The Matter of Female Sentinels

Sentinels of Atlantis: Anne Teldy & Allison Porter ~ Art by FanArts Series

Title: The Matter of Female Sentinels
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis (pre-series event)
Pairing: Teldy/Porter
A/N: I originally posted this in with an art post but a reader emailed me asking about it and I realized it should have it’s own page and be on the series page as a short of some kind.

The Matter of Female Sentinels by Keira Marcos

“The Sentinel is in her fifth Guide search since she came online. She is a Major in the United States Marines and is a level five across the board. She has been online for nearly ten years. We are hoping to make a match for her today so she will be taking her time with each of you. I expect you all to be respectful, touch only when she offers, and keep your disappointments to yourself when you’re dismissed from consideration.”

Allison Porter had heard variations same speech a lot. She’d participated in sixteen Guide searches since she’d come online but this was the first time she’d encountered a female Sentinel. She didn’t have any illusions about being picked. Female Sentinels just didn’t choose female Guides. The only reason she was even in the room was that she already in the Center participating in a different Guide search when the female Sentinel had arrived.

Her thoughts drifted back to the other Sentinel, the one that had rejected with her some obvious reluctance. She’d been the only woman presented and he’d spent nearly thirty minutes with her—long after she’d known they wouldn’t ever be a good match. Allison had been relieved when he’d finally admitted because she hadn’t wanted to be in the position of having to reject him for his own good.

There were fifteen Guides in the room, all of them a good match, level wise, for the female Sentinel. Allison wondered if she’d pick one of the men—it would be interesting to see as she’d never seen the look on a Sentinel’s face when they found the other half of their soul. She flushed at the thought but forced herself to settle as the door opened and the team of doctors entered with the Sentinel.

All of the male Guides around her tensed with pleasure and anticipation. Allison didn’t blame them at all, the woman was beautiful and she radiated strength and confidence. The perfect example of her kind. Allison pushed disappointment that she shouldn’t even be feeling down. Then the Sentinel fixed light blue eyes right on her and her knees went a little weak.

Shock and a small amount of anger filtered through her from the men surrounding her. It was quickly replaced by curiosity and even a little excitement about what was happening. Allison was just really confused and maybe even a little hurt. Why would a female Sentinel even focus on her first? They always chose men.

Then the woman was moving, brushing past the medical staff that might have been trying to redirect her to the front of the receiving line. Allison had been purposely at the end because absolute no one thought for a minute she’d be chosen.


Allison swallowed. “Sentinel.” She jerked her head towards the line. “You’re supposed to start down there and you know, pick one of the men.”

The Sentinel inclined her head. “And if I want to start right here and pick you?”

“Female Sentinels pick male Guides.”

“There have been six female/female pairs on record with the Center since we started keeping records.” One of the medical techs offered from behind her clipboard.

“See,” the Sentinel murmured. “We won’t even be the first.”

Allison flushed with pleasure and want. She couldn’t deny the call of this woman, wouldn’t if she was going to be at all honest with herself. “The mundanes you serve with might not understand.”

“Fuck them.” Her eyes hardened. “I’m not above correcting poor behavior.”

“I just want you to under—.” Allison gasped as the Sentinel reached out, grabbed her, and hauled her in without another word. A soft, knowing mouth covered hers and the world faded away as she all but melted around her Sentinel.

“Mine, Guide.”

“Yours,” Allison agreed softly and choked back a sob of relief at being chosen.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Femslash is my lest favorite type of fiction. I never read it. I read this and not only liked it, I loved it!!!

    • Should I warn you in advance that Anne and Allison will have an explicit sex scene in an upcoming episode of this series? LOL.

      • Yeah warn us !!!! lol !

        I ca read the most sexy dirty slash scene sex and don’t even react but when it’s come to femslash i’m inconfortable and don’t found that sexy at all.
        Weird no ? perhaps i need a dick in a fic 😀
        But like i know you, you’re going to make me love that, silly you.

        • I read all sex really. I don’t make a difference between them.

          • Like i said, i’m weird.. but you know that isn’t it ?

