Beautiful Stranger

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Title: Beautiful Stranger
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate
Series: What Might Have Been
Series Order: Pre-Series Interlude
Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/OMC
Word Count: 1,590

– – – –

Cameron wanted to play it cool—make it sexy, fun, and uncomplicated but the gorgeous man spread out on the bed underneath him was trembling. “Easy.”

“This isn’t…what I expected.”

“Good.” He leaned forward and placed a series of soft, damp kisses down the man’s stomach. He’d said his name was Matt but that could easily be a lie. “I don’t want to be the usual experience for you, Matthew.”

The Navy pilot laughed softly and then groaned as Cam brushed his lips over the head of his cock. “Christ, you have no idea.”

He kind of suspected that he was going where no man had gone before—touching and kissing this too beautiful stranger. Cam couldn’t even explain how they’d gone from meeting in the airport to sharing dinner and now a bed. He didn’t normally take risks with his career—and a stranger in uniform was a pretty big fucking risk.

He sucked Matt’s cock deep into his mouth, swallowing around the head as pushed his hand under the man’s ass to get the right angle. His efforts were rewarded—Matt groaned softly, each breathy little sound was so exciting that Cam thought he might come on the sheets before he ever talked the man into fucking him.

Cameron released his cock with a smart little pop and ran the tip of his tongue along his bottom lip. “Tell me what you want, Matthew.”

He watched the man’s green eyes darken and he wondered if maybe he’d pushed him too far. “I…” Matt took a deep breath. “I’d really like to fuck you.”

Bi-curious Navy pilots were awesome, Cameron decided. He nodded and exhaled sharply as he slid off the bed. “Yeah, we can do that.” He rummaged through his carry on for lube and condoms. By the time he returned to the bed with both, Matt had rolled to his side to watch him. “You are aware of how…” He waved a hand. “It’s ridiculous that you look that good.”

Matt laughed. “Good genes.”

“Very.” Cameron conceded as he returned to the bed. He lay down beside him and dropped the lube between them on the bed. He leaned in and groaned a softly when Matt met the kiss without hesitation.

Mitchell surrendered easily, letting Matt put him on his back and slide on top of him. He spread his legs and cupped the back of Matt’s head as the kiss deepened. Cameron groaned as their mouths separated. He watched through half-closed eyes as Matt sat back on his knees and ran his hands down his thighs.

He picked up the tube of lube and took a deep breath. “I didn’t expect this when you asked me to have dinner with you.”

Cam ran his hand down his stomach and curled his hand around his cock. “I can’t say that I thought we’d end up here, either.”  He bit down on his bottom lip and spread his legs casually as Matt opened the lube. “Want me to take care of that?”

Matt lifted an eyebrow at him. “If I’m going to put my dick in you—a few fingers is really nothing.”

Cameron liked the younger man’s confidence and he relaxed as Matt brushed his fingers over his entrance. Inexperienced, he thought, but careful and concerned. He bit down on his lip as a single finger tip pushed gently into him. It was too much all at once—the green eyed stranger who looked at him with such intensity, the gentle thrust of a single finger into his ass, and arousal like he hadn’t known in quite a long time.

Cam tightened his grip on his cock and hissed. “Fuck.”

“Too much?” Matt asked. “You feel good—tight and hot.”

“Give me more,” Mitchell demanded and lifted his hips helplessly off the bed as Matt added another finger. “Yeah, God, just like that.” He rocked back on the intrusion and closed his eyes.

Matt added a third finger and Cameron groaned softly. “Could you come this way?”

“Yes,” Cam admitted through clenched teeth.

“That’s so hot,” Matt murmured. He worked his fingers in, stretching and slicking up the muscle. “I…I want you on top.”

Cameron nodded and took a deep breath as Matt picked up a condom and ripped it open. “I can do that.”

The pilot got situated on his back and rolled the condom into place with practiced ease. Cameron straddled his thighs with a smirk and trailed his fingers down Matt’s stomach. “It’s been a while for this so I’m going to go slow.”

Matt nodded. “Yeah, that works.” He slicked up the condom with trembling fingers and tossed the lube aside. “I’m not… nervous about this.”

“Just excited,” Cameron murmured. “Aroused.”

“Very,” Matt admitted ruefully. He wiped his hand clean on the sheet beneath him and then settled both hands on Cameron’s hips as he slowly began to impale himself. “Fuck.”

