May 2016 Newsletter

Things I find irritating: demands, expectations, assumptions, and entitlement. I saw a post on Facebook the other day with an anti-Drumpf slogan: Make America Kind Again. I suppose many people see me as a bitch and that’s fine–I come from a long, distinguished line of bitches but I don’t think I’m cruel. Maybe some would disagree but there also the same people who think they have the right to boss me around. Let me be frank, I don’t even let the man who pays my bills tell me what to do.

Anyways, it’s April and our next Rough Trade challenge is in July. And signup will open on June 1 so you have plenty of time to think about participating, whine about the theme, and the challenge requirements in public like I’m going to change them to suit you because you’re special and more important than the rest of us.

Recently, some of the readers who are on the site for Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond have been pitas (pains in the ass) about my writing schedule for the year and how that impacts THEM. It’s no secret that I plan to work on Sentinels of Atlantis next. I have a fuckton of Stargate fans, easily four times as many actually when compared to the HP fandom. I’d say 80% of my members are here for Stargate. They’ve been waiting for FOUR years for the second season of Sentinels of Atlantis and they’ve been patient that whole time. I haven’t been prodded, pushed, or demanded from regarding the series repeatedly. It’s their turn so shut the fuck up about it.

Also, if you see me online fucking around (and not writing) it is NOT okay for you tell me I should be writing. This is my hobby and I do it for myself. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

New Works


  • I’m on the final chapter of Courting Hermione Granger (you can read the first 11 chapters on EAD).
  • I stumbled a little on Phoenix so I’ve backed up to fix something and rework a plot point that my niece wanted but really doesn’t work with the story. She’s kind of stubborn but I think I’ve wrangled her around. It’s surprisingly easy to explain story craft to a kid. I wish adults were that easy.
  • I’m Chapter 18 (out of 34) of my Unspeakable Plot rewrite. I hope to finish the editing of that draft to include the Triad relationship I decided I need (out of spite) and use that story for the Mulligan Challenge on RT next April.

April Radio Shows


PS – If you’re voting for Donald Trump — stop reading my work before you infect me with your stupidity.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I love anything you do, regardless of fandom. It’s a joy (and a surprise because I don’t stalk you on the interests) every time you post a new fic or part of a fic. And when you don’t I just re-read things you previously posted. So you do you, and just enjoy your writing (when & where you feel like it).

    Thank you for being an amazing writer and a kickass human being.

  2. I seriously fucking adore you…there are no words that can describe your awesomeness.

  3. I clicked on your link for Courting Hermione Granger. It led me to the LuveJournal page, but when i clicked your name, it led me back here. Just FYI in case there was an error in the link. Looking forward to the next updates. 🙂

  4. I will happily read anything you write! Harry Potter? Great! SGA? Absolutely! Star Trek, Sherlock, or Sentinel? I’m there!!!


    thank you for all your hard work!

  5. SHRIEKING!!! The projected timeline for SoA makes me so happy!

    I can’t wait to read whatever you finish next.

    I hope that this unaimed (well, I’m sure there are people who know you mean them, but I don’t see names, so) callout makes people take a step back and look at their behaviour, because no author who takes time out of their real life to give us amazing stories deserves that shit. It’s rude and uncalled for. I wish you all the luck in dealing with the, because while I don’t doubt you can handle them with ease, you shouldn’t have to.

  6. No Trump voting here.  Because, you know, I have more than two neurons that synapse.


    I am delighted that the Unspeakable Plot will get a major effort next year.  It is one of my very favorite of your stories and I like the threesome aspect.


  7. Thank you for the update and amazing stories.

  8. bihappynocturnalgirl

    I’m so excited for the second season of Sentinels of Atlantis, I’ve been re-reading the first season again and again. Just like your legacy series. They are a dream!!!

  9. You absolutely crack me up, Keira. I don’t think you’re cruel at all–but you know what you like, what you don’t, and what you expect. Not a problem for me!

    So, I came over here because of Jilly’s link to Tangled Destinies–which was awesome. I stayed for HP, and now Jilly’s new work turned me on <heh, heh> to your Sheppard brothers in the SGA stuff. So I had to read all of that, too. And it. Was. Awesome.

    Keira Marcos, recruiting SGA fans without even trying since … well, heck, I don’t even know.

    Thanks for all your hard work writing. I will enjoy it as it comes.


  10. As a avid reader of HP and many of your other works I’m quite content to wait for anything ,mother of 5 gets me that way LOL    so let them wait

  11. I haven’t read anything on your site that I didn’t love, so you just work on what the muse tells you to work on; if we’re good minions, we’ll just wait with bated breath to see what you post next.


  12. I love you and all you choose to be.  Just let me know if you need an alibi or help lugging the bodies of the entitled ;P


    I still have my list for the day I finally snap – happy to add yours on!

  13. I find it so funny and true what you said about kids and story craft. Not long ago I got a comment about one of my works and her response was, “If you change that, then you removing the driving conflict of the story.” Then she went on about plot points and other things that I’m just starting to wrap my head around.  She’s fifteen, and I swear I sat there and stared at her for a moment.

    Come to find out she’s writing her own stories in completely different fandoms. She won’t let me see them but I’m still so pleased. I never had the confidence to write much, but I’ve been working on it. I felt really intimidated by the great stuff out there (and by some of fandom, to be honest).

    She’s already got so much spunk and has banned people, told people off, and deleted comments she didn’t like (because she made an off hand comment on her choice of music that she listened to as she wrote, and people told her to stop listening to her favorite band)

    Anyway, I rambled off point. =P


    Keep on writing what you want when you want. You are the best and I squeal a little bit every single time I see that you’ve posted something, no matter what story. Thanks for giving us all awesome stories!

