Many of you might think that SOPA won’t have any impact on you — you aren’t a software pirate, after all. You don’t download illegal music. You don’t download or sell illegal copies of movies or books. It’s not a problem, right? WRONG. The problem isn’t that SOPA will hamper our “funtimes” on Youtube (well it would) or that it would make legitimate website owners freak out (it so would) it’s that the bill wasn’t written by people who actually understand how the Internet works and more importantly — it wasn’t written by someone who respects the Freedom of Speech.

Intellectual Property Rights are for the INDIVIDUAL — not companies.  They were put into law to protect the rights of writers, artists, and musicians and to give them the MONEY they needed to live so that they could create more work. It was never designed to limit or destroy free thinking, innovation, or the creation of transformative works (like fan fiction). I don’t believe corporations should be have this kind of power in our country.

There is a link on my Facebook wall right now that could shut down all of Facebook if this law passed. In fact, there are several since I adore YouTube (which would not survive SOPA). Twitter might last 24 hours before someone posted a link to content they shouldn’t and then bam– they lose their account OR the government comes in and tells Twitter they are toast. OR they could try — because SOPA has no power in other countries and these large companies could easily just take their asses across the ocean (taking jobs with them) and they’d be safe from this ill-conceived law.

I’ll be frank — thinking about this bill and the other one like it — it makes me feel powerless. As a writer it should EMPOWER me. It should make me feel great about my government and their intention to protect my work from evil pirates. Except, it doesn’t. It makes me feel like we’re on the cusp of a police state. It makes me feel like I’m living in fascist country.

What’s next, assholes? Are you going to build a fucking great fire wall?

It pisses me off. It should piss you off, too!

Tell your congressman how you feel about this:  (be polite)

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Already contacted my Congressman and Senators!

  2. It likes being in the middle age, the end of the freedom that we know, it’s a major concern. It likes the Wall of Berlin of the internet freedom.
    Imagine never see your favorite show again or debate about that online, never make graphics, read or write fics, exchange you pov with the others peoples, sharing some precious moment.
    It’s repressive and stupid.

  3. I agree. Heartily. I’ve been posting/tweeting and signing petitions like mad since I found out about this.

    things like pictures, unless YOU made ’em… bye-bye, under Sopa.


  4. it’s a stupid proposition made by people that either never use the internet or would soon be crying for a repeal because they didn’t realise they can’t get any of their favourite stuff on the internet ever again

    there’s a non-US resident petition available thankfully that almost everyone I know (including me) has signed

    • Where it the non-us petition? I’ve looked but can only find us petitions and I do want to object to something that will affect us all.

  5. Written letters. Signed petitions. Shared posts.
    And thanked on my KNEES that Obama can veto this colossal idiocy because love him or hate him, he seems to be one of the few people in our government who uses his own computer and doesn’t think the internet probably isn’t a good idea anyway.

    This issue has really made clear to me the dichotomy between the individuals we, as generic American voters, are electing into powerful decision making positions and the average citizen. Seriously, we need to stop letting Boomers run this country because we don’t even live on the same fucking planet any more.

  6. I’ve been posting, signing petitions, tweeting, and calling my Senators like a mad bitch all day.

    SOPA and PIPA are appalling. What’s even worse is that this is all at the behest of big corporations like Comcast who are funding this abomination. The internet was founded to be free and open. Take that away and there is nothing.

  7. I put my two cents in when I first heard of this…. It is appalling that the people we choose to govern us, decide that ignorance is the way to go. If the major leaders of an industry are saying ‘Hell no, we won’t go!’ you might want to look into it.

    And Congress wonders why their approval ratings are under 20%? Because of stuff like this.


  8. I feel so powerless in this, cause I’m an Australian and if this bill passes it’ll effect me to, only i can’t do anything about it but mourn the loss of my favorite sites.

  9. It’s like the Patriot Act all over again. How is Congress supposed to represent us when they won’t listen to us?

  10. It pisses me off and I am not even in the USA. What people don’t understand is that if SOPA goes into effect it will effect everyone- not just the USA. After all, the internet isn’t defined by country borders- it is beyond that.

  11. I did my letters. Actually used snail mail also. We’ll see what happens. Interesting that our “do nothing” congress can find the time to do this of all things

  12. I’m not American. I live in France which I thought was a very controlled country. I always looked to America and the UK as examples of free speech so I am shocked and disappointed at the prospect of this law. I totally agree with everything you say and will do whatever >I can in my small way to help prevbent this becoming law
    It worries me what might happen in the States with the prospect of this new law as anything that happens ion your side of the pond is used as an example here in Europe!!! And Internet already is international so of course it’ll affect the world! Freedom of speech…people have died in the past to defend this and this law is trying to stop freedom of speech. The people trying to pass it should be ashamed of themselves.
    We all have to do what we can to prevent this law froim passing…even those of us on the other side of the pond in Europe.