Cameron laughed softly and worked himself down on Matt’s cock as fast as his body would allow. He moaned softly as he settled completely, his balls pressed against Matt’s pubic bone. “Ah, God, that’s so good.”

Matt took a deep breath and made an effort to relax on the bed underneath Mitchell. “Yeah, really good.” He cleared his throat. “You can move… you can move any time you’re ready.”

Cameron nodded and took a deep breath as he started to move slowly—shaking slightly against the hot sting of penetration. He hadn’t had anyone in him in a while—it wasn’t an intimacy he allowed many men and there was some small part of him that couldn’t believe he was letting this man he’d known only a hand few of hours inside his body.

Matt’s hand were clenching his hips with each downward plunge of his body for a few minutes before he wrapped one around Cameron’s dick and used the other to cup his ass. The stroke was unpracticed—a little awkward and Cameron made himself think of horrible, fucked up things to keep from coming too soon. He didn’t know if the Navy man was going to bail on him immediately but he wanted it to last as long as possible regardless.

He shuddered and then grabbed Matt’s hand. “Christ, you’re going to make me come.”

Matt laughed softly and released his dick with a pretend frown. “Isn’t that the point?”

“Not immediately,” Cameron took a deep breath as Matt shifted his hips underneath him and started to meet his body with each thrust. “You want on top, Flyboy?”

“Yeah.” Matt wet his bottom lip. “I think I can handle it.” Cameron slid off his dick a little regretfully with a nod and shifted to his knees beside him on the bed. “On your back, Cameron.”

Cameron settled on his back and spread his legs. “Why?”

Matt crawled on top of him and guided his cock back into Cameron slowly. “I don’t need to pretend you’re a woman.”

Cameron flushed and closed his eyes briefly as Matt nudged his prostate. “God, yeah, right there.”

“There,” Matt agreed and started to push into him with measured, slow thrusts.

Mitchell sprawled out on the bed, curled his hands around the headboard, and as hands slid under his knees to spread him open. “Ah, hell yes.” He pushed his legs up onto Matt’s shoulders. “Fuck me.”

Cameron rocked back into Matt’s lap shamelessly and shuddered as he started to come. He striped his own stomach and chest with semen.

“Jesus,” Matt ran his fingers through the cum on Mitchell’s chest with trembling fingers and slowed down. He pressed in deep and watched Cameron arch up off the bed as his cock twitched at the stimulation. “Too much?”

“No.” Cameron shook his head. “Don’t stop—it’s so good.”

Matt exhaled sharply and started to thrust deep into him. “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Cameron laughed and rocked back into his lap. “Fuck me.”

Matt curled his hand around Cameron’s half-hard cock and started to jack him gently. “I want you to get hard for me again.”

“Close,” Cam admitted, his voice slurring with pleasure. “Harder. Fuck me harder.”

The stimulation was overwhelming—the burn of renewed arousal snaked down his back and he groaned as his cock hardened completely in Matt’s hand. He arched off the bed and came again, tightening his ass with a needy groan. Matt thrust in deep and made a soft choked sound as he came.

– – – –

Cameron listened to the sounds of a man trying to get dressed as quietly as possible. He was a trifle disappointed but not entirely surprised that Matthew wasn’t going to be around in the morning. The bed dipped a little as the man sat down beside him. A warm hand trailed over his side and over his shoulder. Soft lips pressed against his forehead.

“I’m sorry,” Matt whispered.

He didn’t move until the door shut and then with a sigh he flipped onto his back. The room smelled like sex, the sheets next to him were still warm, and he’d just had the best sex of his life. A part of him wished he’d left the Navy pilot to fend for himself in the airport but the rest of him was pretty fucking content with the night he’d had.

Cameron reached out and curled his fingers into the pillow that still smelled like Matt. “Knew you’d be a heartbreaker.”

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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  19. “On your back, Cameron.”

    Cameron settled on his back and spread his legs. “Why?”

    Matt crawled on top of him and guided his cock back into Cameron slowly. “I don’t need to pretend you’re a woman.”

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    I really liked how, even though he knew Matt would probably bail on him , Cam still made it special. Not meaningless, not wham-bam, but heartbreakingly special. How long was it until they met again? Two years? Four? It might have only been once, but it was sure unforgetable! I really loved this, even though I voted for another story. I do hope you find time to tell us about Declan and Sean someday. Yummy stuff, hon.

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    • LMAO. No I didn’t realize. I’m a bad horrible author for inflicting such horror on my characters.