  15. You are amazeballs.  I love everything you write. I’m re-reading Sentinels of Atlantis again, it’s the best. Excited for season  2, but more than happy to wait as long as necessary.


    Thanks for all your awesome work!

  16. Whatever project you work on is fun for us, so I can’t imagine why anyone should care which project it is.

  17. I can’t believe that you still get comments on what you should be writing and in what schedule…  Every time I see it, think this is going to be the one in which you say fuck-it and close shop, so it pisses me off, mightily.


    I confess that HP is one of my, if not the, main fandoms, but your SGA stories are superb and both The Ties That Bind and Sentinels of Atlantis are two of my 10 all-times favorites so I’m really excited that you’re updating one of them so close to the Lantean Legacy, which first book I have read several times during the years because your SG stories are great.

    I really can’t help it, when I have a shitty month and finally find some time to “hibernate” and avoid talking with anybody for a day or two, but my brain is too tired for anything, it helps to escape for a bit in a great story with just the right amount of bitchiness.  So thanks and those entitled assholes can go jump from a cliff.

  18. I’m looking forward to anything and everything you’ll write. I’m very happy to see the next season for SoA cos it’s one of my all time favorites. Also, Courting Hermione Granger on EAD was awesome and I’ll be happy to see the rest of it. You know, it felt like such a treat reading In the Silence and also I’d Hit That,Too. I didn’t have the time to read Iterum yet, I’m curious to see the differences from the Rough Trade to the finished story, it’s next on my list. Mulligan Chalenge, YAY! Thanks for the update!

  19. As always, I’ll gladly, happily look forward to whatever you write and simply say Thank You for letting me read it.


  20. Please tell met that the thing about someone telling you to stop fucking around and get writing is just you being proactive, because I cannot even believe someone would be that ridiculously rude. Although, my threshold on stupidity seems to be ever changing. I’m sorry that people do that to you and am glad that you do not take shit from anyone. Always anxiously waiting for your next update, but I think of them as gifts to be anticipated. Not merchandise I expect to be delivered.

  21. I love you and your muse. No author should be dictated to by readers suffering from an overdose of entitlement. My rule of thumb in fandom is to be supportive of authors who write in my fave fandom. If a story (plot or fandom) is not to my taste I shut up and bite my tongue, ’cause no body forced me to read it.


  22. Love. So much love.

    You’re my heroine and I just wish I was half as bitchy as you.

    Also, yay S of A ! 😀



  23. I started reading your works due to your HP stories. Then I found your Atlantis stuff and became hook on that too. So whatever you want to write is great. Whenever you get it out there for us to read is a windfall for your readers. I personally like the posts on FB almost as much as the stories.

  24. Awesome more Stargate! Can’t wait and i am looking forward to reading more when you can get it out.

  25. 8-0 -> yOUR…[Stupid caps button, hate my new keyboard, arrgh] …Your sass is impressive and on professional level. My open mouthed face of admiration cannot due your box of sass, the epic rant prior to that, and the lovely P.S. at the end any amount of justice. I find my own situation kinda ironic…I came here looking to read The Awakening (Sentinal), saw the Star Trek and Stargate Stuff and wandered over there to read…fell in love with your writing style and tried some of the Harry Potter stuff (wasn’t a follower before your epic works). Now I read whatever you post, enjoy whatever version appears over on Rough Trade (eagerly awaiting the final versions you post here). My one regret? I seem to post whenever I’m at work on break, which means my brain is mush one hour in and I’m an incoherent mess with zero filter…I’ve taken to trying to keep from posting on RT while at work as my duties tend to suck my brain, intelligence, filters, etc out…Zombie anyone? Wait?! What was ….Ah man!! Where was I? Oh! One last thing before I turn into the special minion everyone starts to pity….Love how your Triads have turned out on RT. I honestly think you kick ass on that front.    [runs off to check the online cart system for work] Bye, back to data entry.

  26. To be perfectly honest, I’m here for your HP stories. You write the best ones, ever. And I’m also very ok with waiting on your HP schedule. Stories as great as yours are worth the wait….it makes them even more delicious to read and appreciate. So to hell with the whiners and the demanders. They don’t know how to appreciate greatness so they don’t deserve your time and hard work. Let them go to ff.whatever and read the crap they crank out if they’re so impatient for a story to read.

    Be yourself always and always be awesome.

  27. Thank you for constantly making me smile and chuckle after real life just making me tired.

  28. When you have agreed to fulfill a contract and have not met the deadline, then person who paid you for that product does have a right to question you as to when the you will complete the assignment, and why you are not working on doing so.

    However, no one has the right to prod you when those conditions are not in effect.  It does not even come close to being bitchy, let alone cruel, to object to that prodding – just my take on the situation.

    All I have to say is that I have, and continue to, enjoy the benefits of your output, and am grateful that you share your talent with us.

    Thank you.

  29. I love everything you do. Should you care to write a totally non-fiction treatise on, oh I don’t know, existentialism, I would read it. Please write whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy. I am just coming off roughly two years where I didn’t feel inclined to do my hobby, knitting (my other hobby. Reading fan fic kinda took over for a while!) at all. Luckily no one had anything to say to me about it, or I imagine I would have been pretty cross too.

    As far as Trump goes, no danger of me voting for him, as I live in the UK. (But that isn’t the only reason!) Where I can safely say most people are sort of wide eyed in shock and have all their fingers and toes crossed that America will make, in the end, a different choice. (Not that our lot are anything to write home about, frankly)

    Thank you for sharing your hobby with us.

