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Do you view my site on a mobile device? I’m doing an informal survey to see who does and who can’t because of their device. I’ve installed a plug in to help with the mobile version of the site but apparently it doesn’t help everyone.

Please respond with a note about what device you have and if you can use the mobile version of the site or not.




My thanks to everyone who commented. The end result is that it varies by platform and I’ve done all I can. I think the biggest issue remains Blackberry users but I’ve checked with plugins and nothing comes up so far to help with that.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. The way the site was before the plug-in was just fine for my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy. Now, it’s too big πŸ˜›

  2. Hiya, yes I do. I access it on an HTC Desire using the Opera browser. The way you have it at the moment works really well for me. It also worked ok when I used the standard internet browser which came with my phone.

  3. If an Android tablet counts then I do. My mother finds it amusing that I check your page every 30 min or so. I then point out her obsession with cafe world and all is right with the world.

  4. I had a DROID 1 until recently and could access the mobile version with that phone. I currently have the DROID bionic and can also access it with this phone

  5. I can access just fine from my DroidX running the dolphin browser.
    I could see the site from my kindle touch but the download speed is unusable, their problem, not yours. I have access to a kindle Fire in the evenings. I can check on that if no one else answers on that one.

  6. I use an ITouch 4 with OS 5.0.1. I have no problem accessing the site (as long as I am using Hotspot Shield as your site is banned over here). I have the option of turning the mobiel version on or off. Most times I turn the mobile version off because I like looking at ‘what you are reading’ and ‘Slashworld Rec’ that are at the bottom of the page. I am unable to find that section within the mobile version. Otherwise the mobile version works perfect for me πŸ™‚

  7. I use an IPad 2 and the mobile version displays with no problems. However I prefer the no-mobile version and usually switch to it.

  8. I have a Samsung Moment and the mobile site works fine. I have a Kindle 3G and the site doesn’t work on that. I couldn’t bring up the site at all. It might work on a Kindle Fire though, since that’s the newest Kindle.

  9. Hi Keira, I’m on an Iphone 4s en the Ipad1, the mobile version of your website works on both without any problems. The screen on the Iphone is great when I use the mobile version, the mobile version is so much better than the no-mobile version. I prefer to read your stories on the mobile version on Ipad though.

  10. I have a LG p350 and the your site works fine. Sometimes i use Samsung Galaxy 5 and LG 2x and i dont have problem with your site.

  11. I’ve been using you on my Samsung Windows phone and Kindle Fire with no problems a’tall.

  12. flitterflutterfly

    I have an itouch and an iphone 4, both of which the mobile works fine, however I usually prefer without become some things around hard to find with the mobile on (just recently I wasn’t able to find Emotional Clockwork because you had yet to put it under your Stargate tab and only had it on the slide thing which doesn’t show up on mobile). I do like the mobile version most of the times, though, because it has larger text to read.

  13. I’ve accessed the site both on my ipad and my samsung galaxy ace phone and it works perfectly on both πŸ™‚

  14. I use a Nook Color and don’t have any problems viewing your site.

  15. I have an ipod touch and everything works fine for me.

  16. I can use the page, but not quickly. It tends to be very laggy. It is usually not capable of loading on my Kindle 3g

  17. I have a Pandigital ereader android and I don’t have any problems viewing your site, either in the mobile version or the classic version. (I have the option of either on almost every website.)

  18. I am on your site every way I can be (even when shouldn’t).

    I have an iPod Touch 4th gen and an iPad 2.

    The mobile site on the iPod is sometimes hard to navigate, but I can view the full page on the iPad! Mostly, I save to Reader and read offline as my iDevices are wi-fi only.

  19. I have problems downloading anything to my Kindle that is not from Amazon. They just did a new download that I tried last night and still have problems. It states it here but I only get the first 6 pages and then the rest of the document is blank. It’s very frustrating. I got an email from Amazon to call and I will do that this weekend and see if I can get it working.