  13. I don’t think I have been so offended by my government in my life and that includes all of Bill Clinton’s bullshit. I hate to say this because it is going to suck but we may be looking at a government reform. When our government was founded, it was to serve the people equally and granted it only applied to white property owners but the intent was there. We have the oldest living constitution in the world, so maybe it’s time for a rewrite. Who knows, with all the Occupy movement stuff going on, we may benefit from the change.

  14. For people outside of the US who think that SOPA/PIPA should not concern them… think again. Just look up Richard O’Dwyer. A citizen of the UK who broke NO UK LAWS who is facing extradition to the US… for sharing links to Copyrighted material. LINKS mind you… not the material itself. The US wants to lock him away for up to 10 years for that.

    I also encourage people to look at this video to see how ridiculous all of this SOPA/PIPA mess really is… and how the people who are fighting FOR these bills are at FAULT.

  15. I don’t see how it could possibly be constitutional given the wholly unreasonable level of search and seizure it provides along with all sort of interstate commerce issues, but that wouldn’t stop the damage it could do during the challenge process.

    The content companies providing the support for this need to circle back around to how the movie industry did with barring the manufacture and sale of VCRs because they could be used to record aired content.

  16. A long time lurker of your stories but I cannot help but delurk for this 🙁 SOPA is unreasonable at all aspects and I cannot help but still feel offended that some people in the US Congress and the US Senate are pushing this bill even though I am living in the Philippines.

  17. i have to agree with most everything i’ve seen posted about this so far. the political leaders are SO out of touch with the common US citizen that it is not even funny. i know most of the current batch of people in Congress/HoR are new because a quite a few didn’t get re-elected the last time they didn’t listen to the people about the health care law, you would have thought that they’d have gotten a clue!

    i really hate to say it, one of the guys leading the charge here, Lamar Smith, is actually from my home state of Texas. it just makes me mad that he could even BEGIN to think that this bill is a good idea. well, now i know who NOT to vote for when the time comes again!

    i know a bunch of people who and i am among them think that the Internet is THE, if not one of the BIGGEST example of the First Amendment. if the government thinks that stepping in to monitor or blatantly close various websites is a good idea, i just have one question for them. when did this great country that is normally ALL about freedom, become CHINA? state/government monitored internet? someone thousands of miles away deciding what I need to know? F@#$%^ that! most of these law makers know NOTHING about anything technological, and several of them have admitted it on live TV!

    this may be by a political comedian, but i think he makes alot of good points here.

    sorry, i’ll step off my soap box now.

  18. I already signed numerous petitions about this. It remains to be seen if the Gov. will side with the majority or do what they always do and let the corporations run the country!

  19. Corporations trying to make money out of something that was put in place so artists could live, that pisses me off so much. I’m sure that if those corporations had axisted at the time, they would hace sued Milton for writting Lucifer fanfic…

  20. Megaupload shut down and New Zealanders being extradited to USA to face charges – how the hell did that happen? when did the rules change so that America could prosecute people who are not even their own citizens?
    This bill has has far reaching implications for everyone world-wide and the potential to be used in other ways in the future.
    Annnd….I think I’m probably being very,very paranoid but what happens if I write an anti-american government statement in a blog in future does that mean I could be charged with treason even though I’m not american?
    We have an amazing resource which is about to be curtailed by and if we don’t fight this one it will only get worse.

  21. I contacted my congressman about SOPA back in November. Frankly, right now I’m more worried about ACTA, since that is on a global level. There’s a petition on the White House website to stop the United States from joining the “treaty”. Other countries involved (to my knowledge) include the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

  22. I am German and when i heard about that bill, all i could think is: welkomme to the dark ages, and after they kill the internet, they are going to burn all the Books, close the news stations, outlaw jurnalism and everyone who opens his mouth on the street to say good morning gets shot on sight. o.O

  23. I fully agree. But SOPA is the LEAST of the threats out there. Take some time, do some research on the other bills including one that is an international version of SOPA and PIPA.

    Technically even fanfic which many of us read, write and almost all of us enjoy, would be counted as ‘illegal’ under the various proposed laws.

    • SOPA died pretty quickly in the US. No one wanted to handle the backlash of it. I can’t see international laws fairing much better. I’m all for eliminating piracy but there has to be a balance between catching pirates and respecting established fair use laws.

  24. Well I was worried about SOPA and hearing about the international laws trying to be passed is worrisome to but here is a new one that just makes you want to pull someones hair out. Looking at this makes you wonder what people think that they can do. Also worrisome is that it can overturn other laws already in affect to limit privacy breaches. Just thought you should know.

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