Under no circumstances is anyone authorized to distribute my work on websites, google docs, news groups, tumblr, yahoo groups, live journal, AO3 or any avenue I haven’t considered.


This has always been my policy.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Hell, of COURSE not. It’s YOUR work, dammit. I make copies of chaptered stuff you do because I like to let the computer read it to me while I’m working or playing video games and I don’t like having to stop to start up a new chapter (which one of many reasons why I like AO3). I would never send a copy of that to anyone. It’s yours. You let us read it. That is all we fucking get to do.

    Well, we get to tell you we really like it. Most of us do that a lot.

  2. WTF? This happened?

  3. It is sorry that you have to tell people that…..hope you have a better day!

  4. *raises hand tentatively*

    Is it ok to post url links to your works? Like for a fic recommendation, rec list, ect…so long as we post a caveat that 1) you have to sign up for your site to read and 2) the reader has to abide by your site rules.

    • Well, signing up isn’t a requirement to read most of the site. I do have some members only stuff so if you rec those excerpts people would have to sign in.

      Links are fine.

      • I was gonna ask this, but okay. Cool to rec and link. 🙂

        But stuff like this is why we can’t have nice things, goddammit!!!

      • Okay, whew! I have been known to recommend your work to others (like, frequently), but I can’t imagine posting your work elsewhere. You’ve got a great site! Why would anyone want to post it somewhere else?

      • Thanks for clarifying- I’ve linked/recced your work on tumblr and I’d feel awful if it was something you objected to.

  5. My personal thoughts on scum want to violate any of the rules you have set in place: really, how rude. That’s almost worse than plagiarism, well nothing is worst than that but this comes close. It gives me the feeling as violating copyright laws. Sure we don’t get paid for our stories, but they are our our baby’s and came from something that is ours, our creative mind. We should have the right to restrict anything we want any way we want. All I can say we are here as your guests so to those who break the rules you aren’t worth the whiskey.

  6. Oh no… this happened to you? It is horrible. I hope whoever did it was not attempting to pass your work off as their own. That would be even more horrendous.

    I mentioned, a while back somewhere, that I used to post my fanfic work online many years ago. I stopped because someone had copied everything i did and posted it to her own site and claimed it was hers. She allowed me to get onto the site and read the posts and the praise for ‘her work’ but I could not make any posts to stand up and tell everyone the truth that it had been stolen from me. I shut down my site and just gave up. It hurt too much to keep seeing someone taking credit for my hours of hard work, research and effort. Sure it was nice to see that the work was liked but having someone that could barely speak or write in English *even though she was a native to the USA* and a school drop out, claiming my work was hers… well, it still hurts to even think of it.

    I hope you have blocked who ever has done this thing to you. I hope it has not made you want to stop sharing with us. You are such a good writer and an inspiration to a lot of us and cheer us up when we need it the most. You are so much stronger and braver than a lot of us as well. Know that so many of us really appreciate you and would never even think about doing such a wrong thing to you.

    Stay strong and take good care of yourself and kick the thieving bastards out of your site.

    • They didn’t claim it as their own but it was annoying. The poster removed it when I asked.

      • I am so glad whoever it was did not try to claim your work for their own and that it was removed when you asked and that it was caught in time. You have a right to be annoyed with what was done. You have repeatedly said to never do this and it was ignored.

      • It still feels like stealing to me because they obviously didn’t ask first. How could anyone think this kind of behavior is even remotely okay? What is that thought process like where it’s alright to take someone’s work and post it somewhere else? It’s not like your site is hard to find or get to. I’m glad they took it down when you asked them to. We’re you able to report them to the site administrator?

  7. That really sucks. I had someone post a ton of my stuff from AO3 on their site. They just copied about half of my Criminal Minds fics. I would never have known if it wasn’t for a friend who found them and asked me about them. I had to ‘politely’ ask the owner of the site to remove my stories that they did not have my permission to repost anywhere. It’s disheartening when someone does this. It feels like a violation. I understand that on AO3 they have the download option but I may have to disable that on my feed.

    I’m sorry you had to go through that. Even if it’s easy and the person co-operates it still feels horrible when someone does it to you.

