Casting Couch

LMAO. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself! Okay– general information

Character Name: Lt. Chase Harris
Age: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green or blue
Physical Appearance: in shape, but not overly muscular with a very pretty face. 5’11 to 6′.


1. You can nominate as many names as you want– ONE name per comment– feel free to provide links to pictures of your choice!
2. You can nominate a name someone else has already chosen if you agree with their choice
3. The three names with the most nominations will go into the poll for our vote!

Remember that comments are moderated so don’t get frustrated if you don’t see your choices popping up immediately– sometimes I sleep ;-).


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Sam Worthington from Avatar

  2. I nominate :

    Jared Padalecki

  3. William Levy

    He is gorgeous… although, he’s mostly blonde so finding pictures of a brunette flavored Willy is hard…
    If nothing else, perhaps he will inspire another character. The man is serious eye candy.


  4. Rafael Verga – 6′ tall, a bit older than 24, but don’t know how old really, as some sources say born in 1981 and other in ’83 :), beautiful green eyes (I’m all for green – I have the eye color myself :P), eyelashes to die for and a bit of a saucy smile :).
    A bit hard to find his pictures in actual clothes – don’t know it that’s a problem, though, hehe

    here’s a film of him shooting some session:
    some more or less “clothed” photos: and
    3 very nice face photos:
    and more photos πŸ˜€

    There are photos galore of him on the net – on some of them he’s VERY much un-clothed

  5. Here is my vote….

    The gentleman that played Haldir in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Craig Parker.
    Cute, matches the description and well…. He is pretty with his own hair!


  6. Shia LaBeouf

    • I was going to add him O_o But then I saw another nomination and joined the dark side.

  7. I vote for Kevin Zegers. These links are to two pictures of him that I think make him a shoe in for Chase;

    • Totally second this!

      • Chase Crawford- so have to second this- I can just imagine him wallowing in pain under Sheppard’s cane for ‘failing to obey orders’ (your Carter is such a bitch in this, love it)… I feel like such a pervert perving on him, but damn, it’s such a -good- feeling. Keira- you updated! I saw the latest chapter of Ties yesterday, spent ten minutes giggling and writhing in pure unadulterated joy before I could even start to read it and then breaking into squeals with each ‘Sire’ (and OmG! Gerard on bended knee to Syed… god, I want to be a fly on the wall of his private training!)- thank god my boyfriend wasn’t home. Though he did reap the benefits of my happiness πŸ™‚ You rock, I love your work, please don’t rush anything that would endanger your health. -love from PA

    • I totally third or fourth this one! :d

    • Tah!, Dunno who he is, but that’s rather like I see him πŸ™‚

      Totally second (third?) this guy…

    • … can we vote twice? xD damn he’s cute!

    • Damn, you have the magic touch when it comes to finding eye candy!

  8. Josh Hartnett, as he appeared in Pearl Harbor.

    I haven’t a clue how to post a photo here, but you know the one I mean… where he’s wearing his dog tags and a wifebeater.

    Here’s a couple of links:

  9. I agree with Fanarts_series. Chris Pine is hot and I can totally see him as Lt Chase Harris. Mmmm definitely seeing him. πŸ˜‰

  10. Zac Efron.

    Look at those eyes!,,20315920_20316245,00.html

    • yeah, he’s preety mych average for me, but the eyes… mmm

    • I have always had a desire to see Zac all messy and sweaty. Don’t know why, just every time I see him that’s what I want. On his knees and paddled red would be heavan.

      I know, I am told frequently I am a sick, sick woman!

