Tangled Destinies: Eternal

Title: Eternal
Author: Keira Marcos
Art Work: FanArts Series
Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King
Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Pike/McCoy, Sarek/Amanda Grayson
Series: Tangled Destinies
Series Order: 4
Fandom: Star Trek XI (Reboot ‘Verse)
Genre: Alternate Universe, romance
Word Count: 5,200
Rating: PG
Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the art that I received from FanArts Series that I’ve put on this page with it. I wrote it shortly before Mother’s Day in the US and there are some pretty heavy themes in it but nothing that hasn’t already been covered in the series.

Summary:  Spock and Jim take Amanda out for the day to celebrate Mother’s Day.

* * * *

“T’Pol cancelled tea with me.”

Sarek lifted an eyebrow at his wife’s expression because it could only be called ’pouty’. He found it oddly attractive and chastised himself silently for being aroused in the face of his bondmate’s obvious disappointment. “Did she propose an alternate date?”

Amanda took a deep breath. “We have tea every Sunday afternoon, Sarek. It was her idea and I…” She crossed her arms. “She didn’t even give me a reason.”

“I see.” Sarek set aside his PADD, realizing his communications would have to wait and focused entirely on his wife. “You are disappointed that your ‘girl time’ has been cancelled without a clear cause.”

She glared briefly at him. “Are you being patronizing?”

“Of course not, Wife, Vulcans do not patronize… their loved ones.” Sarek watched her analyze his words, her gaze still narrow and assessing. “I will be meeting with her this morning before our comm conference. Would you like me to question her on the matter?”

“Absolutely not.” Amanda frowned at him. “You can’t just… never mind. It’s silly and I’m being foolish. Since tea with T’Pol was my only cause to go to the embassy today—I’ll stay home.”

“If that is your choice.” Sarek touched her arm gently. “But your company is always desired.”

She smiled, soft and pleased. “James and Spock have a fitting for their bonding robes this morning. I’ll supervise that.”

* * * *

Spock shared a look with Jim who was standing patiently on a small wooden platform while the seamstress took the measurements. He knew that Jim had been genuinely surprised to find that their clothes for the bonding ceremony were to be hand sewn. It had been as startling as the exceedingly large guest list that been presented with the week before. Bonding ceremonies on Vulcan were normally small, intensely private affairs—apparently that wasn’t the case on Betazed. There were two-hundred and twenty-two guests invited currently. His mother expected at least two-hundred and fifty before everything was said and done.

Jim was just as horrified by the number he was and Spock had been relieved when Jim hadn’t hesitated to make his displeasure clear to everyone. The only thing he’d managed to do, however, was cut the admiralty from the list. Pike had fought him on it for a few minutes before Jim’s distress at the thought of a media leak had sunk in. There were people in the upper ranks within Starfleet they couldn’t trust not to arrive with a reporter on their arm.

Pike had taken Jim from the room for a private discussion that had left everyone else in the house more than a little curious and when they’d returned—he’d resolutely struck every single Starfleet officer from the guest list with the exception of Dr. McCoy. It was never discussed again after that and Spock still wondered what Jim had told Captain Pike that made his jaw set like stone. He hadn’t asked—he assumed that some things were best left between father and son. There were conversations he’d had with his own father he wouldn’t want to relate to Jim. At least, not yet.

Quickly enough, Spock found himself in Jim’s place and since he didn’t fidget—the seamstress finished with his measurements and then turned to have a conversation with his mother entirely in Vulcan. It was something many Vulcans did to her—even after of years of proving that she was fluent in their language. He listened as his mother got progressively snide with the Vulcan woman until the transaction was completed.

Jim was laughing softly by the time the woman swept from the room. “I think you’re the only Human on Earth that can actually out-snark a Vulcan.”

Amanda blushed and laughed.

Spock turned to look at Jim incredulous. “You speak Vulcan?”

Jim lifted an eyebrow at him. “Yeah, of course. It was my language elective for my first two years at Horizon. I also speak Klingon, Andorian, and I’m well versed enough in Ferengi not to be robbed blind at a gaming table.” He jerked his head towards Amanda meaningfully.

Spock took a deep breath. “Mother, Jim and I were talking earlier—and we thought we could go to the Botanical Gardens this morning and then have lunch at a café. It would please us if you would accompany us.”

Amanda smiled. “You don’t need your mother intruding on a date.”

