The Sentinels of Atlantis (Series)

Title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: SGA & SG1 (Sentinel Fusion)
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, etc etc
Summary: Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.
Warnings: Violence, explicit sex, adult language
Rating: NC-17

Cover Art By: fanarts_series

While the main focus of this series is the slash pairing of Sheppard/McKay there are secondary het and a femslash pairings. The pairings that appear in the series: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, Jennifer Keller/Evan Lorne, Matthew Sheppard/Chase Harris, Elizabeth Weir/Simon Wallace, Teyla Emmagen/Ronon Dex, Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson, Laura Cadman/Aidan Ford, Stackhouse/Markham, Bates/Simmons, Radek Zelenka/David Parrish, Anne Teldy/Allison Porter, Jack O”Neill/Patrick Sheppard

This series is being posted in EPISODES.

Episode: 01
The Gathering 
(34,998 words)
Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.

Episode:  02
The Chair (4,771 words)
The Expedition comes to Atlantis with the hopes of finding the past and understanding their origins. The city control Chair wakes a part of Radek Zelenka that should have lain dormant and the consequences ripple throughout the entire expedition.

Episode:  03
The Guardian (5,155 words)
Sheppard and McKay travel to Athos and meet their Guardian and his consort in an effort to create a relationship between the people of Athos and the expedition. While there they discover a threat like no other they”ve ever known.

Episode:  04
The Shield (5,401 words)
Rodney finds a personal shield and his Sentinel suffers when the shield malfunctions.

Episode:  05
The Enemy (9,336 words)
On a routine mission, they encounter the Wraith for the first time with potentially devastating results.

Episode: 06
The Culling (10,000 words)
The Athosians dial Atlantis in desperation—their Guardian has been culled and they need sanctuary.

Episode:  07
The Alliance (10,454 words)
Teyla and Ronon foster a relationship between the Lanteans and the Genii but not everyone agrees with the agreement the two peoples reach.

Episode: 08
The Trade (5,600 words)
The Genii try to double cross the Lanteans and the Marines learn the hard way that Radek Zelenka needs protection from no one.

Episode: 09
The Return (13,000 words)
Ronon allows the Lanteans to travel to his homeworld but the sight of his devastated world hurts more than he expected. John learns that he has three latent Sentinels on the mission and must determine how best to deal with the likelihood that their circumstances alone might bring them online.

Episode: 10
The Legacy (8,500 words)
John has to tell the latent Sentinels on the city of their Satedian genetic legacy.

Episode: 11
The Runner
(13,000 words)
Jennifer is separated from her Sentinel and taken hostage during a mission by a Runner. What she finds surprises the hell out of her.

Episode: 12
The Guide (12,500 words)
The city forces Tyre to come to terms with his needs and the temptation he’s been resisting. Meanwhile, John and Rodney are off world with Cameron and Vala to investigate an abandoned world with an Ancient lab and find something disturbing.

Episode: 13
The Sentinel
(7,600 words)
Bates comes online during a hostage situation off-world, Tyre and Peter take some time to themselves on the mainland, and John has an unexpected visitor.

Episode: 14
The Aftermath (7,100 words)
The life of a soldier is defined by discipline, shaped by duty, and immortalized in acts of courage in the face of the most dangerous situations.” (Read the companion piece to this story: Breaking Point)

Episode: 15
The Tempest (9,000 words)
The Expedition dials Earth and sends them the bad news. John and Rodney take some time on the mainland to reconnect. Patrick Sheppard sticks his nose in SGC business and Jack O’Neill meets Alpha Sentinel Prime James Ellison. (Read the companion piece to this story: The Matter of Female Sentinels)

Episode: 16
The Catalyst
(16,200 words)
Jack O’Neill struggles with coming online so late in his life while John comes to grips with the guilt he’s been repressing concerning his estrangement from his father and brothers.

Episode: 17
The Queen
(12,700 words)
The expedition finds a geothermal drilling platform on Lantea during the final leg of their planetary search that Rodney insists be investigated for potential use for the city and they wake a hibernating wraith Queen. On Earth, David Sheppard moves to Denver so that his son will be close to his father and Jack O’Neill.

Episode: 18
The Spirit (9,685 words)
John takes the Sentinels off-world for training and Rodney explores the depth of his bond with his Sentinel when they are forced to stay apart. On Earth, Jack and Andy meet up with something entirely unexpected on the streets of Colorado Springs.

Episode: 19
The Choice (11,400 words)
Chase Harris has his first off-planet mission and suffers for it. Meanwhile, Matthew Sheppard has to make a choice about his status at the SGC and in the Navy. Jack O’Neill realizes something important about Charlie and goes to visit his ex-wife.

