One Million Words


What should I do when I reach 1 million words on the site? I’m really close– just 40 thousand (roughly) words to go at this point. I think it definitely calls for a celebration of some kind.

Realistic suggestions welcome!


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Uhm….

    Ask us to write comment fic for you?


    P.S. And in which ‘verse would you like it in?

  2. you can update sooner? That’s some thing that you can celebrate a million words with!

    It’s a good deal for everybody!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL. Dude. Do you realize how often I update and the amount of words I update with? Sure I could post a 1000 words a day (probably) but you’d be left reading something like “A Lovely Agony” — over a period of a month instead of all at once. πŸ˜‰

  3. Maybe you can do some more of the mutant verse showing John and Rodney. I really loved that one and read it often but then again that goes for most of your fic.

    If not that you can post more Kirk/Spock. *grins* *innocent look*

    • Ooh, I second this idea! I really loved that piece. It was so much fun, and still is so much fun to go back to from time to time. πŸ™‚

      • Did you guys know that I hummed Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton the entire time I was writing that fic.

        • Oh, come on. You’re not old enough to remember that song.

          *laughing my head off*

          Okay, now that I know this, I love that fic even more than is probably reasonable.

          • I also came very precariously close to calling it ON THE WINGS OF LOVE.

          • Oh my god. I love that song. Sing along to it all the time (it’s in my UTube Favs)… even my MUM looks at me weird when I sing that… that’s from her era… lol.

            Cheers, you just made my day.


          • I love that song and that’s a great title too. I would love if you revisited that story some day, but no pressure. Of course I’m certain I will love any updates you do. Barb

  4. Wow! And to think I’ve read all of them! Seems like an occasion for Champaign and really good chocolate cake.

  5. Comment fics or having people send you celebratory fanart are probably the best bet. I’m honestly not sure what else you could do.

  6. I’m pretty sure that we should be the ones doing something for you! You are incredibly awesome, sweetie!


  7. Create a Wikipedia entry about you and your awesome writing abilities.

  8. You could make your favorite meal or order from your favorite restaurant.You could buy something you’ve been wanting but don’t really need. Bask in the awesomeness that is you and all the reviews you will get when you reach this milestone. You are awesome and I can’t wait to read the next million.

  9. sadly I live too far away to send you a cake, but I would like to celebrate by donating a little to your favourite charity if you don’t mind. Is it still the breast cancer one or have you got a new favourite?

  10. Hmm. Ideas that pop to mind…

    Run some kind of contest – maybe a scavenger hunt through your stories.

    Write a celebratory story. With a huge party.

    Ask for jokes based on your stories and pick your favorites. “Ties that Bind John walks into a bar…”

    Write an intro to a story and invite people to finish it up and see what they come up with.

    Do a little dance?

    Sit back with your alcoholic beverage of choice?

  11. You should bask in the knowledge that a huge number of fans (millions?) have read your stories and that you hold their anticipation in the strikes of your keyboard. Seriously, love any update you post – it’s all amazing. Hopefully one of the creators of all that wonderful fan art would make a celebratory pic for you. I would if I had a smidgen of their talent.

  12. hmm I think you need someone to make you more fanart in honor of a million words. πŸ˜‰

    Not sure what you should do to celebrate. Dinner and a movie? Post another 40,000 words? πŸ˜‰ Kidding!

  13. This may sound silly but you could get yourself some gold star stickers. I still remember being thrilled to get one for my writing when I was little. And bubbles. I still keep a teeny bottle of bubbles around for celebrating happy occasions.

    • MMM. Is the right time to admit that I put Disney Princess Stickers all over my notebooks that I keep for my writing? Gold stars would make them happy I think.

      • dude, heh heh, you slay me…

        • Ok, ahhh Disney Princess Stickers and Porn. God I love you, you are sooo wonderfully perverse. Way to go, that has really got to shake up the oh so prim busy bodies who sneak a peak at what you’re writing thinking they will read some sweet children’s story. Just the thought of that will fuel my amusement for days. Barb

  14. i wish i was talented in some way to celebrate this amazing acheivement,by doing something you could enjoy for a change.
    maybe you should treat yourself to something special to mark the occasion,and we your devoted fans could contibute to your charity or just tell you again and again how utterly fabulous you are.
    maybe we all could recommend new fiction for you to read?
    or lovely man candy artwork for you to look at,we could search the web for stuff to make you happy like you make us happy.