      • This is my second vote – I don’t so much want to see Zac as Harris – but it would be a wet dream come true to imagine his ass paddled and red, him begging for more and….*become wet puddle on floor* – what was I saying…

        I’m off to imagine nasty subtext to HSM πŸ™‚

  11. Jared Leto ,he’s older but don’t look it.and the are pic from when he was younger.

  12. Oh frak he’s to old for the contest but i think that the ladies are going to like that
    Josh Duhamel
    nc-17, he’s lovely miss black eyes peas is lucky

  13. I also nominate Chace Crawford… he is a cutie…

    but I also am going to nominate Dominic Monaghan…

    and also Colin Egglesfield

  14. i nominate hayden christensen with these offerings of hotness
    hayden one
    hayden two

    funnily enough since i read the last posted part of ties that bind, i’ve been thinking, or rather dreaming happily, of hayden christensen or rather his alt anakin paired up with obi-wan in a star wars version of your ties universe, thing is though that i could easily see either being sub or dom or both being switches. *smirks* yes i am a anakin/obi-wan fan and an old hentai, and enjoy the hell out of it.

  15. I just have to do it.

    George Stults


    • Damn, he’s *pretty*

      I guess I really am older than dirt. I haven’t heard of any of these guys.


      • That’s the beauty of having a large fan base– I’ve not heard of some of these PRETTY PRETTY boys either– but I adore learning new things and seeing new pretty people.

  16. A question Keira: you once said that you see Mathias Lauridsen as Chase and, if my memory serves me right, Clay Parton as Jeff Dennison – what went wrong with them? πŸ™‚ just asking, you know πŸ™‚

    • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! XANDER!!! He is like the only charater I liked out of Buffy… aside from Spike! (HOT)

      Lol, I wouldn’t have even thought of him, but gosh he’s hot.

    • My first fandom, it was my first google research when i had my first computer, old times i know.

      Love the pic with the pretty tattoo. Ha has lovely arms without too much muscles and a pretty belly, perfect for ghost kisses and stroking.

      • And there are two of them The drool fest that was whrn they were both on Buffy together! Plus the whole Faith Xander paring short lived as it was helped prep up for the wondres of TTB. He’d so of been her Sub in TTB!

        Just think of all the fun things you could do with a sub that looked like that! To bad you don’t need twins or brothers. TThat would be some dynamic.

        Oh I think I’mstarting to drool.

    • PRETTY BOY IANTO!? There is no such thing as too many pictures of the sweet, perky nosed, tight bottomed Welsh deliciousness that is that man. I almost want to take back my vote.

    • My beloved Ianto, he’s so a sub and i can see him in Chase’s personnage because he’s a smart bottom, somewhere like a Mattie or Rodney, excellent choice.

    • IT’S IANTO!!! *Squees for a few minutes before getting ahold of myself and clears throat* I can see him as a sub but…. I can’t really picture him with anyone but Jack. I’ll give him my vote anyway!

  17. I’ve visualized Brandon Largent in my head for Harris ever since I first read TTB

    If you’re not placing him, he played a Marine in an eppy of NCIS (3×16, Family Secret)

  18. okay he might not b as buff… I think Eric Millegan is a cuty πŸ™‚

    And he looks real pretty in these photos:

  19. I cast my vote for a few that have already been nominated but, I shall include some eyecandy, because that’s what it’s really all about ;).

    Sam Worthington

  20. I also support the nomination of Captain Fine himself (if only to get him somewhere in this universe)

    And more Chris Pine

  21. I nominate Justin Bruening.
    I bring offerings also:

    He’s a little bit older than 24 but he looks good!

  22. Steven Strait

  23. Was going for Jared P, then Drew Fuller came up and I have loved him in Charmed and then in Army Wives.

    So perfect for Chase,

  24. I’m a little late to the party, but I’d like to nominate Brian Austin Green.

    He’s 5’11” or 6’0″ depending on what site you visit, Green Eyes, Brown Hair. He’s also a big guy without being *too* built.

    He was on Beverly Hills 90210 way back when, more recently he was in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Here’s some photos (I’m bad at picking them):

    Here he is a little dolled up –

    I know there are some good candidates already, but I hope Brian gets a chance. XD

  25. Not an actor and has brown eyes (instead of blue or green). But really beautiful…

  26. Chris Pine or Jared P. definitely.

  27. NetDemons ate my first post, got an error πŸ™

    How about Anthony Carrigan from “the Forgotten” on ABC (avail for viewing on Dunno how old he is, but here’s a pic.