  20. I use both. Mobile on my tablet at school. Full site at home on my laptop.

  21. I have a Droid 2 Global and was able to access the full site with no problem. I just logged on and went to the mobile site and it worked fine too. I enjoyed it a little better than the regular site.
    I bought a Kindle Fire on Tuesday and just logged on to your mobile site and it looks great.
    I even took a photo of the Kindle Fire screen so you could see what it looks like on my unit. I can’t quite remember how to post it on this page, so give me a moment while I look that up.

  22. I see the mobile version just fine on my iphone 4 and on my sony ereader PRS-T1 I see it like the web version (It seems the selection of the version is automatic or I can’t find where to change it)

  23. I use an iPod touch, and I can access the mobile version, but most of the time I use the web version since I like the sidebars when I am checking on new fic. when I am re-reading fic I use the Mobile version because it fills the screen better.

  24. I have an iPhone 4s and have also used an iPad 1 to view the site. For both the mobile view worked fine, and on the phone the slider to put it back to regular view works fine. On the iPad (this was just after the move to wordpress, mind), switching back to regular didn’t always work, but the mobile version worked perfectly.

  25. I have an iPhone 3gS, the mobile version of the site automatically loads when I use Safari. And the little slider at the bottom of the page giving me the option to switch back to the normal site *is* displayed.

    Incidentally, I use the Read It Later app on my iPhone to do a lot of reading as well. If I open one of your pages from that app it will also open the website in mobile view. And the ‘text view’ option works fine as well.

  26. I use a Motorola Xoom, with Android Honeycomb. My only issue with the site (using the default browser), it that it’s too big. When trying to scroll down/read, the page wiggles back and forth, breaking me out of the story as I have to fix the page. :-\ Dunno if that helps any.

  27. I have a Kindle Fire and it seems to pull up the normal version of the site perfectly so I haven’t been using the mobile version. I have not read the entire thread so I hope this is helpful and not just redundant.

  28. I can read/login/comment just fine in mobile version on my HTC Eris. I had to check, though, I always just use the classic version… easier to find stuff. The only way I found this post from my phone was to open it from the classic view and then switch to mobile view.

  29. It’s fine on my iPod touch and iPhone 4S

  30. I have iPhone 4 and it works well in both the mobile and ‘normal’ versions! Prefers the ‘normal’ version cos of how the comments thread is set up. In the mobile version I can’t see who is replying to which comment.

  31. Works ok on my Kindle (not the fire, we don’t have that here yet!) wifi,and my Samsung Galaxy in the UK.

    Hope that helps m’dear.

  32. “Do you view my site on a mobile device?”

    No, but I appear to be the only one to actually have that answer. I prefer to view anything I am spending more than a minute or two reading on a good sized screen (not great eyesight) and when I start reading your stories, I want to be settled and comfortable because that just adds to the pleasure.

    And eventually I might check your site with the iPad, so I appreciate you considering other ways of delivering your content to your fans.

    • I’m with you. I prefer a large screen myself but I have a Kindle so I’m used to reading on a device about that size – my tablet is also about 8 inches. It works out. The iPad isn’t a bad reading device at all actually. It’s much larger and you view the full site with it with no problems.

  33. Hi, I donΒ΄t use mobile dvices, so I canΒ΄t help you for you survey, sorry

  34. Right now I am using my iPad, sometimes I also use my iPhone. The mobile site works just fine, I don’t just like it much. I find it much faster to navigate the “normal” website. With the swiping movement it’s sometimes difficult to move around, not sure if that’s a general issue with iPhone/iPad for your site or if it’s just me.

  35. little_miss_stiletto

    I use a current Nokia phone but appear to just get the ‘full’ site – I can read the stories just fine. I don’t get an option either top or bottom of page to select mobile. I go the standard woedpress mobile site @ your previous site.

    • Nokia — you’re the third person to mention a problem with that model phone. I’m not sure what I can do about it. I thought it was going to be a specific browser problem or whatever — not actually a brand of phone. Is your Nokia a Droid?

