What Might Have Been Anniversary

I posted the first What Might Have Been Story– We’ve Taken Different Roads on this site on June 9, 2008. For the two year anniversary of that series beginning– I want to write a little interlude for you guys. So I’ve created a poll with prompts for you guys to vote on. It will be active for about twenty-four hours ( I need writing time).

You can pick 2 choices πŸ™‚

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Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. i voted for Matt and Cameron’s first night at the sgc.

    We know how John and Rodney are in their intimacy but as a bad girl I want to look through the keyhole and see what Matt and Cam have done that night!

  2. So I am all for the pretty and I want to see John’s reaction to Rodney and well… Declan & Sean get my motor revving every time.



    • I second this, that one scene of Sean and Declan in the story was such a tease. Loved it! Plus I always love to see John’s reactions to Rodney.

  3. I can’t choose. Can I vote for all?

    That’s cruel of you.

    You’re the best.

    Happy anniversary to everyone.

  4. Only two? Arrrrrrrrrrr. lol

  5. Wheee!! Giddy from just the possibilities.

    You, my dear, are my crack dealer. Just as addictive, but oh so much more healthier for me (all of us).

    This plus a new SoA fic. Perfect for a rainy west coast day. I keep wanting to send you chocolate as a ‘bless you’ gift!!

    Keep on rockin’ (and writing)!

  6. Such a hard decision, I’d love to read them all. I finally picked Sean and Declan, I’d love to see more of their relationship in this story. Love them in TTB.

  7. All wonderful choices but we only get to pick two! *pouts*

    I’d love to see Matt and Cameron’s first time together and definitely Sean and Declan’s those are two hot couples. *gives begging puppy eyes*

  8. They all sound wonderful – whatever doesn’t get through this time, I hope gets used in the future!

  9. I voted for Sean & Declan because I think they deserve their special moment πŸ™‚

    What I would also like to read about is Ian’s first time (maybe a frust shag following his coming out to his family?) and his “official” coming out to his comrades. *begprettypleasewithpuppyeyes*

  10. Sean and Declan please! We need to see more of them πŸ™‚ Cause they’re just so cute. Not as cute as John and Rodney but still damn cute!

  11. I voted for the Sheppard point of view or the night Matt and Cam met.

    I love all of the options in reality, but given the chance to see either of those two I know it will be incredible. Though I pretty much read anything you post cause it usually makes my night better.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I seriously want to see Sean and Declan’s first night and Matt and Cameron’s first night at the SGC.

  13. Ooooh, I want them all! It was so hard to pick just two. But Matt and Cam’s first night just sounds so intriguing and I adore backstory. The fact that I get to envision two pretty, pretty boys doing naughty things had nothing to do with at all. Really.

  14. only two choices this is unusually cruel of you.

    but it does not matter which two you write because its going to be great either way.

    Happy anniversary to us all!!!!!!

  15. I voted for The first time John walks into McKay’s Bar… would be interesting to read that… and The night Matt and Cameron met – has some potential as well XD

  16. Oh… i’d love to see Matt and Cam’s first night at the SGC(Squeeeee!!!) and Declan and Sean’s first night(‘nother Squeeeee!!!) I absolutely love John and Rodney, but i wouldn’t mind seeing those two couple behind bars too!!

    However, anything you write will make me VERY happy! Happy Anniversary!!

  17. Okay, I voted for two, but it was sooooooooo hard to choose. Frankly, I’d be very happy with any of the choices. WMHB is my hands down, all-time favorite fic in any fandom – and I read in quite a few. I’ve read it countless times, and I’m sure I’ll continue to re-read it often. It just hits so many of my buttons it’s not even funny. Thank-you so much for giving us this treat to look forward to!!



  18. Oooh I’d love to know about Sean and Declan’s first night – I missed that in the series πŸ˜€
    Also – I never have enough of John and Rodney, so I also voted their second night. But, as it got the least votes… well, you can’t have everything… Although sometimes, when reading your wonderful writing, My Lady, I think I can πŸ˜€

    Happy anniversary everyone!

  19. Voted for the first time John walked into McKay’s bar (from either of their pov). But really, all your propositions were great. And it was quite difficult to choose between all those possibilities. You’re a mean mean tease…

  20. un_covermyeyes

    Oh god, I really want to read them all. I finally picked when Matt and Cameron met.