    PS In Britain, “trump” is what we teach little children to say instead of fart….


    • Oh lordy!  (gasp, wheeze) “trump” instead of “fart” !! Can we start that trend here, please? Pretty please?

  30. I really wish that my muse hadn’t run off a few years ago.  I’d love to write some Queer As Folk, a fandom I’ve not seen repped in your challenges.


    Also, I’m glad your muse decided that the Unspeakable Plot needed a triad.  I fell in love with your Darkly Loyal (was that the name of it?) story.


    Also, also?  When you’re mean and nasty to Ginny, it makes me tingle.  No, I haven’t been reading Ginny Is A Bad Wheezy.  Again.  For the umpteenth time.  Nope.

  31. “Make America Kind Again” ??  Since when has America been kind? Rose-colored glasses anyone? Amazing. Somebody hasn’t read much history, have they? Tell them to look up Alice Roosevelt Longworth- her motto was “If you can’t say something good about someone, sit right here by me.”

    I actually came here years ago, looking for your Sentinel fic. You lured me into SGA (I had only followed SG1 before) and hooked me on McShep. When you started HP and Star Trek I was in hog heaven. I read ’em all, and squeal happily whenever anything  is updated. During the intervals I read stuff again. I just don’t get this sense of entitlement that some readers have. To me it goes hand in hand with juvenile authors that hold their next chapter “hostage” for reviews. Sheesh.

    So write what you want (I know you will) and tell ’em to “have a coke and a smile and stfu”.

    BTW I absolutely adore that you made Unspeakable Plot a triad!

  32. Dude, I can’t believe people are that entitled and rude…and then there’s Trump.  Bleh.  They can all go jump off a cliff.

    I can’t tell you how many times I just come back and reread things just to make my week better.  When I get a notice you posted something?  I seriously stop almost everything to make sure I have time to read it – it’s a surprise present of awesomeness 😀


  33. I’m one of those SGA fans who has been waiting patiently for Season 2 of Sentinels of Atlantis, so… Squeee! That being said… I love pretty much whatever you write. I never really got into Potterverse fanfiction until I read yours. Now I’m just as hooked as I am on your other stories. Speaking of, I was wondering… is Darkly Loyal up somewhere on your site that I’m not seeing it? Or is it in the rewriting process? I’d love to read it again if it’s available somewhere, but if not, I’ll just wait until it’s ready. Happy writing!

  34. There apparently is something in many HP fan fiction readers that make them cruel and hateful. I love that the other fan base you are currently writing for aren’t such pricks. I will happily wait as long as it takes for your awesome HP stories. I appreciate you writing them and sharing them!

  35. You know, one of the things I hate is an entitled reader. Like you wrote, you do this as a hobby, as a favour to us. There is a load of truly excellent fiction in all genres available for free, to fill up the waiting periods between your gems, so seriously, no one has a reason to complain. And surely we can all be reasonable enough to understand that even the most serious, prolific writers have lives away from their writing?

  36. Nimue of the North

    Good writing comes from inspiration and enjoyment, not from forcing something because somebody is nagging. The idiots who think that’s how it works are the uninspired cowards who haven’t tried writing a decent word in their life, so they’re disqualified from having an opinion anyway. Same goes for whining about the challenge parameters: The challenging part is to do what is asked – take it or leave it. (I sincerely hope and am very much trying to get my papers out of the way, because I’d love to join in on the July-challenge, it really sparked ideas in me.)

    I get all giddy whenever I click on your site and there’s anything new because it’s new and always awesome and worth the sleepless nights I usually have because I can’t stop reading. (May be because we seem to have a somewhat similar taste in things to watch/read. 😉 But I’d follow you down quite a few rabbit holes.) So I say: Do what you love and what you’re passionate about and know that there are people out here that love and welcome your work any shape it takes.

    Oh: And no Trump-voting over here – wrong continent anyway. Not that we don’t have our own Trump-could-be-our-buddy-idiots over here as well, but I guess stupidity is among the universal constants of life – sigh.

  37. I love your works.  My only complaint is that I don’t have even a tenth of your talent.  But, ya know, haters gonna hate.


    I hope you can still include the sex ed scene in your Unspeakable Plot rewrite, ’cause it was hilarious.  



  38. No Trump voters here! I can’t wait till the circus leaves town. The clown car should be full when it goes…at least I hope it’s full when it goes!

  39. I just want to say, I love this newsletter feature you’ve started. I like the anticipation it generates. Also, my spouse just got a (provisional) green card, which means that even though he’s still years from citizenship and voting–he can now donate to political campaigns. I got him the “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hat and we donated to Hillary Clinton and the Senate Democrats together in celebration. We are so ready to help beat that asshole in November. 🙂

  40. I came over here for the Stargate Atlantis. I was into HP for a LONG damned time(I remember when Cassandra Claire(now Clare) was posting fanfic). That fandom can be insane. Thing is, if you want GOOD quality fanfiction, you don’t piss off the writer! EVER! I have enjoyed everything that I’ve read on your site and look forward to new stuff when you put it up. I’m just glad you’re writing.

  41. I know! I know! These idjits are trying their arsehats on for size!

    I believe you but, seriously, have they read anything of yours beyond the stories? You’ve let your readers know your stand on demands and being pushy about any of your work.

    Personally, I feel that if we leave you alone to work at your own speed and where your muse takes you, we’re going to get some wonderful reading matter. It may be posted next month. It may be next year. But eventually it’ll make an appearance. And you’ve given us sneak peeks of the maze your proverbial muse takes you.