  15. Anything or nothing at all. But if you like, you can post tiny little cookies of your various WIPs–or just one cookie from whichever one puts you over the top. We’d certainly like that–though it would probably drive us all crazy with speculation and waiting. πŸ˜€

    Or, hell, just post the 1,000,000th word and watch us all go nuts. XD

  16. Um, throw a birthday party for my favorite of your OCs, Sebastian? Wherein we all write drabbles for that?

    But really, I want us, the fans, to do something for you!

  17. Maybe you could challenge your fans to come up with a million words of fanfiction for you, written for the occasion, or even favorite recs for those of us who can’t write. Just a little reciprocity for the amazing gift you’ve given all of us with your million words of fanfiction. Between all of us, I’m sure we could come up with a million words you’ve never read before and really should’ve.

  18. I think you should have cake and/or a bottle of your favourite wine πŸ˜€

    I spotted your breast cancer charity logo – I think you would be more than justified in asking us loyal fans to donate. I really don’t think there is any real way we can express how much we appreciate your work, but these are my suggestions.

    Congrats on the upcoming million word mark!



  19. Image you have published nearly one million words, how many times have they been read and re-read.

    Me I’m on my 4th or 5th or is that 6th read of Tangled Destinies… could publish it all at once πŸ˜€

    Well I have this fabulous Brownie recipe that has been referred to in several different ways… Evil, Sinful & Wicked, (that kind of sound like you) which I would gladly make for you, but I am too far way, as well.

  20. Hmm. How about asking EACH reader to write y0u ONE positive comment (no matter how brief or if necessary in another language) AND then have them actually hit the Send button. One sentence is not too much to ask even diehard lurkers like me.

    You’ve got all those interesting red dots on your reader map but I’ll bet most of us have never written you. A lot of us are just lame and lazy. Others are, in addition to being lame and lazy, intimidated by your awesomeness (Have you read what you’ve written?! Seriously?!) and the number of readers you have (cause for serious stagefright – there are too many and some of them can really write) . Also, due to the slash nature of the stories we love, some may be worried about the RL folks that will be able to see our posts and cause RL repercussions. (Mean people suck.)

    You may want to include a ‘no questions or requests’ proviso. I’m totally on board with Celebrate Keira and the Million Words (yes, I am reading WMHB what’s your point? ;-)). The Q&A sessions you gave us and the follow-up Comments you make at the end of your stories are much appreciated but this should be our gift to you not something that makes more work for you unless, of course, you want to? πŸ˜€

    Congratulations on One Million Words and Thank You for sharing them,

  21. I vote for cupcakes! And also crackfic. Or perhaps designate that day, official Kiera Marcos Day.

  22. You could always suggest fic (comment or otherwise) that you’ve always wanted to read about, but haven’t had the time/inclination to actually write and have us write for you!

  23. I think we should all go to a chatroom, have a great time chatting and cellebrating this remarkable accoplishment. πŸ™‚

  24. I think the donation idea is a good one. Even if everyone just did one dollar with all your fans that would be a hefty donation. And it is for such a good cause. Something everyone can feel good about doing.

  25. 1 million words… WOW! That is an amazing accomplishment! I think the best way to celebrate is to think of something you would like to see all your hard-core fans (the ones who can not stop reading and re-reading your stories even though you know almost every word by now… you all know who you are because you are reading this! LOL!) do in appreciation of all your hard work. Maybe submit our take on a story, or some fan art. Perhaps even ask those who are able to donate to your charity in your name. Most importantly, this is YOUR time to celebrate, so take a day off (at least) and do whatever you would love to do but never have the time to do because you are writing 1 million words for your fans!

    Hope that was helpful!

    Oh, one small note (or beg), if you do want to take a day off, could you take it AFTER posting “In The Flames”…. please…. but if not, that’s OK too – you know I will wait for it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  26. I would suggest very dark chocolate. I like the 80% coco myself. And a nice glass of wine. While I do love to read everything you post. Take a day off after you hit one million words and enjoy yourself. We will be here when you get back. Thank you for all of your work.

  27. So many people have made suggestions so I thought I would just highlight the ones I like:

    A link to your fave charity would work really well.
    Allowing us to write comment fic and/or birthday drabbles from some of your OCs might be fun. I personally would not be writing, but I love commentfic when I can find it.
    Making a special post, then asking everyone who comes ot the sight to post a comment of one sentence (even if it’s just thanks) so you can get an idea of exactly how many readers you have would be awesome.