Spock exhaled and looked at his future bondmate for help.

“Actually,” Jim started. “We planned this with you in mind—we’ve already arranged a private tour of the experimental xenobotany lab at the gardens for you. One of your degrees is in xenobotany, right?”

“Yes, my Masters.” Amanda stood and nodded. “Very well, I will go change my clothes and we can go. If you are both certain?”

“We are,” Spock said quickly and relaxed when she left the room. “Are you sure this is a good idea? There is no such thing as Mother’s Day on Vulcan.”

“And that’s a shame,” Jim returned dryly. “Yeah, this is a great idea. She’s going to love it once she figures it out—which won’t be a problem at all. There is a huge banner across the front of the Botanical Gardens exclaiming ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.”

* * * *

His mother had looked toward them amused at the private car they’d arranged but hadn’t said anything about public transportation which Spock was grateful for. Spock hated public transportation. The press of humanity was just too much for him to endure. He did wonder how Jim felt about the holiday they’d planned to celebrate. Had he ever had the opportunity to spend this day with his own mother in the past or Winona Kirk had even deprived him of that as well? It was infuriating to think about so he pushed that thought deep so Jim wouldn’t pick up on his anger.

The trip to the Botanical Garden was done mostly with Jim chattering away with his mother about an experiment he’d heard the scientists at the facility were doing on producing a variant of grain that was disease resistant. His mother’s PhD was oddly enough in xenolinguistics. He’d always found her other interests fascinating.

“So, why did you get your PhD in xenolinguistics when you’re interests are in biology, chemistry, and botany?” Jim questioned suddenly, voicing the question that Spock never would have.

“To gain the attention of the man I intended on marrying,” Amanda answered without pause and Spock turned to stare at his mother in shock. “What?”

“You rearranged your entire academic career to…”

“Get your father’s attention?” Amanda questioned with a small smile. “Yes, absolutely. It was either that or astrophysics which was and remains your father’s intellectual passion.”

“But…” Spock trailed off.

Jim laughed. “Spock means to ask—how long did it take you get the Ambassador’s attention with your plan?”

That really wasn’t he’d meant to ask at all but he was interested in the answer so he turned to look at his mother with a raised eyebrow which made her laugh.

“His complete attention? About a year, actually. He always received a lot of interest from men and women at Earth’s Embassy and Federation Headquarters. He was involved with another individual when I first met him so I wasn’t even sure I had a chance. When they parted ways, I maneuvered myself into being his date for a diplomatic function. My own father worked in the Earth Embassy so he was able to do Sarek a favor by providing him with a suitable companion for an important event. At the time, the Federation was in the midst of trying to work out an arrangement with the Orions that would make it a violation of Orion law to take a Federation citizen as a slave. The talks were very important even if they ultimately failed.”

“How many times did you have to trick him into dating you?” Spock questioned.

Amanda grinned. “Four but I think he caught on by the third time I was miraculously available to be his date for a diplomatic event. On the fourth, he asked me to dance. In the month in between date three and four—he’d learned to dance for me. A week after that he told me it would be his preference that I not see any other men but him.”

Jim laughed as the car came to a stop. “And the rest is history?”

Amanda inclined her head. “Yes.”

They exited the vehicle quickly, Spock confirmed the pick-up time with the driver, and turned to find his mother staring at the large banner above the sign for the gardens. It was just as obvious as Jim said it would be. The Botanical Gardens were actually hosting a special event for the holiday so it wasn’t surprising but he felt distinctly uncomfortable. More uncomfortable for never having known about this particular Earth holiday. It was something he’d wanted to discuss with his father but hadn’t really known how.

* * * *

Amanda took a deep breath and glanced between Spock and James. They both looked distinctly uncomfortable—Spock was easy to read. He felt guilty for all the years he’d never acknowledged a day he knew nothing of. James Kirk was harder to read which was startling. His emotions were usually displayed on his face without exception. How hard had it been to help Spock plan today in the face of his own mother’s lack of care?

It made Amanda hurt to think about it so she pushed it deep down like her husband had taught her to do. She felt Sarek stretch out over their bond, his mental touch determined and concerned. It took seconds to ease that concern and settle herself.  They would have a conversation later but for now she had something more important to do.

