Cafe Sitting

Anyone knows me– knows I like to sit cafes to write. I don’t know if people think I look “nice” or “approachable” but strangers talk to me ALL the time. Since I’m a social creature– I don’t mind this (much).

Though on one occassion this proved way too interesting when a friend called me and asked me to define “snowballing” and I did– in front of a group of old ladies. I thought they’d be all shocked and horrified– instead– one asked– “But, dear, if that’s snowballing what is felching?”  o/ — I love pervy old ladies.

Anyways– today I’m sitting in my favorite cafe with my large diet coke, grande mocha coffee, one muffin and my netbook. I’m all set for an afternoon of gay porn writing. Then this man who has to be 70 sits down beside me and starts arranging the table “just so”. It was kind of charming and he turns me.. and says– “Sweetheart, could you tuck your computer cord under the table so the General doesn’t trip over it?” I do so immediately because the last thing I want to do is trip up a some 70 year old guy who still gets called “General”.

The other guy comes along with their food and they sit beside me and fuss about politics and the price of milk at Wal-Mart and every once in a while when they think I’m not looking– the General would reach out and put his hand on the other man’s in a gesture so affectionate and sweet that I almost cried.

I find out that the General served in World War II in the Army and the guy with him is his best friend and worked as a reporter his whole life because I’m brazenly eavesdropping and they notice. Well, they invite me right into their conversation and I spent an hour of my life falling for two 70+ year old men with ten tons of charm and snark.

There are no kids, neither of them ever married, and they share a house in a classy part of town and I don’t know if they’re lovers or what– but I was so charmed by them that I had to get on here and tell you guys all about it.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. *coos* that’s so sweet! I do hope that they are happy together!

  2. That is very sweet and shows that there still is humanity in the world today

  3. That’s fantastic Keira. General.. heheh that brings up ALL kinds of fandom related questions… like AU Rodney and John, or Jack n Daniel. *grin*

  4. AHHHHH!

    The most wonderful couple, I’ve ever had the honor of meeting is a lesbian couple, Anna and Lily, that help run the co-op where I live. Anna was a nurse that served in Vietnam and Lily (whose real name is 29 vowels long and I will never be able to say correctly if my life depended on it) just happens to be Vietnamese. Every time I hear someone ask them how they got together, even if they aren’t by each other, it always stops my heart. Because, they will invariably look at this person and say: “She healed me.” It breaks my heart in the best way every time. I’m glad you got the chance to see that too.

  5. *coos too* are you going to base some charecter on them.

  6. What a great story and encounter. A wonderful surprise and two great men. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. “strangers talk to me ALL the time. Since I’m a social creature– I don’t mind this (much).”

    Meeting such a wonderful couple is what really makes the social risk-taking worth it, isn’t it? Thanks for that reminder
    whether lovers or not they obviously love each other.

  8. Awwwww.

    *Sappy smile*

    what a sweet pair of guys. I instantly flashed to Jack & Daniel in 40 years!

  9. I’m glad that people can still treat each other like that… You don’t see it very often anymore.

    I’m glad that you got to share in that moment with them.

  10. I’m a little charmed by them too… I love cafe sitting. You just meet the most interesting people sometimes

  11. I bet they go there regularly, just like you. People haunt the places they are comfortable in, and coffee shops/cafes are famous for this. I mention this because i bet they have been there before and will be again. You could plan ahead and be there. eavesdrop again. pretend to work and really be watching them. again. sounds like a great way to enjoy an hour in an afternoon off. makes me want to go to Greenberries this afternoon. and i think i will.
    ummm, guess i will have to look up ‘snowballing’ ’cause i have no clue.

  12. You calling them sweet made me think about Jack and Daniel in Orrymain’s Happy House – the only difference is that Orrymain’s Jack and Daniel are parents.

  13. That was lovely. Thank you for sharing. Now I can’t stop smiling.

  14. “strangers talk to me ALL the time. Since I’m a social creature– I don’t mind this (much).”

    Me too! *beams*. Ever since I was a kid.
    So I’ve had wonderful, interesting, intense conversations with people from lots of countries, over several decades of living in London. All ages, classes, ethnicities, a little bit of travelling the world without getting on a plane.
    It happens when I go abroad, too. Love it when its older people who give you a surprise. Last time I was in California visiting cousins, I was at a cafe and saw a group of older, blue rinsed wome who looked VERY conservative. We got talking with them, and they were anything but! I’m sure they know all about snowballing…(runs to read the entry in wiki)

    Your General and his Journalist sound wonderful-than you for sharing that snippet with us.