  28. Get drunk? πŸ™‚

    Seriously — An icon link to a favorite charity is a great idea. If you can link your readers directly to the charity’s donation page, you make it pretty much the easiest thing in the world. Even lurkers are liable to go for it. (Maybe, especially lurkers.) And everybody wins.

    But I also really liked an idea I saw someone had posted above: Create a Keira-fic centered game or contest. (You know, because we’re not already spending hundreds of hours reading your long and fabulous fics, and then re-reading them, and then re-reading them again — so we need a reason to spend even more time around here! ~_* )

    Congratulations on a really momentous accomplishment!

  29. Well since I on my eleventy-somthing re-read of your fics I would hope you take some time out for yourself. A spa day with a total body massage, etc, etc. You have given me such wonderful words that make my life brighter I wish for you the same.

  30. How do you feel about Taittingers champagne?


    A million words! I think we need to start planning that party right now! Unless, of course, it interferes with one of your bunnies, because your bunnies are all fucking fabulous, and should be indulged, pampered and pandered to at every possible opportunity, even we have to defer our party planning.

    Keira!Fic bunnies rule. Seriously. They have itty bitty bunny crowns, and sexy leather boots and teeny tiny BDUs. And really cute ears. And fluffy, flirty tails that somehow manage to be filthy and sweet all at once.

    *scritches my favourite bunnies in all their favourite places*

    We could all send you man candy, which is surely better for you than chocolate. A gift certificate to Good Vibrations?

    What do *you* want?

    *waves my pom poms, just for you…and the bunnies, of course, because they’re awesome!bunnies*

  31. I would love to give something to a charity of your choice, as I don’t suppose that we can set up a tab for you at your local cafe to keep you in the beverage of your choice.

  32. We can have a huge orgy moment ! Calling sexy and rough names in a multi languages lol
    Like i didn’t write in english because i speak english like a drunken polish, you can challenge me with a drabble and an art in the fandom that you want to choose ?
    Or yours artists can make an art and the others readers make a fic, sort of reserve challenge, one art one fic ?

    • Ooooh, fanarts has great ideas!

      An orgy sounds most appropriate…because it’s your sworn mission in life to encourage as many orgasms as possible. πŸ™‚

  33. Why not tell your readers what style(s) of music you see different characters as prefering and then challenging people to create fan mix tapes for those characters?

  34. well comment fic from us seems to be a popular idea. But how about e-cards from us to either you or one of your characters? Maybe a “million words reached” post where we could post the cards or comment fic. Or maybe invite us to do a “post secret” like thing for you. Where we find/design postcards as if they were coming from one of your characters. Or challenge us to donate some of our time to a volunteer outfit/charity/old folks home/whatever we choose. Or, you know, throw a wild party and invite us all to it.

    That in addition to a link to one of your favourite charities would be good.

  35. helengloucester

    OMG one million words. You are a goddess to have given 1,000,000 words of pleasure to the world.
    You desserve a day of indulgence which naturally includes chocolate and massages. If I was in your half of the world I’d take you to a spa for a weekend. Whatever you decide to do make sure you enjoy yourself 110%.
    And for your million words I send you a million thanks, as you have brightened my world with your stories.
    Hugs, Hxx

  36. chibigirlfower

    first of all: congrats and girl you’re really hard working, a million words is quite a lot
    i totally second the giftfic/giftart entries – promts would be good like million, celebration or happy authoress XD

  37. I like the idea of comment fic based on your fandoms! Or a drabble tree, but following one theme – a drabble story?

    Congrats on almost reaching a million! That is totally a humongous achievement that a lot of published authors out there can’t achieve. Plus you’ve got stalker-y fans who read then reread your stories.

    Thank you for giving us a million words of yummy slashy goodness!

  38. So i made one art for the One Millions Words and i ‘m going to make at least two more.
    It isn’t about sga, sentinel or ST reboot fandom.

    I want to know if some readers want to write a fic with my walsl arts as companion ?
    If yes contact me at my livejournal or by email :

    Keira, lov, do you want to have a look ? or you can wait ?