  36. Hi

    I use a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone and a Sony S1tablet and I can see your site using mobile page. πŸ™‚

  37. I haven’t actually used it on my mobile. I don’t have one that uses Wifi properly and my data plan has no proper broadband. When I change my phone (hopefully after Chinese New Year- all the money!! o.O) I’ll try it out and tell you how it shows up on mine. πŸ˜€

  38. I use my iPhone for the mobile version. My Kindle Fire uses the regular version.

    The only problem I have with the mobile version is that it is hard to pick up a story back up at the same place where I was reading at home because you have to scroll a LONG way down to get to the navigation between parts within the same chapter. It is a small complaint and it doesn’t keep me from reading your work on my iPhone – but navigation options at the beginning of stories as well as the end would be appreciated.

  39. I’m reading on a 2nd Gen iTouch with no problems at all on the mobile version. Normal version tends to be a bit on the big side for such a small screen. Will be buying a 10″ tablet next (Acer), so will give you an update.

  40. I have no problem reading it on my iPhone 4 or my nook tablet! πŸ˜‰

  41. Just an old fashioned grandma here, can barely use a pc. Got rid of
    the cel phone, so I come here to read the best.
    Just finished Emotional Clockwork…..awesome as usual!

  42. LG Thrive smartphone running Android something or other pretty recent, because I just bought the thing — am currently re-reading Sentinels of Atlantis. I’ve never tried to use any of the chat or posting functions, though

  43. I have a samsung galaxy sII and it works great on that.

  44. I use the iPod Touch. I think I’ve used the mobile version of your site a few times, with no problems I recall. Mostly, I read your site on my laptop, and download the e-books to read on my Touch.

    (thanks for worrying about the usability of your mobile site, btw! niceness points, right there!)

  45. Blackberry Torch and iPad, I can pull up the mobile site with both and I can switch to the normal site with my iPad.

  46. I don’t have either a smart phone or a kindle but I do have a kindle application on my computer. I didn’t know your stories could be downloaded onto knidle and I don’t imagine it would work onto a kindle app on computer. I’ll give it a try however!!

  47. I have a new Droid Bionic which seems to use some kind of Google browser. It defaults to the mobile version of the page, which is great for reading. I can “see” comments or not – I like being able to turn them off because when on I get a false read on where I am in the story. It’s frustrating to think you’re halfway through because of the slider then discover that you’re at the end & what you thought was more story is really 125 comments. I really like being able to choose. In order to reply or post a comment, I have to switch to the web view & login. No biggie. Summary: works great for me. πŸ™‚

  48. I don’t currently view with a mobile device, but I am hoping to get a Kindle Fire in the next few months and will then undoubtedly use it to view the site as well as my desktop pc.

  49. I use an iPhone 4g and the mobile version works great. I just can’t comment unless I turn it off.

  50. Samsung Intercept with Dolphin browser. The mobile version works beautifully.

  51. I have an LG android device. I have no problem accessing the stories, which is the main reason I visit, but I have to switch to the full view to see anything else.

  52. I can get both versions of the site on my phone (Sprint Evo) but before I got it a few months ago I really had problems- I don’t know if the plugin is new or not, so I’m not sure if that helps.

  53. I use a nook and prefer the desktop version but I accidently had it on mobile a couple days ago and really now prefer using it with your site because the page was a lot easier to navigate. Usually I have to make the picture larger and larger to be able to see and to not see the sidebar but with mobile I did not have to do that it was great. I had no problems and it was great.

  54. I use a Nook tablet and it works really well, even the ebook downloads.

  55. I have used a Nook Color, a Nook Tablet, and HTC EVO 3G. all work just perfectly. ( yes I just got the tablet, its SWEET!)

  56. I have both an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 and the mobile version works just fine on both. πŸ™‚

  57. I have a Blackberry Curve and I’ve used it multiple times in the past and as long as I load it and set it to columns it works really well, I do like the smaller format it shows up in now. It’s easier to move about on.

  58. Works just fine for Kindle 3.3, and seems to look the same, load, and behave as the internet browser version of the site.

  59. Hey there. I’ve read your stuff on my iPhone, though I’ll be honest and say I can’t recall whether that happened on any particular mobile function, or just as a web-page. All I cared about was being able to read it, and I could, so….

