Jim’s Mental Vault Art by My3scape

My3scape created all of this great artwork for Tangled Destinies! You can click on the images to get bigger versions. It is awesome to see how someone else visualizes what I’ve written when it comes to Jim’s mental space — the space at least he chooses to share with others.

Jim’s Mental Vault

Amanda’s Room

Jim’s Intellectual Knowledge

Spock’s Room

Amanda’s Psionic Stone


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Oh my god, these are all so beautiful!

  2. Pretty awesome, very impressive.
    My3scape, you rock.

  3. Oh, wow! That’s amazing and vivid and it’s all there!


  4. I think my favorite part of this is the doors themselves. The details of each entry say a great deal about Jim’s emotions involving what lies on the other side of each door.

    • That was what I was trying to convey with each. In my e-mails with Keira I wrote like a paragraph for each picture describing why I chose to depict things in certain ways. If anyone wants I can dig those out of the e-mail, clean them up, and post it here…
      The flowers by the door for Sam are forget-me-nots.

  5. What wonderful visualization! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow these are great! the angle is really awesome! good job!

  7. This is just stunning. I could spend so much time just lost in there and imagining Jim as he goes from room to room, adding memories and visiting past ones. Thanks so much for all the hard work and thanks both of you for sharing. Barb

  8. This was great and now we have visuals.

  9. Wow, it’s like you read my mind, especially about the psionic stone, My3scape

  10. verry cool, I wish I was better at reading cursive so I could have the full effect.

  11. These are just perfect! So often when I see someone’s visualisation of a story it doesn’t match mine, but yours does. It is just as I mentally ‘saw’ Jim’s vault when I was reading the story.


    You are so talented.

  12. Oh, these are beautiful. I am one of those totally left-brained people who is missing the visualization gene, so it’s so nice to finally be able to see what you described in the story. Please pass my thanks on to the artist.

    • I’m actually like that when I’m just reading. But if I take the time I can usually get some idea of what things look like, but not so much people–even when I have a cast to call on like I do here.

  13. helengloucester

    Wow – these are great. Thanks for sharing. I’m so envious of people who can draw, I always think I can then when I try I realise a 5-year-old can do so much better. You rock.

    • You’ll notice that there is a striking absence of actual, you-know, people, in these drawings. I can do rooms and things, I can even almost draw a passable female, but ask me to draw a guy, and… a stick figure would look better.
      Also, drawing something that you have to practice, I don’t practice it very often (I hadn’t drawn in months when I started drawing these), and I always surprise myself when I do, as it always seems to get better from the last time I drew. My theory is that I am paying attention to how things come together in the real world in between periods of creativity, so when I do pick up my pen or pencil, I can apply that to my work. Also, I mostly use erasable colored pencils, and I carry a large magic rub eraser with me when I’m sketching and outlining the edges of things.

      • I think your work is great. As for not drawing human figures, there are some VERY well thought of artists who never painted a human figure. Just go with what your instincts tell you, seems to me they are serving you quite well. Barb

        • Thanks! I still want to get better at people though… especially since the works (fanfics) I read and want to create art for are mostly focused on the individuals and not their surroundings.

    • So, if you like drawing, don’t be discouraged by 5-year old level work… besides I teach Sunday School to twin 5 year olds, and I’m fairly sure you can do better than scribbles or trying to color within the lines.

  14. Really nice work, I love your rich use of color, and the scale you’ve used to make everything to relate to each other. Lovely. -slvrbld747

    • The scale was mostly unconscious, but I’ve worked to stay on a scale before and tend to pay attention to the size of things in real-life. So, I’m glad you liked the pieces and my accidental scale. =)

  15. i know it is wrong,but i am green with envy
    these are beautiful,love these,so detailed and weirdly just as i pictured it.
    wish i had some talent to compliment your work with.

    • When I drew these I was very careful to read Keira’s descriptions of things very carefully and multiple times. I even kept comparing my sketch to her descriptions to make sure they were as accurate as I could make them. Though the doors were based more on the emotions I imagine Jim has for the person and the personal history of either the person or Jim’s relationship with them.

  16. I really like:

    The little log fire and the glasses on the table in the Jim’s Intellectual Knowledge.

    The ‘Welcome’ sign on Amanda and Sarek’s door. The angry face emotion in Amanda’s Room. And the LOLs. XD

    The tantalizing doors that aren’t labeled.

    The door waiting to be opened in Spock’s room.

    Hmmm, I think Frank’s box could use some Klingon painsticks jabbing it. Or maybe they should just be jabbing Frank.

    Amanda’s stone is cool. 🙂

  17. I really like the detials of these drawings, how each door is different, I found Bones intriguing. I think I may have just liked the look of it plain and simple. I have never been good at analyzing art. I can dissect a written work for pages but art I just like or I don’t, unless its digital-which I have some instruction (if not talent in), even then in the end it comes down to if I like a piece. Yours I do. I was really interested in all the formulas in the intellectual one. I caught myself trying to see if I remembered them all. Either way I like them, and I could never do that, good job.

    • I wanted Bones Door to reflect both the reboot!Medbay and ‘good old southern boy’ details. So I tried to blend white/blue lighting for surgery, comforting, hospitaly green walls, and dark wood with nice old style carving details. Also his door surround is starting to blend with Pike’s because of their relationship that they aren’t willing to admit to quite yet.
      I frequently have the same problem with either analyzing why I do or do not like a piece of writing or artwork, however the process is pretty much the same. When analyzing art, think of it as analyzing a particularly long passage of description and imagery… such as in Stienbeck’s Of Mice and Men, admittedly a book (and author) I hate or in Frankenstien. Only instead of reading and visualizing the images, you can see them. And instead of trying to figure out what the author wants you to feel from the bright skies and rolling green hills (happiness, a chance for a good life and harvest, hope, etc.) or dark, gloomy, stormy skies (romance, fear, depression, etc. depending on the time period the book is from) you are trying to figure out what the artist wants to convey with (in my case) a warm fire and comfy chairs and stacks of books and a pair of glasses (love of knowledge, comfort, a nice place to meditate–as the fic says that he usually comes in there to do so–warmth, both physical and emotional) or a mostly bare section of wall, a plain door label, a bare stoop with plain railing on only one side, and a pot of forget-me-nots (fear, a kind of lack of love, emotional waste land, hope to find and reconnect with his brother, love for his brother, tending this room as much as he can to not forget the good he had in his life from his brother and maybe even his mom before he realized the depth of her problems). It’s much the same, it just takes a slightly different mental approach.
      I’m glad you liked the formulas, I wish I had remembered more of them, but I wound up looking up the AP Physics formula sheet and picking equations from there after writing down one or two.
      There are many ways to create art. Your art set may not be in drawing or painting or sculpting, but may be in writing the words that inspire an artist or arranging words and images on a page for readers, or reading through someone else’s work for errors, through poetry of motion (dance or theater or synchronized swimming), or even in music. Who knows? You may not even realize your form of artistry until someone sees/hears it and works up to telling you about how much they enjoyed it.
      I’m glad you enjoyed these pieces.

  18. nicely done…my favourite is the psionic stone

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