Episode: 20
The Search (Estimated 50,703)
John is drawn to explore an off-world facility but Rodney is concerned by the impact the facility has on his Sentinel. Blair Sandburg and James Ellison take Jack O”Neill and Patrick Sheppard into the jungles of South America on a journey to the Temple of the Sentinels. Matt Sheppard and Chase Harris hitch a ride on a submarine to the Ross Sea in search of what appears to be another Ancient outpost. Sam and Daniel sneak into Egypt to search for a hidden tomb. David and Andy take a trip to Great Britain where they meet up with Carson Beckett. Anne Teldy and Allison Porter step through the gate to a planet on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and finds something rather unexpected.

Casting for the Sentinels of Atlantis

John Sheppard

Colonel John Sheppard
(actor: Joe Flanigan)

Rodney McKay

Dr. Rodney McKay
(actor: David Hewlett)

Lt. Colonel Mitchell
(actor: Ben Browder)

Vala Mitchell
(actress: Claudia Black)

Ronon Dex
(actor: Jason Momoa)

Teyla Emmagen
(actress: Rachel Luttrell)

Major Evan Lorne
(actor: Kavan Smith)

Dr. Jennifer Keller
(actress: Jewel Staite)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(actress: Jessica Steen)

Dr. Simon Wallace
(actor: JR Bourne)

Dr. Radek Zelenka
(actor: David Nykl)

Dr. David Parrish
(actor: Jonathan Young)

Lt. Laura Cadman
(actress: Jaime Ray Newman)

Lt. Aidan Ford
(actor: Rainbow Sun Francks)

Sergeant Marcus Stackhouse
(actor: Boyan Vukelic)

Sergeant Jason Markham
(actor: Joseph May)

Sentinel Tyre Daos
(actor: Mark Dacascos)

Dr. Peter Grodin
(actor: Craig Veroni)

Sergeant Dean Bates
(actor: Dean Marshall)

Dr. Graham Simmons
(actor: Tobias Mehler)


Captain Chase Harris
(actor: Chris Pine)

Commander Matthew Sheppard
(actor: Jensen Ackles)

Major Anne Teldy
(actress: Christina Cox)

Dr. Allison Porter
(actress: Nicole de Boer)

Major General Jack O”Neill
(actor: Richard Dean Anderson)

Dr. Patrick Sheppard
(actor: Viggo Mortensen)

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
(actress: Amanda Tapping)

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Dr. Daniel Jackson
(actor: Michael Shanks)

Sentinel Marius
(actor: Ryan Reynolds)

Bastien (James McAvoy)

(Actor: James McAvoy)


Declan Frost
(Tyler Hoechlin)

Sean Taylor Actor: Orlando Bloom

Sean Taylor
(actor: Orlando Bloom)


Author’s Notes

While this is a Sentinel/ Stargate: Atlantis crossover – I’ve played fast and lose with pretty much everything from the way a Sentinel/Guide pairing works to the events leading up the Atlantis mission, character ages, etc. Basically, anything was fair game as I created this world. This is definitely AU. RE: Cast pictures — I cast the original Elizabeth Weir and I cast a different actor to play Simon Wallace. I figured if TPTB could cast Carter’s dead Tollan boyfriend that I could cast Carter’s dead Tokra boyfriend instead. Just sayin’. Besides JR Bourne is uber sexy.


  1. I just finished season 1 and have read several of your other Sentinel-themed stories (still working my way through everything) and have to tell you how impressed I am at your Sentinel worldbuilding. Truly outstanding. Sentinel was my first fic fandom and it is such a treat to find new (long!) fic written so well. I am so glad I found my way here via Jilly’s site. Thank you so much for sharing your writing.

  2. I love how you twist everything in canon back on itself. Good people are evil. Evil people are good. Good people get what should rightfully be theirs. Evil people get theirs, too. And it feels good! They (John and Rodney) go to Atlantis. Or they don’t go. Or one goes. It doesn’t matter because your stories explain it all and it all works. Wow. Excellent work Ms. Keira.

  3. You are amazing. I love this. I’m making my way through your site and reading everything. Most recently it was the war mages trilogy and basilisk.

    To give you an idea of your power over me normally I don’t read mcshep because McKay kinda annoys me, you write him in such a way that I actually enjoy his character.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Let me tell you will not find better stories than here. You get a cast list along each story. The stories have great depth and continuity. Enjoy your reading.