She smiled brightly for them and they relaxed minutely. “I believe I am promised a very unique tour of this facility?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jim curled his fingers into Spock’s in that way that Amanda thought was charming but Sarek not so secretly found scandalous. “Dr. Jorges is waiting on us.”

“Very well and after this—where shall we have lunch?”

“Café Berlin,” Spock answered. “You mentioned wanting to visit it last week.”

* * * *

Sarek had spent the entire morning distracted by his bondmate’s distress and even after Amanda had gently pushed his concern away he’d been preoccupied with contacting her to find out what had upset her so much.

“Sarek are you ill?”

He lifted his gaze and focused on T’Pol. “No, my apologies. Amanda is upset and it is distracting.”

“Do you need to go home or contact her?” T’Pol questioned as she stood up from her desk. “We can rearrange our meetings with Ambassador and Dr. Deloia if necessary.”

“No.” Sarek shook his head. “She is not at home. She is at the Botanical Gardens with Spock and James. They sent me a message earlier with the details of their outing.”

“Ah, Mother’s Day.” T’Pol brought him a cup of tea from the replicator and settled with her own at her desk. “Spock requested that I cancel my standing appointment with Amanda so they could take her out to celebrate the Earth holiday.”

“Mother’s Day,” Sarek repeated. “I do not understand.”

“It is a day where women who have birthed or adopted children are celebrated—children prepare gifts for their mothers, eat special meals with them. It is a celebration of motherhood. Spock and James wished to plan a day for Amanda to celebrate how important she is to them.”

He set aside his tea untouched. “Amanda has never once mentioned such a holiday to me. She celebrates other holidays—Christmas and Thanksgiving whether I approve or not. Why would she not speak of this one?”

T’Pol lifted an eyebrow. “I do not know. Perhaps she felt you would not approve and that the disapproval would be painful.”

“I find it to be one of the more logical holidays celebrated on Earth,” Sarek admitted. “If there is anything more worthy of celebrating than motherhood—I cannot name it.”

T’Pol inclined her head, her eyes lit with approval. “Yes, I agree. My own children were raised partially on Earth as you know—they often brought me home gifts from school. Items made at the direction of the teachers to celebrate Mother’s Day. I received messages from them this morning conveying their thanks for my exceptional parenting. Perhaps Amanda was just unprepared to have such a celebration with Spock after never having it before.”

“Perhaps.” Sarek inclined his head and both stood as the door to T’Pol’s office opened and her admin escorted their guests in.

Alexa Deloia was always a vivid presence but in the presence of her bondmate, Sarek realized she practically glowed. He knew their marriage was relatively new—just a standard year and Ravan Deloia was often off planet for scientific missions. There was a Human male with them that he hadn’t expected.

“Sarek, T’Pol—I’m pleased to see you both again.” Ravan touched the Human with him on the shoulder. “This is Dr. Noah Burke—he is a geologist and will be heading up the Federation Task Force on dilithium processing standards. I believed he would be beneficial in this meeting.”

“Ambassadors.” Noah Burke nodded to them both briefly but his gaze lingered on T’Pol. “It is a pleasure to see you again T’Pol. Your correspondence on the Oris XI Reserves has given me much to think about.”

T’Pol flushed and motioned them all to sit. “We are pleased to have you with us today, Noah.” She looked pointedly at Alexa and sat.

* * * *

He found his wife sitting at her vanity table in their bedroom tears streaming down her face. “Amanda.”

She brushed trembling fingers over her face to get rid of the tears and took a deep breath. “Sarek. How was your meeting?”

“Do not…” Sarek came to her; set aside the roses he’d purchased, and sat down on the bench with her. “What has upset you so much? Did you not enjoy your day with Spock and James?”

“It was lovely,” Amanda whispered pulled several tissues from a dispenser to blot at her face. “They arranged for me to tour a private part of the gardens—they are doing amazing work there and we had lunch at the Café Berlin which you know I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time.”

“Then why are you crying?” Sarek asked. “This is not because you are happy.”

“I am happy,” she insisted and then frowned at him. “How could I not be happy?”

“I do not know,” Sarek admitted ruefully. “T’Pol explained to me that today is… Mother’s Day. I did not even know this holiday existed.” He touched the roses that were now resting on front of her. “Sixteen. One for each year you’ve been the mother of my son.”