  28. Casting my couch vote with Chris Pine.

  29. Long Time Lurker coming out of Lurkdom!!!!!

    I nominate The Pine, The Worthington, and The Bomer. Because Chris Pine, Sam Worthington, and Matthew Bomer are gorgeous enough to be worthy of your amazing verse and we already know they like it…. (but with smexy!Kirk liking it best. Bar scene, nuff said)

    You see what you’ve done to me Keira? I have excelled at the art of Lurkdom for years, but I can’t resist the pretty….. So here are my three, even if they are already on the post. It just goes to show just how hot the many peoples of the world think they are and that they should be tied up and made to look their prettiest in pain….*stupid smile of the daydreaming*

  30. I second the hayden christensen vote.

    Lots of good names really, and while I really LOVE Chris Pine and Sam Worthington, both are very much more aggressive to be Chase Harris.

  31. Hi there I was reading the nominations and I have to go with will levy, I know a lot of people outside latin america don’t know him but he is soooo hansome and he is cuban, he is a soap opera actor in spanish.

    although I think jared p could be a perfect chase too.


  32. Finally wipes drool from chin, desk and floor…
    I’m going for 1: Jared P, 2: Chris P and 3: Sam W as my top 3.
    I’m now going for a cold shower.

  33. Lurker offering her opinion.

    I adore Chris Pine, Jared Padalecki, & Matt Bomer. However, I read in fandoms with them as main characters. I would prefer Chase Harris have a face less known to fandom such as: Kevin Zegers or Brandon Largent.

  34. Dear Lord, so many hotties!!!!
    Been looking through ALL links to check them out…
    Got to say…. I am SO seeing Chris Pine as a Dom. The pic with him in black leather… *DROOOOOOL*
    And as subs: Josh Duhamel (VERY nice ass!), Sam Worthington and the cutie from Bones; Eric Millegan.
    These are my votes!!!!

  35. – Okay, so I’m now becoming slightly obsessed with looking at hot guys on the internet to find the perfect Lt. Chase Harris. I have already voted (twice) and then I remembered the very pretty Henry Cavil, last seen in the Tudors, I think. Very, very drool worthy and has a cheeky twinkle.
    an earlier, shirtless pic:

    okay, okay – am done!

    *contented happy fangirl sigh*

    • don’t know how many times I’ve voted already, but Henry is definitely sweet – and would make a nice sub πŸ˜€

  36. OK I know what I said about Zac, but then I remembered this guy and thought you might like the tats. Plus he has been in a couple or so movies that don’t show at your local movie house and may I say OMG!

    Logan McCree

    Very VERY Not Safe For Work!!!

  37. Ummm I’d like to nominate Kellan Lutz cause hes just soooooo hot. Its a pity his twilight castmate Taylor Lautner is too young cause he’s really pretty too.

  38. Michael Cassidy (played Zach on The O.C. and apparently Grant Gabriel on Smallville)

    He’s 6′, and mid-late 20’s. – no shirtless photos that I could find via google, sadly πŸ™

  39. I vote for Drew Fuller from Charmed and Army Wives

  40. This actor also popped into my head late last night… he played Bart Allen(Impulse) on Smallville. He’s got such an adorable face with pouty kissable lips… yummy!

  41. Tom Welling. How can you not love on Clark Kent ;] He’s 32 but in my opinion he doesn’t look it at all! He’s 6’2″ and has green eyes.

    He’s just beggin for it.

  42. Mistress Titania

    I have to nominate, Niall Matter(known as Zane Donovan on Eureka), he is so under used!

  43. Misha Collins.

    Talk about a pretty face! AND he has the most amazing blue eyes. He is just sooooooo good looking and I have been praying you would include him in one of your ‘worlds’



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