  39. Wow, a million words?? Damn, I wish I had as many words written out of all my stories! ^^ If you like, I might be able to write you a McShep oneshot or something. Would probably be very short and cracky, though, I don’t do write serious very well ^^; Just whatever you do, keep on writing, cause we all love you and your stories Keira-chan! =^_^=

  40. I really like the idea of throwing a birthday party for Sebastian and we write drabbles for it.

    Orrrrrrr… just post the 1,000,000th word and what us go crazy over it πŸ™‚

  41. That is one awesome achievement! One million and one thanks from this very lucky reader! We did links to favorite fic for your birthday, we stalk you for updates daily, I think a thread for one million words for one millions hits would be awesome. Something that you can treasure and be very proud of. Of course I also like the link to your favorite charity donation webpage. And of course take the day off. I insist. Tell your boss I gave you permission, I’m sure they’ll understand! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are a gem among fanfic writers. Certainly you occupy the very top spot on that list.

  42. Important Question…
    …what will the one millionth word be?

    McShep? Atlantis? love? Sebastian? Mer? dog tags?
    In these fics, these are all powerful words.

  43. Dear lady Keira,

    I know it is not doable ( is there such a word ? ) but you could give to some readers you really really like special words coming from your stories , and saying to the person, I give you this word to cherish. I would be thrilled.

    I know, it is not practical …

    Thank you for all these words, dear lady. Happy million word !


  44. Non-canon meta-fic where an inter-universe matter transmission bridge drops them all into a bar.

    And TTB!John has his kit with him…

    Quark and Zuri would be appalled

  45. Keira, i made four walls, i can’t help but think that you’re going to be thrill.
    And guys, don’t be shy, come and play with my arts.

  46. Well, I really like the idea of donating to your fav charity, whether its’ one dollar or more, it all adds up. Those with talent could write stories or make some more of their beautiful art. But as for you, you should take a day off and just pamper yourself, whether it’s going to a spa or taking a bubble bath. All day you should just relax with your hubby and do whatever fun things you to like to do to each other. Then in the evening you should go out and have a fabulous dinner of all your fav foods. Then you should go home and get dunk and continue with the activities you started earlier. Barb

  47. Write a story from the P.O.V. of some OCs/completely underused canon characters – and make them fantastic. And eat cake. Lots of cake. Cake with ‘1,000,000’ written on the top.

  48. I know what _I’m_ going to do when you post one million: I’m going to get out the Good Chocolate, the Good Coffee, my computer, and read every single one of those one million words. AGAIN.
    Then I’m going to contemplate how truly awesome you are, continue to be baffled that you give us all of this for free, probably write one or two ohmygodthisisfabulouscomments and lastly, go donate to a charity or two. I live in Sweden, so if I can’t donate to your favourite charity I’ll probably go donate to something else.

    I really liked the idea about every one of your readers writing you a happy comment, or an e-card to someone of your characters.

  49. I love pretty much everything you write! Collect donations to build a monument to your awesomeness!

  50. Please… skip the chocolate, cake, and wine. They will all mess with your sugars. A happy day to celebrate includes NOT going into sugar high or insulin low.
    I like the idea of giving to a charity in your name. Many people could do this easily. Others, such as myself, can not.
    Celebrating writing 1 million words with more writing seems… wrong.
    On the flip side, having others take your characters and write with them seems invasive to some degree. You have created these wonderful, dynamic, characters. To allow others to write with them… no, this is wrong. They are yours. A million words is thousands of hours that you have spent with them.
    Several other suggestions… everyone leaving one comment. I actually like. Everyone has favourite stories and authors. I would hazard a guess that you are more than one person’s favourite authors or have written more than one persons favourite story. So I would expect quite a few comments.
    My suggestion would be; Get yourself a t-shirt printed. “I have written 1 million words. What have you done?”

  51. I have no idea. But I think there might just be a comment party when it happens. πŸ™‚

  52. Maybe you could write a one-shot for Star Trek Reboot! Honestly, it’s a shame you only have the one Trek story so far because that story is my favorite above all the others you’ve written. Which sort of surprised me since I liked your SGA fiction a lot. I just think your writting style suits the ‘verse really well.

  53. I think all us fans should celebrate by donating to your favourite charity. After all, you don’t make any financial gain from all of your wonderful writing, so this way at least someone benefits financially. Get that donatino button up on your site PLEASE!!

    Oh, and alcohol and some (dietetic) chocolate is definitely in order. And dancing. There should always be dancing.


  54. Keira, checking box please….

    i’m going to play hide and seek lol !

  55. We hate asshats… of course, i ‘m proud to be a bitch, bitch can be good.
    I love alone in my room at those art, i can be fucking idiot.

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