  21. What’s the phrase, an embaressment of riches? What choices! Those are *all* droolworthy. Since I know it’s going to be yummy whatever it ends up being, I went with what we don’t get much of- something other than McShep. First choice: Sean and Declan. Second: Matt and Cameron’s second time, when they rediscover each other.

  22. Had to be Sean and Declan! They are my fave OC ever and they have such a greeting in WMHB that I can’t resist seeing what their first night was like. Well done on having created such an amazing ‘verse.

  23. You are like the best kind of dealer. I can’t wait to see what happens, no matter what gets chosen~!!

  24. Ticky boxes! Will she notice if I tick all of them???? What do you mean I only chose two???? I want all of them! *gives best John pout*

  25. To be honest, if it’s the anniversery of ‘What might have been’ it should revolve around the characters the main story is about. As much as I love Matt and Cam, it’s Rodney and John’s life this story that is the core. But, then I could be wrong….and live in my own fantasy world….

  26. I agree with Nattie. It’s totally cruel. I would love to see all of them and if I can add two to it. I would love to see a story devoted to Jennifer (honorary little sis) and David (actual little bro) falling for each other. Also Admiral Patrick (womanizer) and Carolyn (much younger and daughter of a general) need to have a story as well. Pretty please!! With sprinkles even! Congradulations on your anniversary.

  27. My first reaction was “OMG ALL OF THEM” followed by the crushing realization “OMG I have to choose? seriously..?”

    So though my real vote is [see capslock of OMG above],. I went with Rodney’s POV of the first time a hot Air Force Colonel came into his bar and (no doubt) leaned on something.

  28. I voted, but to be quite honest, it doesn’t matter which scene you write, they *all* sound so interesting!

  29. there’s no “all of the above” option? *pouts*

    (Is mostly teasing)

  30. I should really learn to finish reading instructions before I act. I totally didn’t realize you could vote for two, so I only voted for one. LOL Okay, I need to go to McKay’s bar!


  31. wow – how time flies! I voted for John’s POV of Rodney and their 2nd time πŸ™‚ Though all choices would be tempting πŸ™‚

  32. I voted for either Sean and Declan or Matt and Cameron. We see lots of John and Rodney, so for the anniversary I’d rather have a peek into one of the couples we haven’t seen as much of.

  33. you are a meanie!!!!
    you know we want them all!!!
    making us choose our fave is so hard,i want john seeing rodney first time cos you write his point of view so well,plus just back from failed atlantis should be interesting.
    plus declan and shaun first night cos that would be so hot there would be steam coming from the computer!!!!

  34. Witch in Winter

    I am soooo glad that you are giving us more of this series…Just wished that you were going to write about all of choices. And about the trip to Atlantis. You are addictive to read…thank you for your time, your ideas and skill.
    Live long and prosper.

  35. Could you write the rest of these fics? No matter which one wins?

  36. There’s going to be more what, might have been? Does really happy dance. I hope I get to see more Quark, I love it all and the kid is really cute, but there is something about that cat… that make he grin and glee and want to do squish him. Having had a manchon (sp?) I realize this is not advisable… but it is there.

    I vote for Sean and Declan, for the shear hotness of those two from your casting photos? Vain, and fickle yes, but honest. πŸ˜‰

  37. Read the list twice or three times and then double checked how many I could chose….two! Oh the cruelty of the choice. I want them all I tell you all! But voted for Rodney’s pov of John walking into his bar for the first time, and their second time in bed together. Actually any thing that you write will be devoured rapidly and with much nomming and rolling in it and purring like crazy.

  38. I voted for Sean and Declan because the thought melts my brain and for Matt and Cameron at the SGC cause I already know Rodney and John didn’t get together till later and Matt didn’t stick around after the first night. While angst is good I’d really like to see Matt sucking up his courage and admitting that Cameron really meant something to him. Something he wants badly enough to make him face his fears.

  39. helengloucester

    Oh hard choice…
    Saying that, we know a lot about John & Rodney and I for one would love to know more intimate details of Declan/Sean, Matthew/Cameron.
    Thanks Keira for such a great anniversary present.
    Hugs, Hxx

  40. Ohhhh wow – such hard choices. I went for Sean and Declain as I would like to see more of their relationship. But would LOVE to see all of them written! (hint, hint). LOL

  41. I’ve put my vote in….I’m hoping for the Sean/Declan option

    But I know I’m going to love which ever one you go for!

