iPads and Mobile Usage

I’ve added a feature to my site that should fix the iPad log in issue. If you’re using a mobile device — could you please respond to this post with any issues you have about logging into the site while you’re mobile.

I’d need:
Your Device
Operating System
Browser (if you use a non-native browser)
Any issues/Errors (the more specific you are the more it will help)

I’ve installed a mobile theme that fixed the issue with categories not showing up in the mobile platform so I’m working on it and I hope this fixes the log in issue that seemed to be a problem for tablet users.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Hi Keira!

    I still can’t log in with my phone (laptop is fine, obviously).
    I’m using an iPhone 5 with the latest software update, iOS 8.4.1
    Safari browser.


  2. No problems on my iPad from either Safari or Chrome

    Problems with my mobile device though. I log in and it shows my name and stuff, but when I got to the fiction index, it tells me the site is locked to registered users only and I need to log in.

    iPhone 5 running iOS 8.4.1
    Safari & Chrome

  3. I haven’t had any trouble on my iPad, using a recently updated version of Safari. I’ll try my phone in a minute.

  4. Moto X Gen1
    Android 4.4.4
    Chrome (native)

    I have not been able to like any post on either of your sites. Where it would have a choice to like the post, it says ‘Like this:’ then ‘loading…’ and doesn’t show anyone liking the page.

  5. I always use the full site anyway on my phone but I’m really happy to say that the issues with scrolling and slow loading are now gone so it’s a ton easier to re-read your work (for like the millionth time) on my phone.

    Android 4.3

  6. I haven’t had any problems logging in on my iPad.

  7. I’m on a Nook HD and I was unaware that there were problems at all until I read this post. All functions have remained smooth.

  8. I have an iPhone 6+. Now it goes to full site as a default. I logged out and logged back in just to check. I can see everything. It’s fantastic. Hope that helps.

    Also I have had a truly awful 14 months. Your writing has helped me escape. I thank you.

  9. Mine is going to full site too, but I’m just glad to be here.

  10. I have a Kindle Fire running Fire OS 4.5.5. Seems to work fine.

  11. Logging in is fine, but I can’t ‘open in a new tab’ with my iPad or iPhone anymore.

  12. For the last couple of days I could only access the mobile sight on my iPhone 5c. Now thank Thor I go straight to the full sight. I am a happy chickadee again thank you.

  13. I’m an apple user and always switch to full site (it seems wherever I go I have issues with the mobile sites).

    Thank you so much for thinking of us mobile users.

  14. Hi, Keira.

    I have an LG G4 Android phone, using Google Chrome as my browser.

    The simple problem is that I go to your page, I log in – and it immediately fails and sends me back to the log in page. I know the entry info is good; the system simply won’t take it.

    • And have you tried using the Full Site option?

      • Yeah; it still fails. I tried it again just now, in case I somehow messed up, but again – automatic log-in failure.

        And, whoops, I just now saw I made a typo: it’s an LG G3, not 4.

        And for some reason, I can’t access the “Phoenix” story in the Harry Potter section on my computer. Probably my old technology cramping up all over the place. Gah.

        At any rate, no complaints here. Thanks so much for writing your stories. I really enjoy your way with words.

        • Okay, the Phoenix thing makes no sense at all. Have you ever been able to access it? Because that page has always been members only.

          • I’m on a laptop (Mac) and I can’t get any of the sneak previews either. Nor is there a drop down menu for any of the fanfic. I can see recent posts and am able to access them. I don’t know if it’s a Mac problem though. Just to let you know that Silvarbelle is not the only one with that particular problem.

          • Have you ever had access to the sneak previews?

            I removed the drop down menu — it was malfunctioning with my copy protection plug in.

          • Yep, I always had access once I found it. Which was a few months into reading at your site. I signed up to have access to the sneak previews and the ebooks. (I was very happy to sign up as the sneak previews were totally awesome)

          • I’ll work on it. Do you have any problems reaching Ten Years After The War from the main Harry Potter menu?

          • I can’t get to the main Harry Potter menu, but I am able to get to Ten Years as it was recently posted. I can also get to the HP work by typing in Harry Potter in the search box. The only story that doesn’t appear to come up at this point is Phoenix. I checked a few of the other stories randomly to be sure. I am also getting a Fatal Error message.

          • I don’t even know what to tell you. No one else is reporting a “fatal error” message to me.

            This thread is about mobile users. And I installed some stuff to help them get around issues. Obviously my mobile plugins wouldn’t help you at all solve this problem.

            I have no idea why your Mac wouldn’t be displaying the content. There isn’t a single Apple product in my house so I can’t replicate your issue. What browser are you using?

            My fan fiction index is built on pages — the front of the site is a page and I assume you can see that. It might be a conflict with your browser or your browser cache needs cleaning?

            My ebooks have always been members only — so that can’t really be the issue since you had the ability to get to that page in the past.

          • Well, as I can see most everything, it’s not really a problem. I mentioned the problems because I saw there was one other person that couldn’t get to Phoenix and I thought it was unusual that I couldn’t get to it either. I’m on Safari and perhaps I just need to shut my laptop down and the problems will fix themselves. I do appreciate you responding and I did want to let you know as you rearrange your site to accommodate the new things you are putting into place.

          • Hers was an iPad issue. Yours is a little different since you’re on a computer. Phoenix (and all my other HP excerpts) are locked down the same way as the ebook page so if you’re getting this error — you might not be able to get to ebooks either.

          • Just checked. Thankfully I was able to get to the ebooks and I did try a download, which worked just fine. As it seems to be the one story, I’ll deal with it. Of course, when you do update it, if I can’t get to it, I’ll be pouting and bitchy for a few days and that will be my family’s problem. And, they’ll have to deal with it. They owe me a bitchy day or two, so…

          • Well it won’t be updated until I’m ready to post it — then that page will be converted to the index page for the chapter posts (like my other multichaptered fics which will not be locked down itself. So if you can still get to the index page of HP and the Soulmate Bond — you’ll be fine).