          • well–lol–consider yourself warned ;-). There will be big, hot lesbian sex scene in a future installment of this series.

          • I’m going to have a drink this day, a whisky-orange lol.. I don’t pass an occasion to drink.

            I was working for the One Million Words today and i made a new surprise, you’re spoiled hon and deserve that a lot.

          • Yeah… yeah… super yeah. femslash written by Keira should uber rock. “I likes girls. Girls are pretty.”

          • Girls are fun. They squeek more then guys. . . . though guys get their squeek up too if you tease them right.
            /really should stop reading smut one day

        • dick in a fic? OMG, that’s too funny! And I’m adding that one to my vocabulary collection of words and phrases that are inspired by or thought up by Kiera. So far I have: asshat, bromance, made of win, and more as I come across them.

          One I heard several years ago, and it’s my favorite and used quite often: were you born an asshole (or insert your word of choice) or do you just like to act like one?

          Makes me feel better every time…

      • OMG. You big tease!

        And yay?

      • yes please 🙂

      • Really? Yaaay! I have wanted explicit femslash from you so much!

        thank you thank you thank you!

      • I think it should be a very explicit and detailed warning, including the exact paragraph and sentence where the scene can be found so we can go right there and examine it carefully for adherence in all respects. Quality control in warnings is very important, after all.

        [this request brought to you by Life’s Short: Read the Sex First]

    • me too

  2. Lovely work, hun. I’ve never found any good femslash in any of the fandoms I read. *Sighs* So this was a real pleasure. The emotions leapt right off the page and pulled at my heart. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. *Happy sigh* that was a perfect moment. I’m glad that Allison was able to experience such a moment.

  4. Hummm..
    Keira it’s gorgeous as always.

    I love this sort of prequel at one of your stories.

  5. I loved this the first time you posted this, so hurray for having its own entry on the series page. And it’s just as good after multiple readings.

    I’m loving the glimpses we get of female sentinels. Elizabeth, Anne, Sam and Laura all kick ass.


  6. Love your writing, Kiera, and Anne and Alison are amongst my favourite characters. But…*shrugs* I dont read femslash
    *Reads fic. Then reads it again*
    I don’t read femslash.
    *reads it again*
    I don’t read femslash
    *reads it again*
    I don’t……….huh

  7. This is fantastic! I was hoping to read how Anne and Alison got together. I love this series and I enjoy the dynamics you are creating between the characters.


  8. <3

    That was just GORGEOUS!!!!



  9. I loved it!! I read little femslash but this one i like it ^^

  10. Lovely. Just perfect.

  11. I skimmed this the first time because I’ve never really read femslash so when I saw this posted again I thought, “Why not?” And wow, femslash looks like it could be very hot! Looking forward to the hot lesbian scene. But of course, I look forward to all of your writing!!

  12. I am so glad you put this on the series page, when I first read it I thought it was a beautiful scene. As for fem slash, I’m a product of the free love movement – so, great sex is great sex, not matter the gender . Can hardly wait to read a scene with Allison and Anne because I really love these two. Thanks for all the hard work and thanks for sharing. Barb

  13. Yeah, femslash never has done that much for me either, mainly because it usually reads like school boy porn. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some slashy porn, but I like a little plot along with it. This, however, is terrific. Allison just knew, KNEW she wouldn’t be chosen. So when she was–wow. Porn built on this scene will have a lot of depth. But then, that’s Keira, you know? Little things you almost missed pop back up later so you can go “aha!” that’s what that was about! Cool stuff.

  14. Wonderful! I look forward to more of this pairing in the series.

  15. Okay, I will admit I am like 90% heterosexual. Because there are a handful of women who poke at my natural inclinations. Christina Cox is one of them. (I just think it’s distracting when someone else has boobs during kissing :>). Did you see her when she was on True Blood? Loved the show and she made it great. Everytime I see her, I know I will get to watch an interesting character and fun show. She is almost incapable of doing dishrag girlfriend roles. So I enjoyed your story and because of Christina, it’s one of the few girl/girl fictions I keep reading.