  15. Awww,that’s so sweet. Thanks for telling us about it, too.

  16. Sometimes I look around the world and I think, “Humans are the worst. We really should just kill ourselves off sooner rather than later, since that’s where we headed anyway.”
    Then I get a little glimpse like the one you just gave me, and I think; humans still suck but, every once in while, we get it right.

    • I agree. That’s nice that you got to witness something like that first hand. Not too many people left like that. The people around me are so vindictive and selfish. I wish I could know more people like the General and his friend.

  17. It’s sweet, i love when old people make me smile and warm me inside, it was a delicious moment.

  18. Awww that’s so sweet.

  19. My heart just jumped into my throat; I’m also in love with these two older gentleman and I’m so glad you had this experience. My hub works with veterans – young and old – at a military museum, and visits the local Veteran’s Home with vintage military equipment. He sits and talks with these men, getting their oral histories and take on life. Priceless.

  20. How wonderful! So did that stir up your muse a bit?

  21. Oh, how lovely – and I have to admit, when someone says ‘general’, my mind tends to go to Hammond or Jack.

  22. Aw, that’s so cute!

    I’m going to firmly believe that yes, they’re lovers, and they’ve been together since the war years…. a happy ending and a long life of happiness together… because the world needs more real life happy endings to gay love stories.

    I’m going to believe *really hard*. I might even clap my hands.

  23. That is so cool. And whether they are gay or not, they are committed to each other and that is lovely. Thank you for sharing that.


  24. That has just made my day, thank you for sharing.

    Also loved the old lady story, they realy can surprise you some times:)

  25. This just pulls at my heart strings. If I could find one person, just one, in my life existence that would be willing to have that level of intimacy with me than life would have been worth living. The world is a frightful place when you are alone.

    I am so very glad that you experience this on a semi-daily basis. I feel it shows in your works. What keeps me coming back to your stories over and over is the relationship and connection that grows between your characters.

    They have problems, they have differences but those differences do not separate them. They learn to find ‘common ground’ between them. They find honesty and compassion in accepting who they are and who they are with.

    Now, I’m going to go eat a pint of ice cream because you have made me utterly sad and divinely happy all at once.


  26. What an incredible experience and opportunity for you! Amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

    Keep up the good work and fun times at the cafe’s.

  27. I do that too… there’s a open air cafe in my local shopping centre… I love sitting there and people watching. I’ve picked up so many story ideas and dialogue snippets. Folks just don’t see me tucked in the corner near the cash machine 🙂 The coffee is good too; and all you can drink.

  28. Could you just see that happening and it was John and Rodney. Keira that’s the start of a great fic. or even a great ficlet.

  29. Aww that is the sweetest thing ever. I love cute old people, they are the nicest people in the world.

  30. Gosh, smiles, that is so wonderful. Um, I don’t know if this would be polite but, if you ever see them again. Grins, tell them your reading list people say, *Hi!* waves. This is wonderful. I think people forget that older people were once young, and sometimes they have the most interesting stories. Sounds like you struck gold. Kewl! -SB

  31. I wish I had your luck. That must have been made of awesome.

  32. What a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  33. Thank you. I needed some RL sweetness.

  34. Back in the day I used to do all of my writing in 24 hour diners…the seedier the better. Of course back then there were no netbooks or laptops, I had a fountain pen and a spiral and that’s how I rolled. These days I stick to my desk at home. My how times have changed.

    I admire your gut: a grande mocha AND a diet Coke?

    And your gentlemen sound simply adorable. How cute are they?

    And cheers for pervy old ladies.

  35. awwwwww! that is AWESOME!!! If you meet up the the General and his ‘friend’ again wish them well from me.

  36. o/ Awesome.

  37. That is awesome! I have a favorite hang out spot in our small town where I’ve seen a similar (but slightly younger) couple. They’re pretty cool and seem so sweet.

  38. It is so wonderful to know that love (whether platonic or romantic) can last for so long. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  39. its adorable 🙂

    I want a relationship like tha when im 70 “)

  40. Its adorable 🙂

    And all i ask is to have someone like that when im 79 “)

  41. Thank you for posting this! It made me think of this Sentinel story (which, of course, I failed to bookmark and then had to ask for help at sentinelficfind):

    It’s a short fic that has stuck with me and one I highly recommend.