    *chuckle* And now I’m thinking of the corn mazes and wondering what the picture from the air would be after the creation of one of your writings.

    I better stop now….




  42. Thank you, I needed that. As to posting, at your leisure, Madame.  Love the P.S.!

  43. Hey, I’m just thrilled you’re still talking to us, much less writing. And who can quibble with what you write, so long as the muse keeps inspiring you? I mean, I don’t recall you signing a contract to entertain me…

  44. I wonder if you could make it part of the log in to access fic:

    Name, password, ticky box “I solemnly swear I will never vote for Trump.”

    No one that stupid should get to read the good stuff.

    I loved Iterum and I’ll happily take whatever you want to write, whenever you have time to write it.  I have no idea how you manage to be so prolific to begin with.

  45. I simply adore everything your write.  I am an hp fan primarily, but have read your other works also.  As a greedy reader I look for your updates and am overjoyed when ever I see that you have updated, no matter the fandom.  You are a incredible writer…  period.  Thanks for sharing with us lessor mortals.

  46. People bitching at me to write more (and that I should spend all my time writing) is part of the reason my writing has cut back.


    Adulting is hard and since I’m not getting paid for it, writing kind of has to come last.


    HUgs you. I wish people would realising that it may only take an hour to read something- but it could have taken weeks to write from planning the finish.


    Also so drumf hurts my head and I’m not even your way. Even my mother who stays out of all politics (ugh lets ignore the world type of person) has actually wondered if he does get elected how long he will last before forcibly removed via death. I looked at her and blinked. She was basically: It would be a worth it.

  47. I am sorry people are giving you a hard time.  It is absolutely nobody’s business what you choose to do with your time.  I am just glad that you are will to share your gift with us.

    And I totally agree with the ant-Trump sentiment.  I told my sister that if he is elected I am going to have to cry.  It is my sincere wish that the American people are smarter than to elect him.

    Have a blessed and beautiful night.


  48. Wow. Self-Entitled Asshats strike again.

    Your schedule sounds absolutely amazing to me and I’m thankful for all you give us.

    Seriously. Between your writing, the RT website, the challenges, the podcasts, the FB groups, the chat room, etc. I”m amazed by everything you offer us.

    The least we can offer in return is our patience, our understanding, and keeping our self-entitled asshat thoughts to ourselves.

    Those who believe otherwise…. Stabbity is always an option I suppose.

  49. We will be happy with anything you choose to give us, Mistress. Thank you so much!

    Also, love the site design. The muted background colors lessen the eyestrain and migraines. Although I know I wasn’t the reason you did it, thank you for the random aligning of the stars.

  50. I love, love, love your writing – your stories, and even your comments on life …

    I can’t believe how rude some people are – to tell you to stop what you are doing at the moment and get on with writing … is this a youth thing and because of that more there in the HP-Fandom? Did we teach our children that the world revolves around them and that made them think that their wishes were the important ones??

    As I said before … I love, love, love your storiers — they give me great ideas and starting points for my own stories (those stories only in my head) to think about “what if” and “how could it go on” in those universes you create!

    Your stories have the ability to fill a grey day with color!

    One question: you wrote “I’d hit that, too” – where will I be able to find that gem when it is no longer postet in the “Recent Posts” column? Will Marvel get it’s own spot on your “Fanfiction” site or are stories not belonging to one of the fandoms mentioned there archived elsewhere (an I was not able to find it)? I do not want to miss out on even one of your great stories!

    Greetings from Germany,



  51. Thank you for sharing wherever the muse takes you.  Your stories are rich, varied, sacastic, lovely, sweet gems.  I’ve loved the various Fandoms that you share with us.  Whenever and whatever you post is much appreciated.   Thank you for all that you do for rough trade and other authors.  The support shows in how many people post their raw work and how many wonderful stories that have been posted.  Thank you for sharing during the radio shows.  They open a window into being an author and what it is like.

    Those who demand anything are beyond self entitled  twatwaffles, all fanfic are done because of the love of the Fandom and a question of what happens next or what if such and such happens.  Those who write and are willing to share deserve all the support and kudos we as readers can give. No demands. Just support and thank yous.

  52. And we would probably wait for four more years simply because your work is just that good and worth the wait, also the little side trips help – Iterum is awesome. I’ve been re-reading everything, have I said I love your work? I really love your work!

    I started reading the HP series but I think I might be too old for them, while your writing is as good as it always is, HP is not my scene, but that’s ok because everything else you write is, so happy writing.

    I recently read your Journal entry about what’s happening for you; I know how arthritic pain can be debilitating, Auto immune diseases like Lupus and R. arthritis are a curse in my family along with Crones and pain is not a happy companion, so do be kind to yourself and if people give you a hard time tell them to fuck off then write about it because that’s a hilarious read, just on it’s own.


  53. And another thing, George R Martin started the GOT series in 1986, before my 27 year old was born and he’s only up to book five, book six isn’t even in the editing stages.


    Genius takes time, so take all the time you need. 

  54. weirdredstreak

    Since i was recommended your stories, i have been reading them whatever the fandom-  you even got me to branch out more into the true sentinel stuff (rather than just the fusions) lol!

    i also re-read at least one or my very favorite parts of all of your stories at least once a month so whatever you release you are going to have me at the edge of my seat having a mental debate with myself whether i am better of to do a happy dance or just start to read and do the happy dance at the end…


    Yay, for more sentinels of Atlantis!…. although maybe it should be more YAY!! for anything you post.