      • That’s not too bad, my parents almost gave me the initials HIV…(Isabella) instead they gave me HFV, partially so that I would have three names of 5 letters each, like my Dad…

        • My parents gave me 6 letters in each of my 3 names…. I am evvvvvil 😉

          • yeah but 666 (which not everyone believes in) or a horrible virus that leaves people susceptible to awful diseases that we are normally immune to? I mean, really, I think I would have been worse off if they hadn’t realized the initials… or if my parents (b. ’67) and I (b. ’91) were older.

            I wonder what my Uncle Herb’s middle name is… (he’s 7 years older than my Dad, my Dad was the truly Baby brother to a 9yrs older sister and 7yrs older brother).

          • Know that there are people out there who fare way worse – my uncle has the initials ASS, I kid you not.

          • I think it’s possible that parents who don’t think about their kid’s initials need to be shot… but just somewhere it’ll hurt a lot, not somewhere vital.

          • Had a good friend growing up named Allison Cats and her parents did not do the nickname check. Luckily she went with it instead of getting violent when she was called an Alley Cat.

          • I know an SOB and my friend jennifer…she’s JEN – I just know her parents were being smartasses.

          • I don’t what you’re complaining about, until I married my initials were BED.

  28. Small plot hiccup found on the re-read. They were both in uniform. so how can Cam not know Matt’s last name?

    • They weren’t both in uniform. The “man in uniform” line is just a reference to Cameron knowing that Matt was active duty Navy. I do my best avoid little plot hiccups like that 🙂

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    • LOL. Why does everyone think that? I’ve always thought Cam was a complete bottom in their relationship! But, in Ring of Fire I do have a full on sex scene for them and Matt’s on bottom.

      • *stutters*

        *throws my pom poms in the air*

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        • Squee, how you tease us! Now I’m totally imagining a scene where Matt is on the bottom…happy thoughts.

      • LOL. I loved Cameron as the bottom! My (wrong) perception of Matt being the bottom stems from
        my thoughts that a guy might be more freaked out if he bottomed for the first time rather than topping.
        I had a lively discussion with a bi-sexual friend of mine and he admitted that he topped his first time too with a
        guy because he didn’t think he could handle bottoming. Now…..he says…. total bottom.

        • Yeah- Matt was the “virgin” when it comes to gay sex in this particular scene. I did think it would be easier for him to Top than to be on bottom because of that.

      • YES!!!

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        And in the best possible way. I hadn’t really given the matter any thought, but I love power bottoms, and Cameron Mitchell definitely qualifies.

        Now excuse me as I stagger off to reboot my brain, because far too many brain cells are currently assigned to thoughts of Cameron Mitchell bottoming for Matt Sheppard… he’s surprisingly flexible considering how built he is…. and yeah, broken brain.

        I blame you!

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    P.S. I always wanted to see more of Cam/Matt in the series, but with so many great pairings in WMHB i know its not always possible. I am would love to see someone(or you… hint hint) write a more in depth look at their relationship behind the scenes. I am even tempted to do it myself, but i am so bogged down with other WIPs that i know i shouldn’t start yet another story… *facepalm* BUT… i am tempted;-)

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  55. helengloucester

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  56. helengloucester

    OK now I’ve read the comments and can I just say I never imagined that Matthew bottomed in their first encounter because of the conversation he had with John when he realised Cam was at the SGC.
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    So i’ve read this beautiful piece of writing and after that i read the part when the guys met again for the first times at the sgc… and wow Keira, you’re really something Queen, because it’s like to have the breathe take away.

    Again, thanks.. even if for me (i can’t help my stupid brain) for me Mattie was the bottom… but that, thinking about Cam like that…hummmm

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  80. witch in winter

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    I expect lots of cuddling in their futures Cam so deserves it.

    You rule, by the way

    • Actually in TTB– Matt is submissive but he isn’t an “exclusive” bottom by any means. In SoA, Cam is bonded to a woman so he definitely ends up on the giving end a lot but don’t be surprised to find that Vala has (more than once) strapped one on for her Sentinel.

  83. Was away for a few days so just got to read this and loved it as always. So want to read Matt’s first time on bottom. Do you still think you’ll post Ring of Fire some time later this year?

  84. Geez. Rip my heart out, why don’t you, and maybe stomp on it a few times while you’re at it? Thanks.

  85. just wonderful

  86. Only the fact that this is more or less a flashback to the start of an established relationship stops this being utterly tragic at the end. As it is, it just leaves me wanting to go back and reread the scene where they meet again.

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