Yearly Stats-2009


So I was looking at my stats for the year and I figured you guys might be a little bit interested in what I’ve figured up. It’s a little crazy!!

Site Visitors for 2009Β (as of an hour ago): 953,718

Word Count for Posted fic in 2009: 400,083

Word Count Written for projects I’ve yet to post: 238,025

Most Popular Pages

What Might Have Been (89,718 visits)

Ties That Bind (56,086 visits)

Sentinels of Atlantis (49,105 visits)

Series Word Counts

What Might Have Been: 250,017
The Sentinels of Atlantis: 109,254
Ties That Bind: 161,000


This is my hobby, right?

Happy New Year Everyone!


PS– I got a Visitor Map for you guys:

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. well if its a hobby it’s one where we get the benefits!! and thank you for allowing us to enjoy it along with you. Happy New year from a fan from Sydney Australia.

  2. Great job! *smirks* I gotta say that I do love all those stores too…

    *bats lashes* you mean you don’t love us when we obviously love you? or at least your writing?

  3. I don’t think you spend enough time on your hobby though πŸ™‚ Hope you can top those numbers in 2010!

  4. Thank you for taking us with you on this ride. Happy New Year!

  5. Last night, new year’s eve, i read your last 2 updates twice. today, at work, reading ties that bind. again.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Well I know that this is a hobby that gives you and everyone around you much joy and pleasure. So thank you for it.


  7. I love knowing that I have helped make your page visits so high as I am a regular visitor and am constantly reading and rereading your stories. Thanks for sharing your gift and hobby.

  8. other people build model railways in their basement … your hobby is more inclusive and a lot more fun for us πŸ™‚

  9. Happy New year! And yes, it might be a hobby, but to some of us, it’s like water, can’t live without your stories!

  10. Wow! Thiiiiiiis close to a million hits, lol. Just 46282 hits. Us readers will have to do better over the coming year. *dramatic sigh* I suppose I could make myself read some keirafic a few extra times a week. LOL!

    Happy New Year and stuff.


  11. Hello! Happy New Year!

    *doing the first Official Geriatric Fangirl Chairdance of Glee for 2010*

    *big grin*

    Is this the part where I get to say, “I told you so”?

    I knew you were totally made of win, and now we have the numbers to prove it! Rodney would approve of having empirical evidence.

    “…Word Count for Posted fic in 2009: 400,083”

    Yay! More is always better, particularly when it comes to keira!fic.

    Yes, yes. I was totally corrupted by reading an excess of Heinlein at an impressionable age.

    Hmmm. I think I read “Stranger in a Strange Land” at eleven, and it went downhill ever since. His world view always appealed to me. So, when it comes to my preferred quantity of keira!fic, I will refer to the teachings of Lazarus Long, who said – among other things –

    “Everything in excess! Moderation is for monks.”


    “…Word Count Written for projects I’ve yet to post: 238,025”

    *pause to take a deep breath*


    *makes grabby hands*

    When do we get to read it? *bounces*

    I know a big chunk of it must be what you’re working on for ‘Ring of Fire’, but still! That leaves a serious chunk of other fic not yet posted!

    *contrives to look earnest*

    Feel free to lob whatever you want in my direction. I’m always happy to be a reader. Really.

    Oh, I must point out that you have an apparently international fan base. So, ya know, that just makes you more awesome.

    *fangirls for ya*

    Happy New Year. I think we’re all hoping you’ll be even more prolific this year! I’m hoping ‘Ring of Fire’ will be epic! I *love* that fic.

    And hell, don’t even get me *started* on ‘Ties That Bind’. There’s a reason you’re pushing a million readers, woman.

    You’re Just That Good. And, yes, I realize that I’m repeating myself, but like I said, this is where I get to say I told you so.

    *does the Second Official Geriatric Fangirl Chairdance of Glee for 2010*

    • If I point out that you’ve already read upwards of 90k of that unposted word count– I might upset others. lol. I think you know what I’m talking about!

