise.

08. Havoc (9,700 words)
A traumatic and life altering event changes everything for Spock’s family.

09. Forsaken (27,386 words)
Sarek takes his family back to Vulcan for the formal adoption of T’Mara.

10. Covet (14, 168 words)
Jim faces his past and someone he thought he’d already lost.

Spock & James T. Kirk
Actors: Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine

Dr. Amanda Grayson
Actress: Winona Ryder

Ambassador Sarek
Actor: Ben Cross

Christopher Pike
Actor: Bruce Greenwood

Dr. Leonard McCoy
Actor: Karl Urban

Actor: Clive Owen

Actor: Ioan Gruffud

Actor: Zac Efron

Actress: Danielle Panabaker

Ambassador Alexa Deloia
Actress: Marina Sirtis

Ravan Deloia
Actor: Edward Norton

Ambassador T’Pol
Actress: Jolene Blalock

Dr. Noah Burke
Actor: Mark Valley

In this AU Alexia Deloia is the great-grandmother of Deanna Troi– to further that idea I cast Marina Sirtis for Alexa. There will be Vulcan characters added to this page in the future and since I’m by no means an artist I will cast actors to play the parts and you will have to imagine them with you know pointy ears and slanted eyebrows. I’m confident that your imaginations are up to the task. 🙂 Special thanks to TurelieTelcontar for my Vulcan character pictures. AWESOME!


  1. Hi there, finally de-lurking to let you know how much I love you k/s fics. They are amazing and really well thought out. I hope you update this series soon.

  2. Would it be considered a bad thing that I read all of these in about a day and a half taking time out only to sleep when I thought I was going to fall asleep on my laptop otherwise because I was so into it?
    Even if it is, oh well. I LOVED these. (goes and downloads the ebook version to be able to reread later…)

    • Bad? LOL. Well, if it is you probably aren’t alone. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

      • I really did. I’m just glad I started reading this series when I had two days in a row off of work. I would have been rather irritated if I had had to stop reading this series and go be a productive member of society instead.
        And yeah, I suppose “bad” is relative, lol.

  3. I recently found this through tumblr…. I read the first 6 chapters in one night, and I am fully emotionally invested in this story…. it’s so beautiful…. *sobs into handkerchief*
    But perhaps it was posted somewhere and I dont know because I just registered, but about how long until the next arc comes out? (No rush though, really!!!!)

  4. This is one of the most amazing and well thought out K/S fics I have ever read! It took me DAYS to finish the series and I am DYING for more! I love Jim’s fragility and his well-hidden power and Spock’s obvious embrace of everything his T’hyla is. Sexy, angsty, and heart-wrenching in turns, I could not stop reading. Anxiously looking forward to more! And I LOVED all the OCs, too 😀

  5. Hello,
    I just finished reading the last chapter poster (took me over a week, as I’m not a native English reader).
    I must say I’m baffled by your talent. This truly epic story manages to offer us readers the heart and thoughts of your protagonists.
    Good luck with future chapters,

  6. I don’t even LIKE Star Trek…….. oh God please post more soon!

  7. Is it odd that I just noticed that the actress that plays Amanda Grayson has the first name Winona which is the name of Jim Kirk’s mother and that I find this amusing? lol xD

  8. Gods, I have read this story so many times, I just lost count. What are you going to do now that the second part of ST is out? Because, I would sell half of my soul to read your rendition of Khan! I know you said that TD would end with Jim sitting on the Enterprise chair, but I don’t know you, the second movie was such… OMG! No words, and you’ve already mentioned Carol, even if his father in here not an admiral, but fuck the canon really. Who cares about canon anyway?

    Well, you know your story is the best story in all the ST fandom, you don’t need to be reminded of this.

    Live long and prosper 😉


  9. I blame you for making me like Jim/Spock from the AOS movies!

    When I first saw this come up a while back and saw that it was a Jim/Spock pairing, I knew that I wasn’t going to read it – AT ALL!

    Then I downloaded all of your e-books and downloaded Tangled Destinies by mistake and when I saw it on my Kindle, I was going to just delete it….then thought wait…give it a chance and read some…if you don’t like it…just close it and delete without saying anything at all….