  55. I love anything and everything you write, whenever and what ever it suits you to write. I am grateful you write at all and that you share what you do write. You are a wonderful, amazing, awesome writer and I adore you and what you write. Thank you, a million times thank you. A fan in Aus.

  56. fanarts_series

    Sorry for the french interference but Go Bernie !


    Dear, you are a free spirit and for what i know we don’t pay you for writing.

    Sometime i’m lucky enough to reward you with porn and art,  lucky to read your amazing FREE fics, so shut up the fuck up assholes you listen to the lady and stop to be some whiny babies or i will go Lafayette way on you.

    Bien amicalement, la reine des garces française.


  57. I am happy to sit back and wait for anything you are able to produce. I try not to push or prod any of the writers that I follow because  honestly I hate when people do that to me (though a kick to the pants from friends is ok) So if I have said anything (on facebook) and I don’t think I have that might have been any way rude of pushy (again I don’t think so) I apologize. I have been looking over all your different writings so I am happy to wait as I have much to catch up on.

    Keep writing and just keep hating the haters



  58. I’m sorry some folks seem to believe that it’s their ‘right’ to demand you work/write to their schedule. It’s a hobby (and I suspect a lot of work in reality) it’s a pleasure to read what you do write and post, and if I occasionally respond in the comments that a sequel would be much appreciated, I really hope it’s encouraging and not demanding.

    From this side of the Atlantic, we’re frankly astonished that the chump got so many votes from such decent people. He’s a snake oil salesman with a penchant for avoiding reality by dropping a dead cat onto the table to disrupt rational discussion. (see dead cat or wedge strategy in politics) He promises a very great deal, very little actually results. Funny game politics though.

    Anyway, I hope life’s good, that the muses are co-operating nicely 🙂 more power to your keyboard.


  59. You wrote “ca. 80% of my readers are here for Stargate”.

    Sorry, I think you underestimate yourself. Maybe some (or many/most whatever) of us FOUND you because of a favourite fandom or pairing you wrote, but for me – and I imagine for most of us – it’s YOU. Your talent and your obvious dedication for not only your own work but for the pure CRAFT of writing, not to mention the time and effort you give to budding writers as well as the well established ones.

    Well – I don’t deny I simply adore your different Stargate universes, but by no means is this all that holds me captive to your writing.

    Can’t imagine I’m alone in this gg.




    • You’re not alone. I came cause the HP stories were recommended to me on FaceBook, but the StarGate shows have always been one of my husband and my favorite shows to watch together so I read that too. Keira actually got me into the Sentinel fandom with her stories as I’ve never watched the source material. Now it’s “Keira wrote it… has to be good then”.

  60. OMG! There’s a marvel section now! You are fast, I missed this yesterday as I had to take some pm migraine pills after I got off work with dinner. Passed out early and spent a miserable night tossing and turning from some soreness in my limbs from a love tap from my own car last week. Hmm, I have some fic to archive for rereading on ao3. Hope your doing well Keira.

  61. Can I ask what the Unspeakable Plot triad will be? (Sorry if this was already mentioned somewhere.)

  62. I fell in love with Sentinels of Atlantis first, but then became addicted to Tangled Destinies… I literally reread them every 3-4 months. Super glad to hear your schedule, but, pretty much, I’ll read whatever you write, whenever you write it 🙂

    Just can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing talent (you really have no idea how happy I get when I see ‘New From Keira Marcos’ in my inbox, it means my day is generally about to get tons better!)

  63. Like so many of the others here- I’m always thrilled to see anything new you’ve written. You’re an amazing writer and I don’t even know how many times I’ve read some of your stories.

    I’m re-reading Ties That Bind and was idly wondering how anyone could be as stupid, self-involved, entitled, and willfully ignorant as Kevin Jordan, then I saw another article on Trump.

    I’m so thankful that you spend so much time on this hobby and share the it with all of us.

  64. Vote for Trump? Oh hell no! Never! To tell the truth I’m scared of every Repub running, they all sound like American Taliban. They are all RINOs compared to the old time Republicans, now they are all just too far right wing.

    I wish people would shut up about what they want you to write. It is so stupid. I’m just happy with whatever you post. I mean I loved Unspeakable Plot as HP/HG but I also love it as HP/HG/DM. I got into your work for SGA but you bad girl, you dragged me kicking and screaming into HP fandom, which I had been avoiding like the plague. Post whatever you feel like writing and I will read quite happily.

  65. We aren’t entitled to your work, and you don’t need to do a goddamn thing for us. We should ALL be grateful that you even bother to host a site and share your writing with us. I’ve been around (mostly silent) for years on your site, and I have no idea why people would be so bold as to tell you how to write/work/speed up/slow down/ what to write, etc. It’s bullshit. I’m just grateful (and giddy) when I can read something new of yours, and thrilled to re-read your stuff in the meantime. It’s some of my favorite fics, some of my go to reading, and I always point new fans over here to read your shit first so they can be ruined by your amazing writing skills. hahaha. (I’m slightly evil myself.) But yeah, you really owe your “fanbase” nothing. So if they’re demanding shit from you, I’m in total agreement that they can go fuck themselves (not that you need my opinion!).

    I love all the fics. I don’t care what’s written when, I just enjoy reading them. (Originally came here Stargate, but have been enjoying everything else!)

  66. I love your works and I’m sorry about the idiots who complain.  I’m glad you consider us important, so hugs to you.  I know some authors who don’t.  And I think I lost what I meant to say there.  Anyway, love you, love your work, and sorry about the morons.

  67. Dreamwriter613

    I don’t think I could ever ask for an update on a specific story…I’m equally addicted to everything you write. I’ll take any update and be happy.

