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I made us a community on LJ for our 1 Million Words Celebration– whatever it may turn into. I figured we needed something a little bigger to play with.

Also, I think it’s time we had our own LJ community just to play in. You can post your own fic announcements, art, or whatever. Let’s keep it nice though– so no ranting or being a jerk in comments.

If you’re interested in helping moderate– you can let me know on LJ or here.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I can help you to moderate, even if english isn’t my first language i can manage to put tags etc… like i have already an lj and make arts of course, and i’m going to try to kick my own ass (yes it can be difficult) and begin to write or translate my french fics.

    • Verônica Velloso

      Hey, sorry to bother you. I’m a huge fan of Keira and because of this, of you arts as well. English is not my first neither my second language (that will be French) so I was wondering, where can I find your fics to read? Je besoin de lire en français. Merci beaucoup. (I need to read in french. Thanks)

  2. Oh, that’s cool! We could do a prompt-fest or something.
    If you need moderating help still, I’d be willing 🙂 I don’t have much experience with lj communties, but I know how to keep people in line.

  3. helengloucester

    Darn it – not signed up for LJ and doubt I’ll ever be unless I get my own computer at home. Enjoy the site and let us non-LJs know if anything significant turns up on it.
    Hugs, Hxx

  4. Oh, I would love to play here.

    You have all the best ideas.


  5. Happy to help moderate. Been with LJ for nearly 4 years (my 4th anniversary is on 26 June).

    • Very cool. I just figure moderators would be on hand to “stop” a discussion if things got out of hand or put a member on moderation if they got stupid.

      • I’m sg1danny on LJ (not very imaginative with user names :-P) Let me know whatever you decide or Plan. I’m online most of my day (I’m in Britain) so could take the early shift 🙂

  6. I’m on pretty much all day if you need another Mod. We could each be in charge of a different part of the Comm like Art, Comments, Challenges or something. I’ve mod’d a few Comm’s lol

    • I shall develop a PLAN. What is your LJ user name?

      • Heartspeed >8) Same as above, I joined!

      • Hey! Not to be a pest but do you need the extra modage? I was just thinking about it because when I checked the page a bit ago there was a very hot but very NSFW pic up with no cut for those of us who check LJ from work…

        If you need the help lemme know, if not that’s cool I’ve been enjoying the comm!

        • Well the community is NC-17. Even if that picture was behind the cut — the posters in the community have been using very explicit ICONS on their posts and comments. I’d say the whole community has the potential to be Not Work Safe.

          Additionally, I can’t figure out how to fix it so moderators can actually edit a post to put a “cut” in.

          • There is not any way to edit another person’s entry even as a mod. You can only delete and warn.

            The comm is Adult however the post’s show up on people’s friends page so they’ll have to either not watch the comm or filter it so they don’t get NSFWness popping up while at work. I’m all for NSFWness >8) I just like it not to pop up while working at the reception desk or checking something on my phone around my family lol.

          • The fact is that I made the comm in the adult section so I wouldn’t have to bother with stuff like this. I’m just not remotely interested in running rough shod over a bunch of adults about a picture of someone’s naked ass or worse. And I’ve already seen icons posted that actually had a DICK on it. That’s going to show up on regardless of someone does a “cut” or not.

          • Dick…it’s me, but madame my dick is so pretty, can i keep it lol !

          • LMAO. It was a LOVELY prick. Really.

          • in that case ,i have a pic just for you ,but am having difficulty getting ljcut to work for me.
            dont want to offend anyone

          • As long as the pic isn’t HUGE– you can post it without a cut. Different Road is an ADULT community for a reason.

  7. A brilliant idea! I will be joining! 🙂

    Thank you for setting up a community like this and I look forward to what is there in store for this new and exciting community!

  8. I can moderate if you find you need more people.

  9. What a great idea since it seems that your fans really like to talk and there are those with talent who could contribute. I would love to moderate but I”m somewhat techno challenged but willing to learn. This sounds like fun though, I do have an lj, though the poor thing is probably going to die of neglect (I always have to look up my lj name and password). Sounds like a good reason to start paying attention to it. Thanks for setting this up for all of us stalkers…..fans. Barb

  10. I love this idea – I signed up but since I post here with my name I just wanted to let you know that my lj name is rhiaa. I really do like how you want people to be constructive and not just mean with their comments. I am looking forward to seeing the community grow and I really am intrigued by the idea of everyone reading and commenting on the same fic if you end up doing that(I don’t remember who said that). I enjoy finding out how others interpret fic. Often, comments make me go back and re-read if I missed something that someone comments on.

  11. This should be fun. I particularly like the idea of recs, or everybody reading a fic and commenting on it. Always looking for a good read.


  12. Love the idea and will be lurking and reading, but no LJ account so no comments, frowny face.

  13. signed up. my lj name is icefalls_tears .

  14. This sounds like an excellent idea! I’m mirror_mirrin over on lj. Just signed up! Keira, you come up with the best ideas.

  15. Hi. Keira I am influ_bad_ence on livejournal, and I just submitted for membership. I can also help you moderate if you want. I have had moderating experience, and help moderate two active communities on insanejournal, and one relatively inactive one, however these are co-moderation so they don’t take up that much time. If you have all the help you need that is totally cool to,

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