Casting Chase Harris

The response was CRAZY. And the end result is that I have tons of names to consider for OC characters in the future šŸ™‚ Let’s vote for Chase:


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Jared Padalecki
Chris Pine
Kevin Zeggers
Matthew Bomer
William Levy

Keira Marcos

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  1. I am choosing Matthew Bomer… While they are *all* beautiful men, the only one who screams ‘Chase” to me is Matthew.

    So… Yummy? And damn, I am loving the eye candy!


  2. Chris Pine for me even if the Kevin guy is a pretty boy to play, too much eyes cand yfor my eyes and heart.

  3. *tries not to drool while voting*…….

  4. I have to vote for Chris Pine…. while they are all eye candy, I have to admit that his posture in that picture just screams submissive…. All he needs now is that shy-boy “aw shucks” smile that you saw every now and then in ST:2009…. šŸ˜€

  5. you want me to choose between delicious kirk and my white collar eye candy!??

    my inner geek wins, Chris Pine u r soooooo hot.

    luv that me can vote !! thanx!!

  6. They’re all so pretty. Can I bring one home with me??

  7. Chris Pine!!!!!

  8. Lordy Lord that was so hard! In the end although JP looks more like “a marine” I just had to go with CP as he looks like the Chase in my head…
    and isn’t that a weird statement LOL

  9. Okay, so Kevin Zeggers? Is so much Sebastian Shepperd from What Might Have Been all grown up in my head that I couldn’t even consider him for Chase. I mean, seriously, anyone else seeing the resemblance there? He’s even almost standing the same way as the image Keira’s got pictured for young Sebastian on the casting page. It’s almost creepy, it’s so close.

    For Chase, had to go with Chris Pine. Clean cut enough to look military, but pretty enough to fit my mental image of the character. šŸ™‚

    • Ditto. šŸ™‚

    • Same here, definitely a grown up Sebastian.

    • Gonna have to agree with this too. šŸ˜‰

    • SO very true about Zeggers being Sebastian… LOL. John’s face and Rodney’s attitude, God help the world. Dear lord, I cannot wait for another chapter of What Might Have Been (or anything from Keira, really, I’m very greedy, should have given you up for Lent, Keira, but I simply couldn’t)- am rereading Sentinels for the fifth or sixth time- all of it is just SO good. Does anyone else want to beat the shit out of the Ancients? Poor Watson in Ties that Bind… I wonder if Sub!Rodney will get to bitch-smack Chaya? …. šŸ™‚

      • Yes, yes, someone simply must bitch-smack/slap her! Wouldn’t mind bitch-slapping all the Ancients really… hell, the amount of Ascended women who are after John, there’s gotta be some sort of Ascended John Sheppard Fan Club or something. But of course he’ll choose Rodney every time ^^

    • Good one – Kevin is the perfect big-boy Sebastian. And that photo of Chris Pine has changed my mind about him – he’s definitely got that Chase look in that pose.

    • Oh, yeah, total agreement. Plus Chris Pine has this wonderful subby look that just screams, Take me to bed or lose me forever! šŸ˜€

    • OMG that is perfect casting for grown-up Sebastian. Brilliant

  10. Keira honey i’ve a question, can you send me a link with the uniform of a lieutenant like Chase (i lost myself in the jungle of the us army uniforms lol) i want the BDU and dress uniform if it’s possible… And yeah a manip is coming soon šŸ™‚

  11. Ohhh what a hard choice! I love Matt but Chris is just more what I imagined Chase to be like – lighter hair and eyes.

    So many pretty bois to choose from!


  12. Kevin Zeggers – he’s the one that tags highest one the puppy-like cute scale and Chase Harris seems like a playful, cute, eager to please yet strong willed kind of guy

    but maybe you can find a place for Chris Pine and Jared Padaleki in the Sentinels ‘verse – they probably would make nice sentinel and guide *offers cokkies or food you’re aloud to eat*

    • I think you are absolutly right about how Chris looks which is why I think he works as Chase. This is the guy who disobeyed a direct order to help Rodney, that needs a strong will. Kevin, I cannot see in uniform becuse of the complete puppyness, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  13. I picked Matt Bomer because frankly he was the only one who didn’t look like he could be one of the Sheppard brothers. I love Chris Pine but he looks too much like Matthew.

  14. god there all gorg but my fav has to be jared padalecki i love tall men and just look at the body in the pic how can anyone resist not only that but supernatural one of the best shows ever so win all round,i could totally see him submitting and looking hot while he was doing it.

  15. I missed my chance to nom…damn! but voting ARGH!

    Jared is hotness in motion, but then I saw Chris.

    And agreed with just about everyone else here…

    bad thinky thoughts about that sexpot! I need to be…elsewhere *bzzzz*

  16. Decisions, decisions.

    I love JP and as Sam he pretty much screams, hurt me, but the Sasquatch is waaay taller than I picture Chase in my mind.