“It never seemed important on Vulcan,” Amanda admitted as she touched the petals of the blood red roses. “These are beautiful. Thank you.” She cleared her throat. “The calendar is so different and it wasn’t like it was Christmas. My parents always sent communications on Christmas and my birthday. Those holidays were not easily misplaced. Even after they both passed, I felt the need to keep those traditions to remember them.”

He did understand that and tried hard during their marriage not to push away the remnants of his wife’s life on Earth in favor of the life she built on Vulcan with him. “Is Mother’s Day not a day to honor one’s mother? Is that not what Spock and James did for you today?”

“They were wonderful,” Amanda admitted and then tears started to fall again. She turned into her husband and sobbed quietly against his throat for several minutes and then asked the question that had no answer. “How can she not love her son?”

“I do not know,” Sarek admitted roughly. “He is a strong, intelligent, brave, and thoughtful young man. Anyone would be honored to have James for their child.”

“Do you know why I fell in love with you?” Amanda asked softly.

“I have never allowed myself to question my good fortune,” Sarek admitted. He trailed his fingers through her hair gently and reveled in the silky cool feel of it gliding over the sensitive skin of his palm. She rarely wore it down unless they were being intimate.

“You love so fiercely,” she admitted. “The first time we melded and you showed me memories Sybok. Your love for him was so intense. I knew that I could trust you with my child. I knew you would love any children we could conceive together.”

“A species survives by insuring the proper care for their off spring,” Sarek murmured and allowed himself a minute smile when she laughed against his throat. He turned her face and kissed her mouth gently. “Wife.”

“I tried very hard not to let them see how upset I was,” Amanda admitted. “I don’t think I kept it to myself entirely.”

“Perhaps neither will guess the reason behind your upset and assume you were merely overwhelmed by their intentions.”

“I made sure not to make any skin contact with Spock and James makes every effort to honor my privacy.” Amanda slipped out of his arms and off the bench. “I should wash my face.”

Sarek nodded. “T’Pol sent you a message. She appeared to be perturbed with Ambassador Deloia today during our meeting.”

“That’s because Alexa brought Dr. Burke from the Federation to the meeting when T’Pol specifically told her not to,” Amanda informed as she returned from their bathroom with a damp cloth in hand. She blotted at her face carefully in an effort to reduce the puffiness under her eyes as she sat back down on the bench beside him. “T’Pol is attracted to him but denies it. Alexa feels it is her duty to throw them together as much as possible.”

“She is trying to encourage a relationship with a Human?”

Amanda shrugged. “T’Pol has enjoyed casual relationships with Human males before and on one occasion might have had something less casual. She doesn’t discuss it and I try not to pry as the topic upsets her greatly. Dr. Burke is attractive and certainly appears to be interested in T’Pol.”

Sarek had no wish to discuss such a thing so he took a deep breath and asked, “Do you feel better?”

She raised an eyebrow. “And if I said no?”

“I would endeavor to make you feel better. It is my duty to see to your mental well-being.” He trailed his fingers through her hair again, allowing the tips of his fingers brush against the back of her neck. “It is a duty I have always taken seriously.”

She sighed, her eyes shining. “Very well, if you insist upon making me feel better—you may take me to bed. I am prepared to endure the full measure of your duty in this circumstance.”

* * * *

Jim sat down in front of the comm station and activated it. This was probably the biggest thing he kept from his Dad but he wasn’t sure how Pike would feel about it. He set up the message to deliver in an hour—after he planned to be out of the house so he wouldn’t have to talk to her and hit record. “I just wanted to say hi.” He slouched down the chair. “School is almost out for the summer and I have some plans to attend a seminar at Starfleet with my best friend. I’m about to go out—I’m meeting Bones and Captain Pike at HQ. Everything is good with me and I guess that’s all I wanted to say. Bye.”

He ended the message and input the code that would deliver it to Lt. Commander Winona Kirk. He rubbed his face briskly as he left the communication’s station. Jim hadn’t allowed himself to call her ‘mother’ in years so actually wishing her a happy Mother’s Day was so beyond him that it was ridiculous. The comm beeped gently letting him know the message had been hit the Starfleet communication system and would be routed to her.

A few minutes later he was on his bike, riding hell-bent down a highway aware that Pike was going to own his ass over it. His communicator was vibrating in his pocket as he turned off the highway and into Starfleet. He answered the call through his helmet communicator as the security gates swung open for him. “This is Kirk.”

Pike sighed. “You’re late and you were speeding.”