    (If I send you homebaked chocolate muffins would you write them all?!!!!!)

  42. I’m generally you write it I’ll read it, but in this instance….Matt + Cam’s first night PLEEEEAAAASE!!! Backstory, HOT Boys and morning after freak out….how could you not πŸ™‚
    *mutters* now, where did I put those bribes…

  43. Happy Anniversary! So many fun choices for the interlude to only pick two is so HARD – bit I still put my vote in. I look forward to seeing what comes out on top! <3 M

  44. chibigirlflower

    i vote for Declan/Shawn – though i certainly read Cameron/Mat as well … and whoa times surely flies by

  45. i would love to read any but i voted for shep and mckay point of veiw becouse i would love to see the reactions of both of them to each other.

  46. You know we’ll read ANYTHING right? Thanks for the options of helping us read what we want… but to me it doesn’t matter what you choose to write…. I’ll read it! thanks

  47. I love anything Matt/Cameron related but I voted The first time John walks into McKay’s Bar – Sheppard’s POV because I always wanted to see John face (after a fashion) walking into a bar, weary after the journey to Earth, looking up only to see that man from Antartica.

    My second vote would be The night Matt and Cameron met… because they both hint at something deep and meaninful that haunt them even after two years.

  48. So me i say, if i tie up keira, feeding her with caviar or foie gras and tell to her to write the whole fics, it’s going to work ?

    • Don’t tease me with bondage and gourmet foods. You mean French person you.

      • Why can i say, girl can play dirty and i love play dirty…

        French food is a tease for the people who embrace the life like you.
        And i can add italian food, tiramisu, lasagna, fresh pasta with bolognese… even Ravioli and gnocchi fait maison.

  49. First Happy anniversary.
    So second annΓ­versary it is. I think this cries for two Interludes. πŸ˜‰
    I was too late for voting. I really like to read more about all of them but my favourite would have been Matt/Cam and Sean/Declan.

  50. *sigh*
    You are probably the most evil person I have ever had the pleasure to know.
    How by all the powers that be are a person suppose to choose!!!!!

    *deep breaths*

    Also just want to say thank you.
    youre stories are a pleasure to read and have turned many a miserable day into a good one.
    Thanks again.
    PS I really wanted to vote but I cant choose.

  51. Oh well, too late to vote, just arrived home.

    Will look forward to the fics though. I would have voted for Sheppard’s POV, first time in McKay’s Bar & the night Matt & Cam first met…

    Thanks as always for being willing to share!

  52. I am still utterly blown away by the responses that you got in a 24hour period. I hope that you never doubt how much we adore you and your work. You’re amazing!!

    And now comes the suspensful wait to see this lovely little piece of WMHB work. I love that series!!!

  53. okay, as you had 2 voting choices, does that mean you will write two fics? This is the second anniversary, so the logical is all there? Plus, I really, really need my rodney and shepard hit.

  54. I enjoy this series and I love long stories but I REALLY want to see them get to Atlantis. I can’t wait to see the City’s reactions to John, Rodney and the others. All the stories are soooo good. Thank you for them.

  55. What a wonderful treat! Thank you, can’t wait.

    But, just out of curiosity, any chance of getting the rest of these interlude ideas at a latter date? Third, fourth anniversary dates?

  56. you are awesome,if these are the ideas for your next chapter ,my computer may melt from all the hotness!!!!!!!!!!!
    knew there was a good reason for worshipping you,you make made to order fiction,yay!!!

    • no they are just interlude ideas. The Ring of Fire is an entirely different kind of monster– fast paced, adventure, war, badassery — it’s a lot of cracky fun and angst in the making.

  57. Thank you (over and over and over) for the stories and congrats on the anniversary! I voted yesterday, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one in love with Matt and Cameron!

  58. I am so excited…

    It’s my birthday 2moro and my fave prezzie will be Anniversary Interlude!

    I voted for the night Matthew and Cameron’s met and it got most votes! Yay!

  59. Keira, email cheking please, you’re going to squeee i hope !

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