    Nevertheless, I ended up loving it and now see why you paired Jim and Spock together! Soon after this, I watched the Star Trek Into the Darkness and began to see Jim and Spock’s friendship/relationship in a new light which is something I blame you for! *grinz*

    Totally loved that Jim and Spock in your story had these special powers and how they tangled together so just beautifully and the bond they had was just so intense…I am now hoping that you will write more of this!

    Thank you for being a wonderful writer! (and I should’ve known better than to just dismiss any story with a pairing that I don’t read that easily – I would’ve ended up loving them despite the pairing! LOL!)

  10. I finally finished this series, yay! And I’m now dying for the next parts ^-^

  11. Hey! I was just wondering if it was possible that we might get the first installment of the next arc before Christmas. That would be beyond amazing! Love you and your stories so much!!!

  12. Hi Keira,

    I’ve just done another re-read. I adore this series. I want to bear its babies!!!!

    Amanda is so awesome, and you’ve inspired a Powers!Kirk search that has yet to be satisfied anywhere else.

    Just wondering if there’s any news on the next arc. I’ve been adoring this story so much and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


  13. This is the greatest K/S story I’ve ever read. <3 <3 <3

  14. I just reread Tangled Destinies, and fell in love again. Thank you Lady Kiera for sharing all of your lovely tales with us. Your rain is so wonderfully enthralling!!!!

  15. It will be interesting to see how the simple change in history will cause in the future. You can already see several differing plot points that may prevent or not prevent or put a different spin on what occurred in the first and second movie.

  16. I just reread this fabulous story!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with your minions!!!

  17. I just read your stories and they were absolutely amazing! The way you developed the characters and gave life to them… I haven’t seen such talent anywhere else in fan-fiction (and I’ve read a lot of fanfics). I really hope you plan on continuing this. I noticed that it’s been quite awhile since you added a novella in this series. Will you be incorporating many elements from the Abrams movies? Like Spock Prime and Khan? Love your work so much!

  18. Will Gauntlet be part of Arc 2?

  19. Have you cast anyone in your head for T’Pau? Because all I can imagine is either Dame Maggie Smith or Dame Judi Dench. They flip-flop in my head whenever I read the parts with T’Pau in them.

  20. This is amazing, & I am really sad that it there isn’t more. Please start the next part soon.

  21. I think I have followed your Star Trek fan-fiction for 5 years now.

    I think I am 5 years overdue in telling you that it is a wonderful fan-fiction. It is definitely a high-end fan-fiction. The grammar and spelling are wonderful making it easy to read, the story in intriguing, and it is altogether a true pleasure to read.

    I look forward to the next installment! Your work is quite amazing.

  22. greenbunnyowner

    Hum… the strangest thing happened. the server seems to have eaten my last post for some odd reason. I got a server error when i went to email to confirm the following link thing. Just wanted to let you know in case the server needs to be checked or something.

    So, in case you did not get my last glowing review… I wanted to let you know how good this is and how glad you wrote it and how i had been a Spock/Kirk shipper before the word ‘shipper’ was made and before I knew what it meant. and um… trying to remember what else i said… That I am more of a Spock/Kirk shipper now with the new AU crew and I am looking forward to when this series is continued. Sorry I can not remember the full review now. But it was all good. You are a very talented writer.

  23. Alright, I spend the last 2.5 days to read this arch, and I must leave a comment to this TITANIC peace of work.

    The story was amazing! Truly utterly amazing, and I was so into it, I couldn’t stop reading and was pretty annoyed when I had to abandon it (for sleep, you know. 🙂 The text is easily read, not overcomplicated, the rhythm was perfect, the plot was intense (at some points) and powerful (in general). The House of Surak all in all ROCKED, that’s the only word I could get to describe it though it doesn’t reflect most of my hugely positive emotions toward Sarek, and Amanda, and T’Pau, and all the other characters. The antagonists who you brought into the story were those types of characters who make the readers think “Okay, just wait a bit and you’ll get your ass kicked so much!”. Frank, Delis Brise, Devar, Sam and Winona Kirks… All of them just added more… more into the story.

    And featuring awesome!Pike, and awesome!Jim, and awesome!Spock and all the rest awesome characters… Fantastic. Basically fantastic!

    So thank you VERY very much for writing this piece of art for the readers. Good luck with the future work and those which are in the process.