  5. OMG! I discovered your Sheppards through If Found, Please Return from Jilly James on Rough Trade and I HAD to take a peak at the whole family. I completely fell in love with them. I first read What Might Have Been and what was posted of its sequel Ring of Fire. I then followed with The Sentinels of Atlantis series and you have me hooked completely, although I have to admit it took a bit of time to adjust to Matt not being with Cameron Mitchell and all your other pairings.

    Sebastien and Andy are awsome kids and I can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for them! I hope you will update both series soon (this year?) but can and will wait if necessary 🙂

    Mainly, and more importantly, thank you for sharing your great verses and creating the whole Sheppard clan, with Mattie (love him!) and the kids.


  6. So I just reread the series because I believe I heard you say on one of the shows that you are working on the next season of this and I wanted to be caught up.

    I forgot just how much I freaking love this story. And chase telling John off in the last episode.. oh man, I can’t believe I forgot that shit.

    But anyways, wonderful as ever.

  7. crazedcrusader

    This is the series that made me want to watch The Sentinel and start reading crossovers, and I still love it.

    On a side note, and I swear this is the only question I will ever ask on your website: have you seen the clip from the movie Blonde with Jensen Ackles dancing in a kimono? Because I think about geisha!Matt every single time I watch it.

  8. crazedcrusader

    Yes, youtube is where I originally found it. It’s a made-for-tv movie about Marilyn Monroe and it’s painful to watch, but Jensen in a kimono will make your day.

  9. I thought Michael Weatherly plaid your Declan Frost, why the change?

    Michael is yummy

    • Cause I’ve got plans for Tony DiNozzo in this ‘verse which required some actor rearrangement.

      • Tony is going to Atlantis?  That would be awesome. I guess he’d be either a Sentinel or a Guide, and that is made of win.

        You know there have been favorite stories of mine that I have read several times, but yours are the only ones I’ve been reading for years, and I never get tired of it, I always want more.  You are an amazing storyteller, it’s impossible to get tired of your stories, or bored with them. I thank whatever guiding force in the Universe that you decided to share your wonderful stories with us.

  10. So I have been methodically and obsessively making my way through all the work that you have posted, because you are genius and your writing makes me happy. I read this one next, as you have said that you will be working on it next and I just love this! I have never watched Sentinel, but I love where you have taken the concept. Thank you for sharing…I am off to go binge on the rest of your Stargate stories.

  11. This series is truly amazing. I love the whole extended Sheppard clan, but I think I love Matt the best. And the mythology that you’ve developed around the Sentinels and their Guides is simply breathtaking. It’s totally believable and adds a great new angle to the Pegasus mission. I’ve decided this will be my new headcannon /nods/.

    I’ve never been a big fan of McShep, but I love your McKay; he’s got so much more depth than the show ever gave him, and I love the absolute devotion he has to Sheppard. Plus, the sex is HOT (all of it, really, not just McShep).

    I’m glad to know that you’ve still got plans for this ‘verse, but even if you didn’t, I’m fine with the way it ended. Won’t stop me from revisiting the series, and it’s just one more reason to subscribe to your site. 🙂

    I have a feeling this one’s going into my “reread on a loop” folder. Along with pretty much every other story you’ve written. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I’m gearing up for a reread and I noticed Tyler “Sweet Ass” H. is now playing Declan. Does it mean Declan got recast in all the stories and verses he’s in, or just in this one, because you have plans for DiNozzo here?

  13. The more I read this story, the more I like it. I only would like to know if Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Daniel Craig are still playing Drs Mason Blake and Thomans Grant, so I can picture it better in my head when I read it.

  14. I just finished reading this for, probably, the fifteenth time. I reread all your fics when I get the chance to. I love your work and hope to see more when you have the time to work on anything. You are truly an amazing writer.

  15. Just reread season one and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I notice from your comments that a season two might be in the works which is super exciting (no harassment or pressure intended). Hope you have some lovely holiday plans. Thank you for providing the distraction and escape from my current stresses. I enjoy all your writing and am going through a massive reread. I’ll be sure to say tank you at the end of each one!

  16. Love this story, about the eighth time that I have read it. Just one question, i was looking for the e-book to download it to my iPhone, and i can’t seem to find it, i’m i just not seeing it or something?

  17. Just so you know I started reading your stuff for your harry potter after I read all that I fell in love with you stuff. So when I needed something else to read, I started on your star-gate. I never watched the show because I have an older brother who loved the show, so just to be a annoying little sister I didn’t like it. now because of you I like it

  18. Well, I’ve just re-read this series again, and somehow it gets better every time! I even managed to catch a couple of things I missed before. Your talent is just amazing; thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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