      • that almost makes me cry
        however Christ King’s posts are highly amusing … so I am merely sniffling and trying to be patient and cheering for her chair dancing πŸ™‚

        • Ah, don’t cry. Chris told me I had to Add smutty porn to it before I posted it. LOL.

          I’m writing a big space opera I guess you’d call it– in trilogy format. I have the first two parts done (roughly) and i’m working on the third before they go into beta and rewrite. I’ll be posting it later in the spring/summer I think.

          But right now I’m focused on Ties and Sentinel. Ties will be ten parts in total. But Sentinels will be ON GOING like a TV series.

          • Yay for smutty porn!


          • Yeay, thank for listening to her, definitly cheering now πŸ™‚ in fact, I might practice bowing (virtually)

            I kinda love everything you write so I am excited to see anything new (although I can only stomach so much het porn so Dark Places is not really up my street). Good luck with the space opera. Is it an original work or fan fiction?

          • It’s a McShep. It’s sort of like i asked myself this question: “What if the people on Atlantis got tired of Earth and their stupid politics and said– You know what, Earth, fuck you in your eye! and Earth really didn’t notice for a while?”

            AND a space opera was born. For a while I was calling “Left for Dead in Pegasus” which sounds like an old western but it won’t have that name when it actually comes out. lol.

          • Oh my.. one another reason to workship you, you’re an amazing and evil author, totally free style and with a lovely naughty mind, we’re going to hit 2 millions visitors with this space opera.

          • That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to read it! I’ve always thought the Atlantis people should do that. Earth is so focused on their own concerns and it doesn’t seem as it they really appreciate the plight of the Pegasus people. they could do so many things with the galaxy and the Athosians.

          • I agreed and with this fic i hope the DADT is put in a garbage.

          • Diva0789(Michelle)

            Oh Sign Me Up…I WIll Definately Be There For That One!!!!

            I’ve Read A Couple Like That on Wraithbait and I Loved Them!!!

      • I’m a glass half full sort of reader.

        The way I see it, that means there’s still 148,025 words that I *haven’t* read!

        *gives you my very best sweet lil ole lady smile*


        Yes, I’m shameless. It’s part of my charm.

  12. Thank You for all the hard work!!! It’s all been brilliant and I can’t wait for more!!! Have a Happy New Year!!! πŸ™‚

  13. yeah you are the exemple that a hobby can be a piece of art, funny, entertaining.
    You’re doing that like a master.
    You can tell that you have a huge fanbase.
    Happy New Year !

  14. I’m sitting here on new years day re-reading “Ties” from the beginning as I have done for Sentinels and What Might have been over the last few weeks.

    You write powerfully but with a terrific sense of comic timing. Best of All the voices of your cannon characters are spot on and your original characters a really interesting and well formed.

    I really appreciate that you are happy to share your hobby with those of us who have a talent for reading rather than writing. Thank you.

    I look forward to adding to the number of site hits regularly

    Thanks for sharing

  15. You can be sure your fanbase is international – and you deserve this, I’m sure – look at all the replies which shows the readers don’t have english as a primary language – as me. From Bucharest, Romania: Happy New Year with more wonderful keira!fic!

    • Cool. I just get one of those map things we can all put little stick pins for our locations. LOL. I wonder how I would add it to the site?

      • if you can figured to do that it would be cool, i love to see the location of the a
        others members, it’s like a spirit travel.

        • Oooh! I like that idea.

          Put a pin in the map in Oz.

          Don’t you have some folks from France? I’m a Luddite, so I haven’t a clue how one goes about getting one of those map widgets, but it would be really cool to see where all your readers come from.

          • I like the idea..

            Pin one for South Africa πŸ˜€

          • I’m from france, from Vallauris (06220), a village between Cannes and Antibes in the Alpes Maritimes (cΓ΄te d’azur)

          • Wow, I suddenly feel exceedingly dull. I’m just Floridian.