  60. I have a Blackberry Torch & find I can only access the web version & even when I tap into a column the font is very small. If I enlarge it any more I have to scroll along the line which is annoying, so when I get a site update I find my nearest PC with great joy!!

  61. I have the Samsung Galaxy Ace on UK’s Three network. The new plugin works great, I used to have to knock it off mobile view to get the menus to work so this is a vast improvement for me.

  62. Hiya,
    I use my Motorola Droid through Verizon, my Kindle 3 through the 3G and now my Kindle Firefrom my home system and Starbucks system to visit this wonderful site.

  63. I use a samsung epic to view your site, and the new plugin hasn’t really changed how I view it on my phone. However, I am still having issues signing in on my phone in order to leave messages. I usually have to use my computer to do so.

  64. hi Keira i use a ipod 2gn a iphone 3g and htc hero i pefer to take it off mobile site most times so i could see what u have been reading but can use both with no problems

  65. I use the Apollo Browser on my IPhone 4S and on occasion the built in Safari browser. Mobile would be awesome.

    I’m also a big Kindle3G user and would love to be able to browse the site when you post updates. I prefer reading on my kindle.

    I do have ALL your ebooks and have converted some of your unfinished works via Calibre so I could read them that way. I seem to spend hours doing this with all my favourite writers & stories. I can’t seem to help myself. Lol.

  66. Wow, sounding like the poor relative here; i’m using a Nokia E63 cellphone. Have no problems, just slow at times. Enjoying your stories anytime anywhere. πŸ™‚

  67. I use an iPhone and I can access your site in the mobile version. Although I switched it to the web one as the reading links at the bottom do not show up on the mobile version.

  68. I use my iPhone to check your site when I am on the road and it works great

  69. I have a cheap vodafone 858 smartphone – android
    (vodafone seems to have a deal with Huwai for that phone)
    It loads the webversion first, but I can change to the mobile version just fine

  70. i use a Samsung epic on the sprint network and I’ve only had a couple of slow load times. i assumed it was sprints network…

  71. works fine on all the devices I use. thanks for checking in!

  72. On my kindle fire ( I’m using now it is fine) and on my cell which is an android is also good for reading your site.

  73. I have android moment and I can read your stuff …. and do but there are some formating issues when I make the texts large enough to easily read the margines are too big and I have to scroll side to side. Thanks for thinking of this !!!

  74. I use an ipod touch mostly- and love the set up of the mobile view. Its awesome and easy to get around.

  75. I check the site on my Nook Color when I’m somewhere with WiFi, and on my phone Which is an HTC Hero, and it’s always worked just fine on both.

  76. I have an iPhone 4s and I have no problem viewing your site on my phone. I checked with my Nook and no issues. Then I borrowed my uncle’s iPad and didn’t have any problems. πŸ™‚

  77. I don’t actually access the site on my mobile but checked it out.

    I’m currently on an android platform for the Samsung Galaxy. The plug-in works great, I might start use it when I’m away from home. I like the fact you can switch easily between the mobile and web page

  78. I use my iPad almost exclusively for my fangirling. I don’t like the wordpress iPad presentation and always switch it back to the normal view. I know you don’t host at wordpress any more, but I am an over-sharer.

    Apart from that I can’t use my phone, because it’s work provided and I am too cheap to either get a personal phone or risk my job πŸ˜‰

  79. My phone does have internet access but the screen is so small and it takes so long to get to any web site that I don’t bother to use it. When I visit your web site it is from my desktop at home or at work.

  80. I use a Nook Tablet, and it works great on that. I also have a Nokia E71 (Symbian), and can access it there, but the screen is so small and I read so fast that it just becomes an exercise in frustration. I just take either my Tablet or netbook with me everywhere, and tether if I have to.

  81. iPhone 4 with 5.0.1 and Nook Color are A OK.