  8. It would never occur to me to pass off someone’s work off as my own. If I share someone else’s work ( and I’ve only ever done it here) the writer gets the credit and if I remember correctly, I threatened people with Keira if I found out it was posted as someone elses’s work. Give credit and links where it’s due. you really don’t want a hoard of rabid Minions coming after you!

  9. I am agog that this sort of thing still happens. It’s been an issue since I was but a Wed newb in the 90s.

  10. Five minutes…..

    I’d like to have five minutes inside the brain of someone who thinks it’s OKAY to make free with another person’s intellectual property. Must be a fascinating experience.


    Those are the things which make me fear to lose the privilege to read the many good works out there. One dummy too much without respect for authors may ruin it for so many appreciative readers.

    Think before posting, people!!!!


  11. …and this is why we can’t have nice things. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  12. Some people’s children… No manners the lot of them. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us! I am saddened that this happened to you. 🙁

  13. I’m not sure if it is the summer heat, the summer break, or entitled idiots taking over, but there has been a huge issue with stolen stories and unauthorised copies.
    In one of the other fandoms someone actually copied fanfic and published them as ebooks on Amazon to make money, also someone posted a story under the original penname of an author but with their own bank account to make money on Amazon direct publish (both for the Jane Austen Fandom so copyright on the original Fandom is expired)
    I’m sad and mad how many stories and incredible writers might be lost to us readers this summer because entitlement is taking over and assholes are the new majority.
    I’m going to say I’m sorry people are entitled asses and I do hope we don’t lose you to this bulkshit. I know you will do what is best for you and that I won’t even try to beg you to stay because you will decide on your own what’s right. But I do want to say it’ll be a sad day and a big loss for many if you decide to leave. Also I want to grab some more of your minions, pitchforks and hunt down the reasons for this

  14. Unfortunately, these are likely the same people who feel it’s okay to pirate movies and music off the internet because it ‘doesn’t harm anyone’. It *does* harm people, people who lose money and therefore could lose the ability to make better movies and music. If everyone is just going to steal it, why bother? After all, you have to have a way to make a living, right?

    Keira, I don’t blame you for taking this step and making your site private. However, are you going to continue to post on Area 52? I don’t know if that site allows the kind of feedback features that FanFiction has, so I don’t know if you’ve had to deal with the entitlement society from that source or not.

    Discipline starts in the home, with children. If they’re never told ‘no’ as they grow up, if there’s never any consequences for doing the wrong thing, they can turn into adults who feel that they should be able to do anything they want, when they want, to whoever they want.

  15. Some people are idiots. While I’m sad you had to do it I’m grateful that you didn’t quilt. That said how do I make the alert about the copy and pasting not being allowed stop showing up every time I click my mouse? It stays up until I let go of the mouse button and shows right back up in the middle of the page every time I click. My up and down buttons on my keyboard don’t work anymore so I have to use my mouse to read. Please let me know if I need to buy an external mouse with the scroll key because I will if I have to so I can keep reading your stories.

  16. What the actual hell? If you wanted it elsewhere, you’d put it there: it’s not as if you’re unaware those distribution channels exist.

  17. I’m left clicking on links and it’s showing up.

  18. I recommend you to people who ask for my opinion, but I’d never put your stuff up anywhere. And sometimes I convert things to MOBI so I can read it on my Kindle instead of staring at a computer screen.

  19. I am sorry that people do this and don’t respect the wishes of the people who penned the story. I am very glad for all the authors that post their stories… It has helped me through very bad times and given me happiness in the better times.

  20. Well at least they had the decency to remove when asked, and you didn’t have to get into a shit-fight with them. Some people get excited in the love of your work and don’t put the brain in gear before acting.
    A link or a rec or to your site is not too much to ask 🙁

  21. Umm… How do you feel about downloading a personal copy to read when offline? I mean I’m the only one who can get to it, and it can’t be edited by anyone. Im perfectly willing to delete it if it bothers you.

  22. Tentrees/HJHowe

    Your works your site your rules… have linked it for friends as rec but never posted elsewhere.

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