    Kevin Zeggers, a cute guy but yeah, he totally looks like Sebastian grown up and the idea of him as Chase together with John is just wrong wrong wrong. Rodney couldn’t even come up with a scale as to how astronomically wrong that is.

    William Levy is a fine looking man but sadly he comes in a distant third to Chris and Matt for me.

    Chris or Matt. Chris or Matt. Chris or Matt. How the hell am I supposed to choose? Coin toss it is. Hmm, looks like it’s Chris. Sorry, Matt, but maybe Keira will write you in as someone else with Tim Dekay as your Dom? Oh, oh, I could totally see OC!Matt and OC!Tim coming to Atlantis and it turning out Chase and OC!Matt’s character know each other and getting into mischief together.

    • oh, Kevin Zeggers is a grown-up Sebastian? I must have missed it somewhere… uh, yeah, that excludes him from the role of Chase

  17. William is my Chase <3

  18. I couldn’t decide between Matt Bomer and Chris Pine. Both have those pretty blue eyes, and can be intense if they want to be. Also, they both have that playful nature that I see in Chase Harris. I went with Matt. He seems a little more aloof, and he has nicer hands.

  19. Dear lady Keire,

    Though I seem to be the only one , it is JARED P. FOREVER.

    (SMILE AND XXX ) !!!!!


  20. Dear lady Keira,

    Though I seem to be the only one , it is JARED P. FOREVER.

    (SMILE AND XXX ) !!!!!


    • Your not the only one who finds Jared Padalecki sexy.

      • I’ll find someone — I mean something for him to do.

        • Yeah, i can see him as a marine, specially when we see this pic with the collar like a dogtags.

        • I think you had it right the first time.

          Find someone for him to do.


          What? Hey, you already knew that I’m an old pervert. I’m just being totally shameless about it now, because damn. That much pretty in a hot gay sex scene is going to make my brain melt. The very thought of it sent my admittedly twisty old brain on a rather delightful and definitely NSFW little fantasy tour of my libido.

          Mmmm. Hey, it’s my brain. I get to enjoy the weird shit it comes up with if I want.

  21. I went with Levy, because he has more the characteric looks you described……even if I love Chris Pine, but with his Kirky blonde hair for Chase. Jared P, I would love to see him more as a Dom with all that muscle and tallness that just screams Dom Dom Dom…..Especially when you see him as demon possessed Sam Winchester……HOT HOT HOT……


    my Chase!

  23. well, I vote for Kevin Zeggers – he’s such a sweet boy and looks like he likes to play (he would make such a nice submissive) – exactly the way I picture Chase – but well, the majority likes Chris, I’ll have to live with it – rats! LOL
    Keira, include Kevin somewhere, please

  24. Chris Pine, then Matthew Borner

  25. I also had to go with Matt although Chris is right there behind him! Matt has this intensity and look to him and those eyes*swoons* he screams Chase to me.

  26. keira you wonderful genius you,i worship at your feet!!!
    all the lovely man candy the past few days just the best thing ever.
    matt for me again because he has different look to rest of cast,but still sexy.

  27. Chris Pine gets my vote for Chase. Pretty, puppy eagerness, and frankly he makes *me* want to tie him up and do vicious things to him, and that’s not my usual speed.

    Absolutely Kevin as grown up Sebastian. He will fit beautifully into that lineup.

  28. Chase is sweet, but filthy….has to be Kevin Zeggers….PLEASE!!!

  29. Chris Pine… even the pose in the pic above screams “Subby-sub-sub!”

    Jared P is a total switch, subs to women and doms the men.

    • LOL… So I’m not the only one who thinks that Jared is a switch? I think he tends to be further done the sub spectrum but have some dom tendencies, so a switch. Hmm… maybe he could play with Mason and Sydney? Food for thought.

      I have to go for Chris Pine. Even though I’m a HUGE Supernatural fan and therefore love Jared.

      Chris because
      1. the subby pose
      2. the prettyness
      3. the sass

      • Oops *down* the sub spectrum.

      • nice thought, i totally support giving Jared to Mason and Sydney – all three of them are quite impressive and i guess Doms trained by Gerad de Sade are better of with a really tall one than with a delicate little flower

      • JP is a total switch (in my head). I really want to see a switch in this ‘verse, since they’re talked about, but never on-screen, so to speak.

        • Hmmm… actually we’ve met three. It’s just that none of them were positive meetings. There’s Sam Carter, Aiden Ford, and that dude who got punished by John with cane for sexually harassing Miko.

          Vala was mentioned as a switch but she’s never been on screen so to speak.

          I’d love to see a switch who’s mastered their dynamic.

          • Four– there is Devin — an OC who has one scene where he invites Matt to play with him while they are in the showers.

          • Oh, right. I forgot about him. Probably because I was paying far more attention to Evan and Matt during that scene.

          • Huh… speaking of switches. How do they get marked? Would the end up with a dom and sub mark? Or would it be unique?

          • I think most switches would mark themselves as a Dom exclusively. It’s a more powerful position to be in politically and professionally.