  68. I really wish you were joking about idiots finding you on-line and telling you you should be writing not playing.  Oh My Fucking Thor!  What the ever loving fuck is wrong with people?!

    Thank you for your updates!  I love to hear about what you are working on.  As a Stargate fan, I love that SoA is on the roster of things to work on.  🙂  But, you know, work on whatever feels good at the time.  🙂

  69. I’m 80% sure that SoA was the fic that brought me to your side, which than led to reading ‘The Awakening’ (so, you are responsible for introducing me to the Sentinel fandom – the other 20% think it was ‘The Awakening’ that I read first). so, I actually squeed, when I heard, that you are working on the second season, especially since I’m totally not in the mood for HP lately.

    And a big YEAH! for your Trump comment – sadly I can’t vote, since I’ not from the US. But as a European let me say: If Trump becomes President, the US will be the political laughing stock for the next four years. Also, I would open my small flat for american refugees 😉

  70. Please stay as you are. I have never read something from you that was cruel but I love when you are THE GREAT BITCH is awesome. Thank for sharing.Take care

  71. The Pollyanna side of my brain wants desperately to believe that the world really isn’t so overrun by asshats and would like to think that chiding you ‘should be writing’ is a ham-handed attempt at a compliment.  That, for some reason, people think they are merely underlining the intensity of their admiration and affection that they JUST CAN’T WAIT for more chapters.

    However, I’ve been active in online communities since the 90s (shhhh) and, sadly, know better.  I will never, ever understand the chutzpah of those who demand free(!) goodies on their own schedule.

    Time for a re-read. 😉

  72. I love reading your stories – they always make my day.  In regards to what you say about Donald Trump –

    I’m a Canadian, so no worries about me voting for Donald Trump.  I can’t see how anyone who is black would want to vote for him, as he’s a bigot.  After all he was one of the people who were trying to stop Obama from being president by saying he wasn’t born in the US.  Obama had to show his birth certificate to prove he was born in the US.  No other person has had that happen to him.

    Also if I were a Muslim I wouldn’t vote for him, because no other person has said that he would ban any Muslim from entering the US.  If somehow he does become president, no Arabic country will forget what he said.

    Also if I were of Mexican decent, I wouldn’t vote for him, because no other person has said that not only would he build a wall between the US and Mexico, but he would also have Mexico pay for it.

    Trump is full of himself, and I wish I was an American citizen, just so that I could NOT vote for him.

    Thank you for listening/reading my rant.


  73. Your amazing and anybody who tells you otherwise is a fool.

  74. Nachtrag: I don’t vote for Trump………I am from germany that make it easy ….not to vote. Hopyfully I have  also enough brain not to vote for the AFD. There are in the same bed like Mr.Trump.

  75. I can’t wait for all of it (just re-read everything, so much amazing)! You always give such amazing presents to us!!! Also… thanks so much for that thing about Trump. I’m Canadian and he scares the crap out of all of us up here…

  76. To be fair, your Stargate fans could be 1% of your readership and you’d still have the right to write Sentinels of Atlantis; I don’t think you need to justify what you spend your time writing. Just like you could choose not to write another Stargate story for a year regardless of that 80% and I, as primarily a fan of your Stargate* fics, wouldn’t even think of complaining.

    I mean yes, I love it when you write and post a fic for a fandom or pairing I love, it feels like a gift each time. But you’re not my personal fic-producing machine; I don’t get to prod you and have fic come out, I get to treat you like a person, respect you and your writing, and be happy when you share something I can enjoy. (For instance, Iterum, your Rough Trade story; I had no idea what you’d be writing for RT and when I saw the first chapter posted and read what it was about, I was so excited and happy, felt so lucky you’d chosen a fandom and pairing I love and your premise was so interesting.)

    I guess my point is, I’m sorry you have to put up with demands from people, they should know better. And while I can understand that everyone would love it if you somehow managed to bend time and write even faster, I think your output is already incredibly prolific, and it leaves me a bit awed at times that you can write so fast considering how interesting the ideas you’re writing are, too.

    Also: Thank you! Thank you for still sharing your writing with us, considering everything you have to put up with.

    * While I’m primarily a fan of your Stargate fics, I loved it when you wrote CM and read that, too, and I did expand into reading your HP fics. Even though I’m not a Harry/Hermione fan, I even read those, because I find the way you expanded the Wizarding World fascinating.

  77. Thanks for taking time to update us. I’ll be interested to see how the Triad works with The Unspeakable Plot, which I thought was practically perfect in every way but will no doubt be improved upon.


    Excited to read new Sentinels, too. Has it really been that long since the story was updated? There’s always so much to read here I never really notice.



  78. My lovely lady, I adore you. Yes, I love my McShep and the Sentinel story is easily in the top 5 of my favorite fanfics. (Child of the Storm by Nimbus Llewellen on is up there on the list too, if you love Harry Potter you should check it out.) Like I’ve said to you before, your characterization is superior, your plots exciting, and your work ethic is steady. I dunno how many people I’ve told off for badgering me, but it’s a big number. Badgering only makes me angry and it chases the plot bunnies away. I have stalled stories thanks to murdered bunnies. You just keep on doing it like you do, sweetheart, I’m patient.

  79. I really really love your SGA fics (have not seen a single episode and go into this fandom from other fandoms). It is all to do with me, that I cannot see HP pics other than Harry potter my college day books that I was waiting for desperately. It is the author’s prerogative what they want to write. I will read your SGA pics gladly whenever you write them.


    Thank you again for such lovely stories.