    And I have a question: if it’s acceptable, can I get a permission to translate this whole arch into my language (which is Russian) to share it with others who, I’m more than certain, will adore the story as much as I did?

    • While I don’t mind if you translate the work for your own use — I don’t allow my work to be posted anywhere but on my site.

      • Okay, I see. No exceptions then. Is there an option where you post the translation on your website and I give my readers the link to it?

        • Sure, I’d be happy to host the translation.

          Hmmm but we’d have to have a stipulation that have to leave feedback in English 😉

          • O, I get that. Well, in case readers won’t be able to write comments in English, I still can ask them to leave comments in Russian on the page where I leave the link and then I’ll translate it for you. Will that be acceptable?

            P.S. I have a habit of dividing big pieces of fiction into smaller chapters. Will that be okay if I do the same thing for Tangled Destinies? And also how will I be able to send you the translated parts?

          • Considering the structure of the story – I’d prefer it be posted in the parts that I posted. I put a lot of effort into the plot and the pacing of the story which would be destroyed if it were arbitrarily split up.

          • Oh, I won’t be trying to divide them to make them similar size or smth like that; it’s just I saw certain pauses in the plot so to speak, the places where one episode sort of ended and then the another one started. But if you’d prefer a single piece of text…
            I mentioned it simply because I know from my own and other people’s experience that smaller pieces are easier to read.

          • It’s best to keep in mind that these aren’t chapters but instead novellas in a series. Each was constructed a certain way on purpose. Every single scene in TD was plotted for impact and character development. I spent 6 months plotting the series before I wrote a single word of it.

  24. I…is there more? *wide-eyed desperation* It was so good. I mean, this is the first and only Kirk/Spock fic I’ve read. So. Wow, the bar is set high. I mean, I always kinda shipped it in the back of my mind, but this was just…brilliant on so many levels. And your pacing and plotting was just fabulous.

    I’m at a loss because I now need more Kirk/Spock, but I don’t even know where to begin after the utter perfection of this fic. Just, yeah, speechless. <3

  25. So I may be considering, in my head, a Sentinel/Star Trek crossover because of this series and SoA.

    Maybe possibly.

  26. This remains my most favorite series and I find myself continuing to come back to re-read time and time again. I adore your Jim & Spock.

  27. Every time I feel like reading but don’t want to bother looking for a fic, I end up re-reading Tangled Destinies because it’s seriously one of my favorite story / favorite relationship the way you depicted it. Or one of the SGA too 😀

    I think tonight will be the 10+ re-reading of this fic 😉

  28. I keep looking for a comment that I’ve made in this fic, and I found that I haven’t (?!) and I can’t believe that TRAVESTY because this fic occupies a whole ballroom-sized room in my heart. Love it so much! I hope you do get around to writing Arcs 2 and 3, especially because Trek’s 50th year is next year and I personally want to drown in Spirk love (because I’m very distrustful of the movie, so we fans got to take care of ourselves amirite). I will dedicate my firstborn to you!!!

  29. LightningPriestess

    I love this!! It’s definitely something that you can imagine Spock asking Sarek to do with the way he’s so fiercely defensive of his mother. and your representation of Jim is beyond amazing!

  30. Nimue of the North

    I’m actually not much of a Star Trek FanFiction reader, not sure why. But I’m down with a nasty cold and wanted something good that I hadn’t read before to get me through the days and brighten my mood – and your work is a safe bet on this accord so I gave this a try… And it sure has done the trick again!

    I love the story! I like the pace, the time you give things to develop without dragging out the telling of it, just skipping ahead here and there, but not having us miss out on the small personal moments. And the characters are lovely and well developed as always. The richness of not only the main characters but the smaller parts makes your story so wonderfully multi-faceted, especially because these characters aren’t just important in their relationship with the main pairing but have their own things going on.

    I’m hoping for a bit more Spock time when you get around to continuing with this. The last parts seemed a little Jim-centric (rather plausible because of the plot development) and personally I find Spock the more intriguing part, so I selfishly hope for more insight into his perspective, but at the same time I’m just looking forward to whatever you come up with. Your stories are so refreshingly unpredictable, it’s certainly one of their best qualities!

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful writing!

  31. This line has to be the sweetest thing ever!!! “At the time it was the most logical of my options. It seemed unreasonable that I should spend the rest of my life walking around missing a piece of myself.”