  30. Hee! They’re all gorgeous. But thinking of Chase getting his ‘punishment’ from John, and how much attitude the kid has, I had to vote for Chris Pine, who managed to pull off Kirk for fuck’s sake. He’s got that combination of cheek and sass and serious soldier that is perfect for Chase! And… well, how can you go wrong with that much pretty in one bed?

  31. Gotta vote for Chris Pine. Slightly off-topic. When can you get a character to fit, on=h, say…Mark Harmon?? Just a thought.

  32. Aw, poor Willy.
    Well, if ever you need a drop dead gorgeous latino please do keep him in mind. I’d love to read what you’d do with him. LOL

  33. Ha! No contest here, Chris Pine clearly ahead by 300 votes, but will you be using a different picture? This one makes me feel vaguely like a pedophile. He looks 16! o.0

    Also, AMEN to the rest of the thread who think Zeggers is THE perfect grown Sebastian. Will the last installment of What Might Have Been feature adult!Sebastian and his possible orientation? *crosses fingers for more eye candy*

    Thank you!

  34. In a related matter after reading the latest installment which I loved, poor upset Rodney getting punished. I am waiting on tender hooks to see who you cast as Jared’s little brother, any clues yet?

  35. oh my so much eye candy, but I really have to go with chris pine

  36. OK
    A) LOVELY SERIES. Amazing work. I usually just lurk but I adore your stories

    B) If you choose Chris as Chase please make whoever chase falls for be cast as Zach Quinto!!!!

    • (shifty eyes I am not a fan of Kirk/Spock at all… no sirree)

      • And thank you for not referring to it as SPORK. You may stay in Keira Land and read all of my gay porn.

        • *Grins* I am grateful for the personal admittance but I also must admit that seems like a low standard. Personally, I find K/S classier and honestly spork? Like bad fics spork? Whoever created that name wanted to get a ton of people parodied.

    • LOL. Sorry– I’ve already planned Chase’s future pretty intricately.

      However, I do have an upcoming project that I think will make you VERY happy.

      • Oh god i’d love you if you did a Kirk/Spock series!!! By the way Spork?? Seriously? That doesn’t exactly inspire the right frame of mind for a love/smut story. Why not just stick with the original way of showing a pairing, makes it so much easier. Though i did see an icon for this pairing that had Kirk saying he loved Kock to Spock and Spock saying “You would.”… made me laugh anyways!

      • I- If you do write Kirk and Spock you will have managed to combine three of my greater loves together a)Star Trek b) Slash- (With the epic pairing K/S) c) your writing and I think I will overdose on from the fangirl rush.

  37. QuirkyPineapple

    Thank you all for making me giggle and smile on a bad day! I couldn’t sleep and after reading through the poll results and comments, I have the need to go watch Star Trek.

    I am normally a lurker (though I am trying to break my bad habits :). So I wanted to add my comment to the few that already mentioned it:

    I would probably die of happiness if you wrote a Jim/Spock series! Though I would make sure the dying didn’t happen until I was done reading the story.

  38. I just noticed. Jared Padalecki is wearing dogtags… DOGTAG FEVER!!! *sigh* >this is so you fault, Keira. Please tell me one of your universes will be getting a new crazy marine that can help blow stuff up. Or take some of the heat off Sheppard and Lorne when it comes to awkward extra-terrestial experiences.

    As a boost to your creativity have you ever considerd Jared in a pairing with someone who looks like, oh I don’t know, Christian Bale perhaps? Or maybe Josh Duhamel? They make pretty nice military/avenger guys. Or even Zachary Quinto. He has already played the ultimate geek -Spock- so setting him up as McKay’s third in command would be fun. šŸ˜‰
    Then again if Jared where dominating you have Matt Lanter -I think that was his name- from the new 90210 or maybe Chase from House. After all the Stargate univers can never have enough healers and Kiera makes them pretty.

    Just thought I’d try to inspire you. Then again you don’t need much inspirering… Actually I think I’m wasting my time here. Your stories already make me stupid/fangirl-happy. My best friend who also likes fanfic told me I looked like my brains were leaking out and proceeded pestering me to tell her what I was reading which made me blush – BIG time.

    P.S. Keira – You Rock! And your fiction rocks right along with you.

  39. For the love of manly eye candy please tell me you’re pairing Ethan up with Chase. O.O

    I.S. and C.P. could really make many mental wonderful mental images. Not to mention picturing Lorne doing C.P.’s version of Chase. Guh. Just guh.

    • Dude. you know me. I’m going to open the next story with chase taking a ride on someone. I don’t think I can help myself after you guys went to all that trouble to vote for Chris. LOL.

    • Agreed. The thought of a promiscuous Air Force C.P. with a BA in engineering and a taste for masochistic bondage is just delicious. I’m looking forward to plenty of mistaken assumptions, awkward moments before finally settling in to get to know each other. Only Chase has also played before with many of the Doms in Atlantis already…

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