  82. Not yet. Maybe when I get my Kindle Fire going I will be.

  83. HTC Thunderbolt, works great.

  84. MOTO Droid X2 – new site is resizing and scrolling really well, mmucc better than the old site. Nook Color – have only used the new site and it’s working well altho the pdfs are a bit awkward to read offline. The Droid flips into the mobile mode (slider at the bottom od the browser can be set to mobile or traditional). Haven’t checked the browser the Nook is using but it acts just a bit differently than he Droid. I’m happy with both πŸ™‚

  85. I use the iphone 4 with Verizon and it seems to work fine on mine.

  86. i can view the site as is on my ipod/iphone

  87. I have an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S) and I can see the website just fine. πŸ™‚ Didn’t even think the plug-in changed anything for me.

  88. Not yet, have a samsung which I’m ashamed to say is not hooked up to the net and which I use for txting and playing games on when I’m waiting for clients {:
    I’m hinting for an Ipad though and then i’ll be checking you out; meanwhile I like a little solitude, comfort and a lot of time to read, absorb and most importantly – visualise when I’m reading a Keira Marcos story

  89. i have the 4g My Touch from t-mobile. its come’s in just like it does on my laptop. it’s perfect.

  90. I can access the mobile version just fine with the i-Pod I got for Christmas, but I prefer the layout of the original webpage.

  91. It might be a touch old fashioned, but I still use my computer to access your site, but I did get an eReader 3 weeks ago (Sony), and it works very fine with your e-books.

  92. I have never had a problem accessing your site on my kindle. Granted some of the graphics don’t load but all stories and links do without problems. I haven’t downloaded any of the ebooks yet though, so I don’t know about those.

  93. I use a samsung wave, and it’ll be 2 years old in may and I’ve had no problems with your site with it ever.

  94. I use an iPhone 4, and have no problems loading the site. If I had any issues I would not make it through work sane…. πŸ˜‰

  95. I use an iPhone 4 and a Kindle Fire and have no problems viewing your website.

  96. As much as I would love too, my iPhone is a work phone… And outside of that would more than likely ‘blow’ my data limit πŸ˜€

  97. My “tablet” is the web feature on my DSi and short answer – since you migrated your site – I can’t. Prior to the switchover, I was able to access you, but there were page navigation issues. If I go directly to a story via the link on Area 52, I can usually get in, but I can’t navigate – which mean I can’t go to part 2 of a story if it has one. I also can’t access anything that isn’t direct, so that limits me to Atlantis. Since you upgraded, I simply resigned myself to not reading your stuff unless I’m on a computer.

    Oh, AO3 recently “upgraded” to the most annoying feature going. It recognizes I’m on a mobile – so rather that HTML, I get it’s mobile feature which means one frame, and microscopic print. I can “download” HTML, but it’s annoying since it refuses to remember my preferences, and the site usually argues with my choice.

    Since I don’t have an ebook, I have downloaded your epub’s to my personal IBIS reader (I’ve *NOT* shared them in the main library). It’s a web based program that gives non standard mobile users a way of viewing epub.

  98. I use a driodx, my ipod touch and my ipad… I use the non-moble on both…. my ipad is big enough I don’t bother with mobil sites for anything…. I use the full site version on my driod because sometimes links won’t work on the moble version (standard version browswer)… I usually use whatever version defaults on my ipod as they both trend to work ok.

  99. I use an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 to (obsessively) access your site. The mobile versions work fine, but I do prefer the non-mobile ones and typically switch right away.

  100. I have a Samsung Galaxy and do go onto your site with it and a computer. I do prefer the non-mobile site. It allows you to see everything that is going on your site. Also I sometimes go on your site just to look at the pretty men. It is a good, quick pick me up. πŸ™‚

  101. I use a BlackBerry Torch to view your site and its mobile version is great, although it takes a bit to get to the latest updates as it does not come up on the main page.

  102. Love your mobil site, works well on my Sony Ericsson xperia, and I have no problem with the size or upload speed.

    Prefer to use my Laptop at home with full site but the mobil site is a life saver at work…sometime you just need a little “keiramarcos” break from all the crazyness.

  103. I have a G2 running android 2.2 with dolphin browser – both mobile and full versions of the site load fine, but I find I generally have to use the full site in order to properly navigate.

    Opera Mini loaded your page and then crashed immediately upon my selecting a link.

    All other loaded browsers on my phone (default, miren, and skyfire) also work fine.