          • would it be where we are from or where we are now? I just moved… πŸ™‚ either way awesome!

          • At least it’s above freezing in Florida. *sigh* It’s just above zero here in Southern Wisconsin.

            OOOhh, wait…I could just re-read some Keira fic. That would warm me up!

          • one more pin for Australia and sitting here in sweltering heat I’d go for something below 30 degrees celcius (86 F) and very little humidity (the rainy season has started)

            maybe not approaching zero since we don’t have heating πŸ™‚

          • Floride is cool i’m in love with this city thanks to the CSI Miami, you feel dull, me too, i’ve a obsession to go in vacation in the USA, sound so far from where i live.

          • From France too… Montpellier near the Mediterranean See.

            And I must say I frequently re-read your fics.

            Thanks for sharing!

      • Add one from Japan!

      • Add in a Arizona, USA reader!


      • This is so totally cool.

        I’m in awe of your technowizgeekery.

        Yes, yes, I’m a Luddite. I think we’re all aware of this. But I’m still vastly impressed by the fact that you not only installed the map widget on your site, but that you tracked the bloody thing down in the first place!

        I’m have a blast following this thread. I think it’s fascinating to see so many international readers! You’re on the other side of the planet and as close as my home computer, in the office where I spend the vast majority of my ‘awake’ time when at home.

        Yes, you are in fact totally made of win.


      • Pin one in Los Angeles for me.

  16. Great stats and well deserved. But what about your (drumroll please) award winning “The Awakening”??? Love to know where it fits in the greater scheme of things. I can see that my personal reading mirrors your other devotees.

    Yes, I’m very envious of anyone who gets to read your work before the rest of us but I’m glad it’s one of us older fangirls. And Chris thanks for asking for more smut porn. Way to go!!!!
    Glad to see there is so much already done but really very sad to read that there are only 3 more updates for the Ties That Bind, I think I’ll have to prepare myself for it’s end. Maybe buy a nice bottle of booze to drown my sorrows. That should work since I don’t normally drink. It’s wonderful that Sentinels will keep on going. Are you positive you wouldn’t like Ties to be ongoing???? Just a suggestion. (Would begging or bribes help????)

    Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading pleasure and looking forward to all of your hobby you’re going to share with us in the coming months. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed someone else’s avocation so much.

    Have a prosperous and successful 2010.

    • Ties has a natural ending– a built in ending as it were. When I plotted it wasn’t going to be a series but a novel. Except the novel got too large to really be considered a book unless I wanted to start calling my self JK Rowling who writes the LONGEST books. Jesus– that last HP book was a complete monster.

      • I’d be willing to call you the Goddess of FanFiction but not JK Rowling. My understanding is that she is very unhappy when is comes to fan fics. Hates the concept of it and isn’t too kind about the authors either.

        Since it has a built in ending I guess I better go out and buy that bottle – I know, I’ll just pretend that there is a sequel and you just haven’t gotten around to writing it. Yeah, that might work.(the fun thing about getting older is when you get delusional noone even notices)

        • Though just a thought, my understanding is that she likes fanfic. She certainly supports fans who write it, and refers to it positively in her interviews. I can understand not reading it until the series is don (no accusations of plagarism from fans), or ever (her creation), but she is to my knowledge of of the most tolerant authors out there. Certainly the most tolerant who doesn’t herself write it.

      • sorry but if you want a fantasy series with longer books check out the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. though it’s an unfinished series it’s pretty awesome if low on romance, he’s amazing at world building, well not as good as Tolkien but who is. If anyone does check out the series I recommend only reading though the seventh book, it’s a pretty good stopping point and nothing much happens after it. But he comes right after Anne McCaffery in my list of favorite published authors.

  17. Hi, thanks a lot for all your hobby, and to add to your “pins map”, Happy New Year from Brasil. I rarely write to thank you, and I know I should but my english is not that great. Anyway I love all your story and I’m completely in love with you Rodney. Thanks a lot again for you write.