    On another note, I went through a period in my life where I was really obsessed with slash. I would say it was a dark time, but I found some great writers out there. But I have totally let a lot of it go and you are officially the last slash writer I follow. I just really enjoy your work and hope you go on writing. You have created a world I want to visit again and again. I find myself if not rereading, then visiting certain passages over and over again. The images you create stay in my head and impart an emotion if a few sentences. Thank you.

  16. So I pretty much shy away from all femmesex but I think I’ll read everything you write. So here’s to the next installment!

    Great snippet! Thanks.

  17. I love this little bit of intro to the pair 🙂 and would love it if there’ll be more…
    truth told, I love *everything* you write… but please, please, write more femslash!!
    – there aren’t enough writers of your caliber who do!!

  18. I am glad this glimpse got its own home.

    That being said?

    These two have been breaking stereotypes for a while, haven’t they? Not quite what one expects and so they operate in ways that have to drive their bosses nuts.

    Lots of fun thinking on that.


    P.S. The femslash? This will be interesting to see. Because I see so very little that is done well.

  19. This (and the entire series) is absolutely brilliant! I love Anne/Allison and look forward to seeing more of them in your stories. It was great how you made Anne just as Sentinel as any of the guys.
    “Fuck them.” Her eyes hardened. “I’m not above correcting poor behavior.”
    I can’t wait to read more 🙂

  20. Heh, you did it again. I love your work, femme slash has never been a favorite, but once in a while someone just nails it, wicked chuckle, and brings the passion without sacrificing the feminine characterizations. Lovely, lovely piece, thanks for sharing it. -slvrbld747

  21. Of course this needed its own page.

    Porter/Teldy FTW!

  22. wonderful piece,glad you gave it centre stage.
    i too appreciate well written fem slash,and love these two already in ties that bind.i am glad your hint at spanking is going to get full disclosure,now really looking forward to new chapters.

  23. I love Anne and Allison in The Tempest and I’m very excited that there is a lesbian sex scene coming up!

  24. Woah, what a great snippet. I haven’t read femslash since an unfortunate Scully/OFC story back in the X-files days. In your hands I think I will enjoy it very much.

  25. These two rock! Thanks for re-posting with the Update note; I’d missed this first time…

  26. Oh, this was yummy. I love it when we get little glimpses like this that show how the characters got where they are. And I can’t wait for the big, hot lesbian sex scene. In fact, I would love big, hot sex scenes for all the series pairings. *cough*Cam/Vala*cough*

  27. Just for say, since you said femslash…blablabla…. and like i love to challenge myself with stuff that i don’t like usually i made some research to make a porn sex femslash art…. and fo to lesbian site, me… me… going to……

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  28. Personally, I fast-forward over the more explicit femslash scenes in fanfic. But I sometimes do that with really explicit het scenes, too. But the fact that I don’t like to read those scenes does NOT mean they are dirty or evil or wrong. It’s simply my own personal reading preferences. I certainly wouldn’t stop reading the rest of your stories just because you inserted a scene I didn’t want to read. That would be ridiculous. I love your stories. Please write more. And if you feel the need to write a femslash scene, that’s okay, too. I’d still prefer more m/m slash, but it’s not like I’m actually paying money to read, so…

  29. Beautiful fic! V. exciting that there will be more femmeslash in this ‘verse. My biggest problem with femmeslash vs. slash tends to be that there are never two female characters that I care about who could reasonably be having sex. Your versions of Teldy and Porter are totally both for me! Much love!

  30. Keria, email cheking please, you have two emails. *h*

  31. I had wondered how Allison and Anne had gotten together, they were so comfortable together and seamless in their interactions with others and themselves that I felt that they had been together a long time when we first met them and then of course we found out that they had been together for a long time. I loved that Anne went directly to the end of the line, no beating around the bush and no wasting any one’s time, hers or the other guides. As for the big fat femslash scene? Bring it on! I love these two together

  32. Love it.

  33. Yikes! That was great! I am not a fan of fem-slash either but I love your writing so much! It just seemed right the way you wrote it. Thanks for this! I will eagerly await the next chapter!

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