  32. I fell deeply in love with your story and spent the night reading the whole thing. I haven’t slept because I finished just in time to get ready for work and now I’m home and am about to crash so hard, but I wanted to let you know how amazing I thought this story was and totally worth the lack of sleep. You should be really proud of the work you put on this site. I’m recommending you to everyone because you’re amazing. It’s been a while since the story was written so I’m just double checking to see if you plan to finish the series or if you’re taking a break to work on other things?

  33. This series consumed me for three days until I could finish it. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it. Props to you for amazing worldbuilding and characters – so many good parts that I can’t even start listing them or I’ll never stop!

  34. Amanda and Sarek give me life. Really, all your Vulcans in the House of Surak are fantastic. I appreciate their snark so much. I really cannot tell you how many times I giggled out loud because of the dialogue in this. It was delightful. I would love to sit in a corner with Amanda and T’Pol at a not-party and talk crap about the other people there.

    I really love that you have given Kirk a whole heap of shit to go through, but you’ve also given him a huge support system, that he is slowly but surely learning to accept and use. I’ve seen a lot of other writers just heap all the shit on Kirk and then make him get out of it entirely on his own. I think one of Kirk’s greatest strengths in canon is the people he surrounds himself with. I’m glad your Kirk has that.

    Sam… Sam… oh Sam. Like, I expected this from fanon Winona, but not from you. I guess he gets to escape death by alien parasites this way… or not! Dun, dun, dun! Super xenophobic asshat done in by alien parasites. Oh beautiful karma. Seriously though, it’s interesting to me how some people end up hating themselves so much that they join hate groups that specifically hate a part of them.

    ANYWAY… lovely. Just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  35. Keiramarcos I enjoy everything you write. You rock!!

  36. The link to Covet doesn’t appear to working. I tried from the main page and the and of Forsaken; both appear to be dead links.

  37. This is my favorite work of yours, I reread this all the time and i can’t wait for arc 2 to come out so i can see their wedding and everything they have to go through. I love your writing and i am thrilled every time there is something new for me to read. Keep up amazing work.

  38. Wow I know that i already did read your serie once (but not here it or on Ao3 or livejournal i think)
    But i fell again in love with it. Once i start i couldn’t stop. I’ll love it so much. The way you write the character i literally can imagine being with them… it’s truly remarkable.

    I’m so glad to know it’s only the arc 1. Even though i could be content for you to stop the serie here i await your second arc gladly ^^

    Just one question,if you are still working on arc 2 and did not finish it will you include the two (or three) movies, aversion of the event from TOS, or do you think you’ll alternate it much more.

    • The only parts of this series on AO3 are written in Russian as that’s where I house the translations with the translator. I only post excerpts on LJ for Evil Author Day so if you read this in English — you read it here though at the time you probably weren’t required to log in which could be the difference in your reading experience making you think you read it elsewhere.

    • I’ve got arc 2 plotted and I doubt seriously that I will include the events of any of the movies outside of what I’ve already done with the Kelvin being destroyed. I’m unfond of how Jim’s career was developed on movie one, I’d rather forget Khan exists, and because of that my build up will be so different that including elements from movie three would probably be silly. I guess it depends on how heavily movie 3 sits on the first two movies.

  39. Hello Keira – Thanks for the Up-date in reply to Eryn Cross’s query.  As always, looking forward to more happiness on your web-site.  Much appreciation for your work.


  40. I have just finished my 3rd or 4th (I can’t quite remember) read through of this series and I love it more with every re-read. Needless to say I have been waiting anxiously for the next arc!

  41. I’m terribly fond of this and stayed up far too late into the wee hours reading instead of resting for work. I’m sure everyone here has shared my pain. 😉 I’m so delighted there will be more installments. I’m kind of hoping Vulcan won’t be destroyed since this is so off-canon — it really has such a rich background and culture….though I suppose that can continue with survivors it really changes the focus to survival and almost obsessive clinging to tradition and reputation doesn’t it? I find the Vulcan people so intriguing in all their inherent hypocrisy and contradiction.

  42. I love everything about this series. First got into it YEARS ago, and I’ve reread it dozens of times. It was the first of yours that I’ve read and because of it I read your other stuff. Thanks for getting me into some of your fandoms again after years away.

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