  80. First of all, I take great offense when my favorite authors in any way get harassed, not only because a happy author is a productive author, but because it’s WRONG. No one that reads your work has any right to pressure you, because we don’t give you anything in return and most importantly we don’t pay you.

    Secondly, how stupid are these people? How can they not have notice that you don’t tolerate that shit? How can they think that they have any right to dictate your life? Stupid!

    Thirdly, I also have preferences of what you should write next, but I’m excited to read whatever you post. Because I’m always happy to read anything you write. You’re like a goddess and your fiction is your gift to your believers.

    Many happy wishes to you!

  81. When I read the comments on one of your fics, I always come across someone’s asinine requests for more this or more that. Every time I want to reach out of their computer screen and slap those idiots upside the head! I mean, don’t they realize that you can get pissed off and just take your toys and go home? If they have found a story on your site, then they have no excuse for not knowing the rules. I mean, some people already ruined the ebook thing by posting your work elsewhere (and you are completely justified for locking down your site, I just miss the ebooks for my own selfish reasons).

    Your stories are ones that I go back to again and again. Thank you so much for sharing.

  82. Oh yeah I’m here for SGA and some Rodney/John lovin. I also agree about Donald Trump, but I think if you like Sanders then you better make sure he has a great Vice President. Just look at the man and remember what all the ex-Presidents have said “being President really ages you”.

  83. Lol You are who you are, the fuck we have something to say at this ^^

    But thanks a lot for the Sentinels !!! (even if it hasn’t be 4 years for me, i love rereading it)

    And lucky me i don’t have to vote for the USA ! (not that mines are in anyway better :S )

  84. Looking forward to your updates!

    I know I don’t have ANY writing skills – if I can help in other ways, please feel free to drop a line!

  85. Nozomi_Higurashi

    I come from a long line of bitches too, and applaud you for standing up for yourself. I joke with my mom and sister that they have “super bitch powers” because they’re leaders in their own fields – my sister with victim awareness and my mother with advocating for those with disabilities. And can I say I love you for slamming Trump?

  86. darkdemonicjinn

    Unfortunately, people can be assholes. I just hope their assholery wont keep you from doing what you enjoy doing.

    Some people honestly stun me with their sheer stupidity too. -People complaining about you writing slash fanfic on a clearly marked cock-worshipping site dedicated to worshipping cocks. People who think they have any right to dictate what you do with your time. People who make demands like they are entitled when really all they are entitled too is a kick up the ass. Where the hell do they come from? Is there some kind of moron farm spewing out these pricks?

    its your site, your time you put in, these are your stories. if they don’t like what you do with YOUR time, they can go boil their heads.

  87. I have to be honest that I squealed a bit when you told that the 2nd season of SoA is coming up. It’s one of my absolutely favourite stories and I have read that a lot of times, I lost count some time ago.

    That being said, I adore all of your stories no matter the fandom or wheter it’s het or slash. Actually your superb writing got me reading Hermione/Harry to begin with.

    Also I am just starting to lose faith in common sense and reading understanding… I see people going absolutely bonkers in real life as well as internet and my only conclusion is that people are stupid a lot of times. Common sense is also disappearing. Not so popular opinion when I say it aloud. 😀 My response to that is to just shrug my shoulders and say that it’s true and unfortunately I have to just tolerate it.

  88. Keira,


    You write whatever the hell you want too!   Ignore all those . . . people.   We’ll be glad to read ANYTHING you put out!  You want to take a month off, a year?   It’s your life!  Do what pleases you!!!

    Laughed my rear off on the trump thing . . . hehehe    He doesn’t even deserve capitalization.

    Take care.


  89. You are a brilliant writer, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.  Your SGA fics are fantastic, they are what bought me to your site, your other fandom fics are just the icing on the worlds biggest cake! Even the prospect of new SOA is more exciting than I have words for! I love the results your hobby 🙂

  90. Some of us are cross over fans lol…I blame you for that…As to Trump agreed!!!

  91. Oh dear. There are lots of truely stupid people on this earth (proven by the percentage numbers of trump voters). It would have been so wonderful if that wasn’t true for fanfiction readers but – Well. What always astohishes me is that some fandoms attract them more than others. I always loved to read Sentinel fic but would have never EVER considered writing and posting something. 15 years ago I knew that I was too young and fragile to even post an opinion. The cliques pulverised and practically harrassed writers who didn’t agree with their vision. *shudders* If I remember correctly and don’t confuse my authors you ran afoul of them too.

    HP is another one, maybe because the source material was for children and some people never grow up mentally. They took InCharacter very, very seriously. There were some virtual lynch mobs on the groups who were fex after an author who dared to say that an intoxicated, battle high teenaged wizzard would make out in a toilet. Draco would never do that!!!!!! Howl!!!! Destroy!!!! Rewrite that! Now! Pages and pages of abuse followed.

    it was insane and I doubt it has gotten better with time.

    Sorry, slight rambling. What it boils down to is that I’m somehow absolutely not surprised that HP fans seem to be such a big group of offenders and I’m very thankful that you are sturdy enough to weather those idiots, I just wish you wouldn’t have to. I hope you have a big virtual pyre reserved for those asshats.

    You are a wonderful, nice person. You share your gift. The way you do it is up to you alone.

  92. Stargate! Sentinels! All the things! Just….*happy dance*

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

  93. Thank you for your monthly newsletter…and really I don’t care what you write and when it occurs I treat it as a present every time something you post appears.

  94. crazedcrusader

    1) The only way I would ever vote for Trump is if I was under the Imperius. Even then I might manage to fight it off.