  104. I have connected both with my phone and tablet(Samsung and Asus – so both Android, though one is honeycomb and the other ICS) It worked fine on both, though to be honest I prefer the non-mobile version since what I tend to glance at is the updates on the side and the other pages you link to at the bottom.

  105. Your site works very well on my Motorola Milestone X. It’s easy to navigate and looks very nice.

    I haven’t tried the site on my kindle yet, it’s a keyboard 3G/wi-fi. I’ll give it a go later and let you know.

    • Works pretty well on my kindle keyboard as well. Have to use the zoom of course, but I didn’t have a problem with navigation. It loaded just fine and looked great!

      Take care

  106. Yay! It works on my Kindle Wifi! I can read again. I have to change each page to application mode and zoom in to read but that’s because I have vision problems. It is easier to respond by computer than Kindle. I’m so happy to be able to read WMHB and Ties that Bind again. I hated googling each chapter individually for my Kindle work around. Thank You very much for making this easier for us to read. I appreciate it very much.

  107. normally I just use my laptop but once in a blue moon i’ll use my ipod which has to use the mobile site

  108. I use Ipod touch and it works just fine. Thanks

  109. I can access the web site on both my Samsung Galaxy SII and my iPod touch – i get the option the turn on / off the mobile mode and they both work fine.

  110. My phone shows both versions (regular and mobile versions, with a switch at the bottom of the page.) I’ve got a SonyEricsson Xperia Pro.
    Also of note; I’m perfectly able to see the regular page on my psp aswell(even though each individual page takes almost 5 minutes to load…) though not the mobile one.

  111. Absolutely! I’ve bookmarked you site on my iPod Touch.

  112. I use Ipad 2. It works real well.

  113. I use an iPod touch and it seems to be fine. There is an arrow at the top menu bar that lets me choose menu items or categories, but I don’t think it tells me when you post an update… I usually look for updates using my computer and just find the stories I want with my iPod.

  114. Sad Me. My Kindle stopped working with this site and I don’t know why. I’m back to being told that it requires the ability to have multiple winows to open the stories. sniffle…waah!

    • Same here! I have to use MyDelicious to painstakingly type in the URL of each individual page, and that assumes that I bookmarked it before I left home which isn’t always the case.

  115. I have a Samsung Intercept and I actually use your mobile site and your regular site all the time…they both work great. Am now just rereading the stories while anxiously awaiting updates.

  116. I access the site on my Blackberry Bold 9700 almost exclusively, but its the full site since this is one of the few pages I’ve found that doesn’t switch to the mobile version automatically at least one my phone.

  117. Is it possible to make the mobile site an option even on a regular computer? My phone, an htc evo and my netbook both can use both sites. But, it would be great to be able to load the more compact mobile site on my netbook when my internet connection is slow.

    This is a nit pick however. Your site is one that has not ever caused my phone or computer to crash.

    • No, mobile themes are designed specifically for the browsers used by smart phones and other devices and this doesn’t cross over into browsers designed for computers as far as I know.

  118. I use the Nook Color sometimes to view your site. Waiting for others to finish their work so I can finsh mine is sometimes annoying… and while I have no problems using the mobile version, the layout of it is a tad bit annoying, so I just tell it to take me to the full version. This works find. I can also view your site with my HTC Droid Incredible 2 fine with the mobile version also if I were so inclined, but honestly, reading on that thing gives me eye strain headaches. I have become attached to my Nook like other woman are attached to their purses or cellphones.

  119. I can read the site on ipad but I can get the skysa bar or the chat. I miss chat.

  120. I have a Motorola Droid 2 and I use Opera as browser. it works perfectly

  121. I have a Blackberry 9700 and have trouble using it on my mobile. Its to big to fit the screen.

  122. I use a samsung galaxy ace and the site works beautifully

  123. Just got a Pandiital novel and no problem so far with the website. Also no problem downloading and reading your ebooks which makes work so much more interesting

  124. So I know this was posted months ago but I just used the mobile edition of the site for the first time and I liked it and found it easy to use, once I got used to it.

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