“I know. I’m an asshole.” Jim sighed. “I need some time by myself.”

Pike was silent for a few minutes. “Alright—but I’m altering your bike when you get home so you can’t go over sixty miles an hour ever again.”

“Yeah, that’s right—just suck the fun out of my life.” He parked the bike and swung off of it easily. It was quick work to pull out his comm and activate it before taking off his helmet.

“It’s my job,” Pike retorted.

Jim let his head hang a little. “You do great you know that? It’s not your fault I’m an asshole.”


“I’m good, Dad. I promise—I just need some space. Lots of things going on.” He dropped down on the ground beside the memorial and stared at the night sky. “Nice night—how many ships are in orbit right now?”

“Two Starfleet. Four registered Federation vessels in the system on third tier orbit,” Pike answered automatically. “Don’t distract me—you’re really upset.”

“It’s Mother’s Day.” Jim listened to Pike swear under his breath for a few seconds. “It’s not like you need to remember it, Dad. Your mom has passed and you don’t have a wife to get pissed off if you forget.” He put the communicator on the center of the chest and cupped the back of his head with both hands. “We took Dr. Grayson to the gardens and then to lunch today—it was the first time Spock has ever celebrated Mother’s Day with her. She was really pleased but also upset—I think upset about me but I didn’t press deep enough to find out.”

“Upset that you went along?”

“No, not at all. Upset because she thinks I’m upset about Winona.”

“And you aren’t?”

“Not the way Dr. Grayson thinks—it isn’t like I’ve ever really had a Mother so you know I don’t even think I knew what I was missing until I met Spock. I’ve probably spent four months total with Winona Kirk my entire life—because she was off planet within weeks of my birth and barely returned yearly after that.”

“So why are you upset?”

“Now I know what I’ve been missing since practically the minute I was born,” Jim admitted roughly. “Did you know she wouldn’t even hold me after the Kelvin exploded? She handed me to a doctor and refused to touch me after that. Starfleet medical said she had PTSD. I just think the part of her that could’ve loved me died with him and what was left just didn’t give a fuck.”

“I did know about the problems she had but I wasn’t aware that you knew.”

“I hacked her medical records a few years ago,” Jim admitted. “Don’t tell anyone in Starfleet but their computer security is for shit.”

Pike laughed softly. “Do you need me to come to where you are?”

“I suppose you’ve already tracked me.”

“Of course, I know exactly where you are and I’m kind of worried.”

“I’m good. I just wanted to talk to George.” He picked up the communicator. “I’ll meet you and Bones for dinner instead?”

“Yeah, that works. One hour and then I’ll come get you regardless of what you want.”

“Understood.” Jim closed the communicator and shoved it back into his pocket, it started vibrating immediately and the small burn along his empathic link with Spock spiked. He pulled it out again and flipped it open. “Hey.”

“You went one hundred and forty-two miles an hour on your bike.”

Jim blinked at Spock’s cool tone. “Wow, you added yourself to my parental monitor?”

“Of course I did.” Spock paused. “After you were grounded from the bike for speeding.”

Jim laughed softly. “It was very exhilarating.”

“That level of speed is unnecessary.”

“It was exciting.”

“There are other less dangerous ways to get excited, I assure you,” Spock responded frostily.

“Don’t be mad at me,” Jim implored.

Spock was silent for nearly a minute and then he spoke. “I have already experienced your loss once—I would rather not experience it again.”

Jim closed his eyes. “I’m an asshole.”

“I would not go so far but your reckless behavior is upsetting.”

“Spock, I promise…”

“Stop.” Spock interrupted. “Do not make promises you cannot possibly keep. No one can live forever. Just be careful. Spock out.”

Jim blinked in surprise at the abrupt end of their conversation but he felt the burn in his mind lessen dramatically in the seconds after and he relaxed. He closed his communicator and took a deep breath. “You know what, George, I don’t think I got the life you wanted me to have but everything is pretty great right now. Spock and I are going to bond at the end of the month. Just the Vulcan telepathic one to start. I don’t think he could handle the Betazoid part, yet. I worry that maybe he won’t ever be able to handle it.” He sat up and leaned against the glass.