  18. So, 3 more fics in Ties that Bind; a lot more (i hope) in The Sentinels of Atlantis (which is awesome news), Ring of Fire plus a “Atlantis separate from Earth” fic. I’m not sure i’m going to sleep in 2010 since everytime there’s an update i reread the previous stories.
    You’re totally the best.

    Bonne annΓ©e et mes meilleurs voeux de Rouen; France

  19. Happy New Year Kiera — and you can add a 42-year old mother from a Virginia to your stats. I am VERY excited to see what you have coming through the tubes, especially for your What Might Have Been series.

  20. Well, I certainly appreciate your hobby! You have certainly made a lot of people happy with it. And I have to shamelessly encourage you in it, because I want to be one of those happy people.

    Happy New Year.

  21. I have to agree with Barb H – knowing there are only three chapters left to Ties That Bind is a little sad. I’ll suck it up, and enjoy every single word you write. But anytime you feel inspired to add to your saga, I’ll gladly read. *sigh* It’s just so, so hot. *fans self*

    And yes, your dedication to your “hobby” is, obviously, greatly admired. Give your hubby a great big kiss from all of us; he deserves it. Having access to your creativity is a joy. *thinking that these comments are sooo inadequate to the purpose*

    Anyway…Happy New Year, everyone.

  22. Thank you so much for your hobby which marries so well with mine – i.e. reading your fabulous fiction. Synergy.

    I hope you have a super – & productive – 2010.



  23. What can I say – iΒ΄m a huge fan of yours. I check almost every day if you have updated the series or not.

    And about McShep – i find it hard to believe that there are people out there who donΒ΄t see that they are meant to be together :O

  24. Hiya (waving)
    I am thankful for every word you write. Your site has been a little spot of happiness to me in the last 2 weeks.
    I ended up really rather sick on December 20 and have spent since then on heavy oral antibiotics as well as IV antibiotics so when I am awake I have been too tired to physically do anything for more than a hour or so. Every time I saw you had posted it was like a little gift during a holiday season that pretty much crapped on on me.
    Everything that you have posted since the 19th has been so very welcome. Every word, every sentance, every story has given me a beautiful sense of anticipation for the next as well as little bubbles of joy the bounce around inside me.
    I adore your writing, each and everytime I read it. And I re-read often.

  25. I’m very grateful for your hobby, and that you choose to share it with us. Your stories have given me such pleasure. I’m loving your SGA stories, and The Awakening remains my alltime favorite sentinels-are-known TS AU story. Thank you.

  26. OMG! I check your page everyday for updates. Totally addicted. You were the first Mcshep I ever read and you converted me. Favourite has to be “what might have been”, but will read anything you write. And stick a pin in Ireland for you map!!

  27. yelp and what did I do new years eve and day, re-read your fic πŸ™‚ I am just so thankful you don’t only post in zines!

  28. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I had a rough past year and your art(yes I consider your work art) really helped get me through the worst of it. I hope you have a great year and delicious cookies. You deserve it for all the hard work.

  29. Yay! And what a wonderful hobby it is! I hope we get to read all that unposted fic soon! :salivates: ~200,000 words! :is greedy and knows it, figures you should know it, too:

  30. Thank you for not letting the stupidity and general nastiness of some brain dead cretins discourage you from writing, or encourage you to pack your bags and leave the party.

    Thank you for accepting our words of gratitude and appreciation in the spirt and not holding the letter against us. Thank you for caring, writing and sharing.

  31. We’ll just have to come by more often and get these stats up to a million.
    A tough job but we’re up to it.
    Congratulations and thanks for a lot of great reading.
    You pick up on so many things that were in the series but were overlooked or barely mentioned
    like the episode about Sateda. Then you develop a great story.
    When I see you’ve updated I just go “ok, that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next ? number of hours”.