    2) I love your HP stuff BUT I love SoA too, and I keep coming to new fandoms because of you (I watched Sentinel, Inception, Sherlock Holmes and the Star Trek reboot all so I could read your fic). In fact you are the sole reason why I have a Star Trek/Sentinel cross in the works, so thanks for that!

    (Kirk comes online as a Sentinel on Tarsus IV. Bad things happen. I’m pretty excited about it.)


    3) Stuff like that is why I stopped posting. That and the plagiarism.

  95. Nozomi_Higurashi

    *teasing* FYI, you are completely awful for getting me addicted to your writing. *more serious, but still light* I didn’t even LIKE StarGate until I tried reading one of your StarGate fanfictions because I was running out of HP stories to read. I’m almost afraid to touch your Star Trek works. I’m the only member of my family who’s not a Trekkie, and I fear you will convert me. You’re not a Borg Queen, are you? (I DO know the references though. :P)

    • Tangled Destinies is, in my opinion, some of the best work I’ve done — fan fiction and original.

      Nah, not the Borg. I’m way more cultish than that.

      • Nozomi_Higurashi

        *phew* I can deal with that. My friends on deviantArt got me into slash 6 years ago. I told them how awful they were for that and then proceeded to flood them with slash fanfictions of my own making. Being a good girl is just overrated. As is normal. *wicked grin*

  96. ugh … the entitlement some people have …

    i don’t mind waiting on brilliant stories to finish or have their sequel … i just re-read them to pass the time … there’s two or three stories i re-read a million times .. one hasn’t been updated for a decade but i love re-reading it anyway …. for a good story i’ll wait till the end of times … altho if i end up dying before it’s finished i might just come back as a ghost 😀

    • Nozomi_Higurashi

      Might? That’s a definitely for me! Ain’t no way I’ll leave a good story unread! I’m a bibliophile, and I’d more than likely haunt the biggest library I could find!

  97. I look forward to each time I visit this site to see if there is anything new but I love just re-reading anything you have written.  The wait for your stories are so worth it though so kudos to you for putting up with anyone without an iota of patience and thank you for these stories I stay up for which end up with me not sleeping through the night before work because I don’t want to stop reading.

  98. Well, I’m a Stargate and a Harry Potter fan, so whatever you write I will read 🙂 You’re one of those authors that I trust to be so good that it’s worth jumping into a new fandom just to read your stuff, so even if you go branching out, I’ll probably still read it.

  99. Love your stories!  I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Soulmate bond again!  Love your writing, and I appreciate whatever you gift us with!  Thanks again for all you do!

  100. I actually became a fan after reading Tangled Destinies. I still think it was one of the greatest Star Trek fics I have ever read, if not one of my favorite out of any fandom than ever read. After that, I went ahead and read every other piece of work on your site and have since been a devoted worshiper at the Temple of Keira. I am always happy to read anything that you post and when you do not, I am just as happy to go back and reread.


    If people cannot appreciate what an amazing gift it is that you choose to ever share your talent with us, they can go fuck themselves. Though I suppose when someone is that self entitled and selfish, it may be the only recourse that they have;  no one would want to deal with that bullshit and especially not in bed! LOL

  101. I think you can guess from my name which fandom I came here from 😉 But I’ve enjoyed your works from other fandoms, including the ones where I’m less familiar with the source material. I even started reading HP fandom because I liked your Harry/Draco works.

    I am one of many fans who will be looking forward both to new chapters of Sentinels and the Unspeakable Triad. Or whatever your muses prompt you to write.

    As for Trump, as a British person I don’t have a vote anyhow, but I would generally vote for the less bigoted candidate unless the other person was batshit crazy or deeply corrupt.

  102. Not that it’s by any means needed, but I believe you rock just as you are. Please continue doing as you wish and ignoring the entitled asshats.

    Another slogan? I hadn’t seen that one. I find slogans can be rather two-faced in that the meaning they tote forgets the harm imposed on the individual involved in holding the supposed standard. There’s kindness and then there’s harming yourself emotionally or mentally to keep the peace. Let’s not have anyone do that. Cynical, aren’t I?

    Songs are much better in their complexity. I like the song Humble and Kind for the specificity of the situations it gives, but I don’t consider that an applicable standard for actually living. It’s more a nostalgic sentiment based on past familial stories and relations. Or The Sound in the Silence, which is commentary on people’s inability to communicate. The political debates could use that as their theme song or since I like the song and don’t want it ruined by association, a silencing spell/vocal paralysis gas when they get extremely ridiculous? Trump in a debate hit by a silencing spell….. Hmm. To not have to hear his latest cockup or blink in dumbfounded horror when I do hear about it. Choices. Choices. If only.

  103. Came here for The Sentinel… stayed for almost everything else. I started watching Atlantis because of you! I’d caught SG-1, but never Atlantis… and that’s on Hulu know. Bye bye free time!

    I was curious if you’d eventually bring more of your stories to EBook format. But really I get that this is your hobby, and it’s not your job to convenience me.

    As for Trump… fuuuuuu… I went to one of his rallies because it was being held less than half a mile from my house, and I was curious. Bad idea. When he finally arrived and started talking I just wept. My family immigrated to Canada during WWII, and later my grandparents moved themselves and their kids to the US. The whole thing terrifies me, and the hatred that was just pouring off the crowd broke my heart.

    Btw… my grandpa said he’s freaked out by Trump because he remembers being a kid and seeing the newsreels of Stalin. He says their mannerisms are nearly identical. *Shudders*

    Off that lovely topic… thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. Your writing is a freaking delight.

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