“Jaret doesn’t agree but I just think he doesn’t want me to worry about it. Or maybe his own desire to bond with his own Vulcan as completely as possible makes him blind to how dangerous it could be to give a Vulcan an empathic bond. The small link I already share with Spock—hurt him when I was attacked by that jerk.” Jim sighed. “I sent Winona a message tonight. I couldn’t bring myself to actually to talk to her. How horrible is that? I figure you might be disappointed in that. That’s certainly not how a big damn hero’s son acts.”

“Your daddy couldn’t be anything but proud of you, son.”

Jim rolled to his feet and looked around. He took a deep breath when he saw a puppy tugging on his leash in his direction. Admiral Archer moved out of the shadows. “Sir.”

“Security told me you were out here,” Archer said. He sat down on the bench in front of the memorial that Jim always avoided. “You’re something of an institution around here, did you know that?”

“No, sir.” Jim blushed.

“No one talks much about it but security has protocols just for you—since the first time you came. Sorry about the cameras on the anniversary. I demoted the person responsible and put them on Delta Vega with the communications relay.”


“Well, it was pretty harsh to use a big damn hero’s son for public relations, too.”

Jim picked up the puppy and sat down beside the Admiral. “Cute guy.”

Archer smiled. “Named him Oscar after the writer. He’s descended from the dog I had on the first Enterprise.”

“Very cool.” Jim nuzzled against his face, pleased with the soft fur and sighed. “There is something awesome about dogs—innocent and uncomplicated affection. Cats are kind of snotty, like you would expect them to be. But, dogs are just really great.” Oscar wiggled in his hands and Jim rolled him gently so he could rub his belly. “So what is your favorite work by Oscar Wilde?”

“I like The Picture of Dorian Gray, of course but I saw a performance of The Importance of Being Earnest last summer that was amazing,” Archer admitted. “I’m surprised you made the connection. Most kids don’t like to read the classics.”

“I like old books,” Jim admitted. “I have an antique edition of  The Picture of Dorian Gray. I have to keep it in a stasis box when I’m not reading it. It was printed in 1944.” He Oscar down on the ground and watched the puppy stalk a small bug across the pavement. “Is it okay that I come here? If it’s a problem…”

“It’s not a problem,” Archer interrupted. “Not at all. You can come talk to George any time you want and if anyone gives you a problem you send them to me.”

Jim took a deep breath and nodded. “It’s Mother’s Day.”

“Yeah.” Archer sighed. “Did you want me to get you a direct channel to your mom? I will if you want.”

“No. I sent her a message.” Jim frowned and looked away. “It’s not like… well… you know.”

“I do know,” Archer admitted. “You probably don’t remember it, kid, but I was in court that day with Chris.”

Jim blinked in surprise. “The day I testified against Frank?”

“Yes and the day the judge awarded Pike custody of you,” Jonathan admitted. “I’m not surprised you don’t remember—you were out of it.”

“Drugs,” Jim admitted. “I know they were trying to keep my stress levels low so I wouldn’t have a psychotic episode or something but I really wish they hadn’t loaded me down with anti-anxiety medications.”

“Doctors suck,” Archer commiserated. “I can’t even take a piss without some busybody in Starfleet Medical making note of it in my chart.”

Jim choked back laughter and sighed. “Those bastards.”

“Right.” He looked at the memorial. “Does it help? Talking to this thing? I remember when they proposed erecting it—I was reluctant to allow it. It just seemed like a publicity stunt for ‘fleet and I’d never want anyone who died in the service to be used that way.”

“It helps,” Jim whispered. “It’s the only place on Earth that I even feel connected to my Father. You know—he gave me his telepathic legacy just before he died. It’s been in me since I was born and I can touch it in my mind—feel his emotions—experience his thoughts. The last few minutes are the most vivid, of course, but it’s being here that lets me connect with him. He loved Starfleet—believed in the mission, knew it was his destiny.”

“Hell, kid.” Archer sighed. “I didn’t know about the legacy thing—McCoy keeps an iron fist on your medical records and I don’t think anyone but Pike has seen the full version. That must be hard.”

“No,” Jim shook his head. “Not at all. One day—I’ll have a child and I’ll pass my legacy to him and George Kirk will live on. He’ll be eternal—immortal. A part of this universe as long as the blood in my veins run in the veins of those that come after me.”

“Pretty poetic,” Archer admitted and then looked at the monument. “Best way I can think for a big damn hero to be remembered.”

Jim nodded. “Yeah. Agreed.”

The End

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