  32. Happy New Year, Keira, and thank-you so, so much for everything. God (or someone!) is blessing us through your *hobby*. Hee!

    *hugs you tight*


  33. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us!

  34. happy new year from rainy northern California!
    I’m both sad and excited for an ending to ties that bind… I like everything you post so hooray on a new series as well. And give a hug to the hubby for letting you spend your life making all of us happy!

  35. *makes gimmie fingers at the unposted work* I can’t wait to read it. I think several hundred of the site visits must be mine from checking for new stuff and re-reading all my old favorites. Your work is just that good.

    Happy New Years.

  36. and you’ve acquired a couple of lurkers, me included. XD

  37. and we love you for it! πŸ™‚

  38. Happy New Year and thank you for all the wonderful reading in 2009. You are amazing. I love your Sentinels both in Atlantis and in Cascade, those are the favorites. I love the mystical elements.

    Add a pin in Portland Oregon. It would be fun for you and your readers to see where all of us are from.

  39. Thank you so much for your wonderful fics and Happy New Year from a Finnish fangirl.;)

  40. Wow! That’s a lot of words for us greedy readers!!! Congrats!

    So totally awesome that you are planning so many Sentinel stories and yay! for a new world/space opera from you. It seems that I love the “WMHB” universe the best when I am reading it and the “Sentinel” universe and then “Ties” so I am probably ficle but I really love them all and can’t wait to fall in love with more!

    I love you relationships, world-building and just all around goodness going on in your fics where I am relieved to know that goodness will triumph over evil in the end and the bad guys will eventually get what’s coming to them and where you treat our boys with the respect they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. If we could all get paid for our hobbies, huh? Great numbers and have a great 2010. Thanks for all the entertainment!

  42. You got the map thing!!

    Totally cool!

  43. You got a map up! That is so cool. It is freaky to see the little dot that represents me (and possibly 8 other people.) That rocks.

  44. You can add a South Carolina pin. πŸ™‚

    I see the lovely word count and think happily, ‘There’s more to come’. Whee!

    Happy New Year!

  45. Love the red pins ! it’s impressive, keira is around the world, amazing, she’s the mistress of the web.

  46. Wow, that much that you haven’t posted yet? Whoo hoo! Btw, love the map. It’s nice to see that there are people from all over the world who are a part of this.

    Still a huuuge fan. Thanks for everything thus far.

  47. Firstly, Happy new year, Hope 2010 is a good one.

    Secondly, I am absolutely loving your stories with the sentinals of atlantis being one of my all time favorites!

    I just have one question, can I do a reccommendation on my page for some of your stories. I’ve only written one myself (i’m learning lol) but I absolutely love reading fanfiction and like to share the good stories with others.

    Shelbylou :oD

  48. Oh, I LOVE ties. I like the sentinels a lot, too, but I’m seriously in love with Ties that bind and you’re gonna give us all of ten chapters! Wohoo! And please, pretty please, make it a HAPPY natural ending. It’s so hot but even better is the romance between them.

    The map is a lovely idea! I saw myself! With 38 little friends! πŸ˜€

  49. Cool stats!

    If this is your hobby, I only have one question. Why aren’t you writing as a profession? You’d be any agents ideal client – you write a lot and it’s all GOOD. No, correct that – it’s all GREAT stuff.

  50. I have a question, you’re a writer, so have you think to publish your stories in a fanzine ?
    because if it’s a yes i would use my paypal with joy.

  51. I love your stuff it is so awesome! Congrats on the extreme number of visits.

  52. I think this whole thing just proves that you are awesome. I liked the map. πŸ˜‰

  53. That map doesn’t like me! What am I chopped liver? LOL

    Just to let you know that there’s a lurker in far away Greece reading your stories *g*

  54. Just curious: if I get on your site, and then follow the links to read this post, “Cafe Sitting”, and the newest “Sentinels of Atlantis” episode, does that count as ONE “hit” or three?

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