          • My family will be grateful and I will be as well.

          • Oh, but I am working on a work around for the drop down menu. It probably won’t be as robust as it was before. That was the problem. I had too much on it and I got frustrated so — I — said fuck it and removed the whole damn thing in a fit.

          • Cool. Hopefully you won’t find it frustrating when you do your work arounds. Thanks again.

        • Can you refresh and try again?

          • Yeah, sorry!

            Gimme a few moments. Had someone at my house to see about making repairs to a badly damaged pool cage screen.

            As to the Phoenix thing: I was having a bad day for focusing yesterday, so I chose Phoenix – which I’ve always loved – to try to focus on and kept switching back and forth between that and another screen as a result. Today, it shows “fatal line error” or some such nonsense. I hope I didn’t bust something. I wanted what I knew was good writing to try to make my brain behave. That “I’m always a slut for _______!” meme? “Keira’s writing” is my fill-in answer.

            Hang tight, I’m about to try refreshing and all that fun stuff.

  15. Hi Keira.
    I have a samsung galaxy s4, with the latest upgraded operative ssytem (5.0.1) Using firefox.

    Earlier I logged on successfully through the full site, but now it won’t even show me the link to that. I’m stuck in the mobileversion that apparently lets me log in with my username and password, but really not. It just realoads the page. :'(

    • Firefox and my site don’t always get a long — it’s one reason why I stopped using the browser across the board. I don’t even have it installed anymore due to my rage-quitting one night because I couldn’t log into my own shit to post. I made a change in a different plug in just now. Let me know if that brings the link back for you.

  16. OH, HI, KEIRA! Look what I can do on my phone!

    Don’t know what you did, but thank you. You rock my non-existent socks off.

  17. Hello Keira!
    I am unable to log in on my mobile
    Galaxy s4mini
    Android 4.4.2

    Thank you.

  18. Hello, I was able to login on my iPhone using safari, I had to switch to full site view to be able to enter my username and password. Though it worked so that’s an improvement. Before when it wasn’t working with Safari on my iPhone I could still login using the Mercury browser on my iPhone.

  19. I too use a nook hd and have no problems. Thanks bunches for your time and efforts though!

  20. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
    And I have to “view full site” to even see where to log in. Then I can’t browse for anything. It doesn’t even show up. I find them on my computer, and then have to manually input the web address into my phone so I can read anything. Which can be irritating when I finish one story and would like to browse for another, but I am nowhere near my computer.

  21. tiltingwindmills

    I have a Galaxy S5, Android version 3.4.0 and I use the Internet browser (not chrome). Both in the full site and the mobile I routinely get the notification that my login has failed, I normally just reset the password after a few attempts and most of the time this works for me but lately that hasn’t even been helping. I’m obviously logged in now and doing ok but the login fails on a regular basis.

    On another note because I feel the need to post this in light of your recent posts/decision and because you are working seemingly tirelessly to solve these site issues; thank you. A million times thank you for all that you do on this site and the others that you run. I’ve been reading your work for almost 10 years now and I don’t say that often enough. I check your LiveJournal and now your Tumblr on a daily basis just to see your perspective on the world and to check for updates, I laugh and I smile and I cry, and every single fucking time you post something I get excited fluttery butterflies that careen around my chest and I have developed the habit of hiding out in different rooms at work to sneak peeks at your work when you post something new. So thank you.

    • That sounds like your browser is keeping a cookie and it’s getting stale (basically). I highly recommend you start using a different browser. I use Chrome on my Samsung Galaxy phone (and tablet) with no issues. Others use Firefox with success. It’s your choice really but another person who had that cookie problem started using Chrome on their phone and it resolved their log in issues.

  22. I have a Samsung S3 mini and use the pre instaled browser, and couldn´t acces the pc version of your site(which I now can), but I can´t acces any of your storys, even when i am loged in, when i go to the index where they should be, they do not show.

    It would be great, if i could read your storys again on my phone, you where the author who made me learn to read and write english, even after i got out of school, and i used to read them on my 2 hours bus tour into the city.

  23. hi Keira,

    I’ve been in the hospital for the last few weeks so I didn’t see this developing until I tried to log into the site with my phone today and it didn’t work. I tried the “view full site” option to log in as you suggested but it doesn’t seem to take. I get a notification anout an empty usesname. I have a nokia lumia windows phone and it works on windows 8.1 . I have no problems logging into the site on my laptop.


  24. Hi Keira,
    I am using a computer so I’m not sure if this is the right page to ask this, but when I try to access the sneak previews page I get a error 404 whatever that is. This is the first time using the site since you reorganised thanks to being on holiday in africa with no internet. I’m probably being stupid and missing something completely obvious, but and heads ups you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I use google chrome by the way.
    Thanks a bunch xx

  25. Hey, Keira!

    Logging in works fine for me, however I cannot see the stories, I can pick the different sections in the drop down menu but nothing appears but the comments there and the same goes when I go to the fanfiction index. This is in Firefox mobile.

    • If you’re using a mobile theme, you’re going to have to switch to full site to find stories unless you use the search function.

      Otherwise, you might try a different browser. I can’t find a support plug in for Firefox that works for my site.

  26. Hi I ran into an issue,
    My phone is an iPhone 5c
    System iOS 9

    I just updated my phone to the iOS 9 and now it won’t show page content. Can still use the menu bar but once I get to the selected page the only thing showing is the header content and then skips straight to the comments. So on th Harry Potter page it warns you ship Harry/Draco and Harry/Hermione and then it shows all the comments with no content in between.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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