    I have been enjoying your recent posts as a lurker; real life has sucked of late and that’s my only excuse for not commenting. I love your writing and look forward to more.

  42. awww they sound so sweet that it brought a tear to my eye. thanks for sharing.

  43. I have to say that I found these two men so wonderful!!! We need more love like that in all of our own small places of the heart. I always look foreward to all of your stories and updates. To look on love as something as wonderful as it is no matter the gender or age is a blessing to have. I do hope that one day the world will look at love of another person the way that you do. Thank You!!!

  44. That’s really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Stories like that are something you should always share, I think everyone needs to be reminded that there came be things that are so truly wonderful in our world. Despite all the fighting and political bullshit. I love stories like that, before I moved from my home town I would go every Wednesday afternoon to visit the old peoples home. There is just so much history and life to be found there.

    And about felching? Oh my god, almost the same thing happened to me. I was at a Melbourne Cup function (So picture really expansive dress, shoes, makeup, and hair) and my boss wanted to know what felching was. I had to explain it to her (and therefore everyone at our table and within earshot) it was so funny. I was only 18 (am twenty now… yay for growing up) and I had the attention of like half the function. Which consisted of women from my age all the way up to in their 60’s. Lol, very funny moment.

    I also once had a conversation with my sister and her boyfriend on a plane about the fact that my sisters cat always tries to sit on the bed when they have sex. It degenerated from there into wether or not our cat has sexual urges even though she’s fixed… my sister and I are naturally loud people, so of course pretty much the whole plane ended up joining in. It was funny.

    You made my day.


  45. That is so sweet. My heart melted. If only everyone was so lucky in life and love.

  46. Somedays it seems as if I have ‘share your life story with me’ tattooed on my forhead. I am constantly surpised at the things people share with strangers. It is a heart warming story. It reminds me of Lifetime or Hallmark movie endings. So very sweet.

  47. I loves your little story. It put a smile on my face. Thanks Also, I love your stories, and I can’t help but ask if you have gotten into any Jim/Spock stories from the new film. I have just fallen in love with the pair. I can’t help but think a story by you would be wounderful.

  48. Dear lady Keira,

    It is very difficult to be old in this civilisation, whatever people say. Not all of us are growing old rich , beautiful and healthy. Some of us are alone, not rich and not healthy.

    I thank you for your assessment of these men . You are a nice nice lady.

    Your french friend, Lise

  49. “my large diet coke, grande mocha coffee, one muffin and my netbook.”

    Oh my god, you’re my long lost American twin! Nothing better than hanging out in Caffé Nero with a cold fizzy drink and a mocha with my dinosaur of a laptop to write on! I’m so flippin’ serious, that’s just freakish.

  50. There is snow for days here. the thought of sitting in a cafe and having 2 wonderful gentlemen sit down and include you in their love is wonderful. they were a gift, thank you for sharing them with us.

  51. Oh, we have snow too, and I love it except when I’m on a bike.
    Lovely story! And I completely understand that you don’t want them to get dirty in one of your stories, but I have to admit my first thought was of John and Rodney, regardless of if they were lovers or just long time friends. Actually, a long loving relationship should always be about friendship as much as, or even more, than sex. I think. I hope I get to get old like that with someone!

  52. What a really beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  53. How sweet! I’d love to hear their story.

    They’re probably well into their 80s, though, since it’s been almost 65 years since the end of WWII (my dad is a WWII vet.)

    • “They’re probably well into their 80s, though, since it’s been almost 65 years since the end of WWII (my dad is a WWII vet.)”

      I was about to say the same thing, for the same reason; my dad was in the Navy late in the war (age about 19 when he finished his enlistment; he was serving on troop-ships shuttling back and forth to occupied Japan at the end) and is now nearly 86.

      A career-military guy who’d kept in shape would probably look closer to 70 than late 80-something, though… and he might’ve been a high-school kid who lied about his age to enlist. Still, 15 + 65 gets even an underage-enlister up to age 80 now…

      Hope you see ’em again. They sound like wonderful characters (as do the little old ladies who know about “snowballing” ).

  54. Lovely – thanks.


  55. *warm fuzzies* and yeah, *cough* it took me this long to check on your site because Star Trek retook over my brain. And I thought that I was over that!

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