July 2016 Newsletter

Hi All,

I finished my read through on Sentinels of Atlantis and made my final tweaks to the overall plot arc for season 2. I’ve got a few dangling pairings and some world building to do on the political front for Earth but I’m pretty happy with my finalized plans which I’d honestly hoped to have done by the first of May (that obviously didn’t work out).

I finished the rough draft of the story I outlined in my May 8, 2016 podcast (Plot Drift: What if James Potter left Britain with his family?) and it sort of … well. Let’s just say that what came out of it was inspired but that plot drift and leave it at that. The first draft is around 51k but I expect to increase by at least 25% during the second draft stage and that’s before it enters beta. Since we’re in challenge now and we’ll be in challenge again in November, I don’t expect to put this particular story (currently untitled) into beta until the very end of the year. Well, unless I break something. That being said I have no intention of posting this particular book until the other two books in the trilogy are in the rough draft stage. There are a lot of moving parts and keeping my plot tight for the whole project means nothing gets published until everything is written.

We’re a couple of days past the half-way point for Rough Trade, and I’ve finished two of my stories (links below). This challenge is interesting to me because I came into hyper-motivated and blasted through my first stories so fast that I kind of burned myself out.

I’ll be finishing my final story either this evening or tomorrow for the challenge and of the three — it’s my least favorite for the challenge due to world building revelations I had around the Sentinel/Guide concept and Harry Potter’s canon childhood. Regardless, it’ll be finished shortly, and I’m uncertain if it will ever be available on my site in its current form so if you want to read Duality — you should probably haul ass over to Rough Trade and read it before the clean off date. This Rough Trade has been very successful across the board both with a lot of completed stories AND reader participation. So thanks!

The Russian translation for Affinity has been posted here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7333960

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Keira Marcos

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  1. Looking good Keira!


  2. Thanks for letting us know. I’m extremely excited to see the fallout of the blue light on Sentinels of Atlantis.

  3. Thanks for your current RT, ‘Duality’; it’s proving a very interesting, and sometimes, thought-provoking read…. I especially like Kingsley Shacklebolt’s threats about illegally reviving Evil-dore using a necromancer…. *EVIL GRIN*

    • Listening to your podcast about the “James leaves the country” story; and your agonising about Horcruxes. I double-super-secret dare you to call ’em “whore crutches”, like Bobmin(I think…?) did in a HP/X-Men crossover…..

  4. quirkypineapple

    Awesome!  Thank you for the update.  I don’t think I ever read your newsletter, bad on me.  Thank you for all that you do.

  5. I just want to say please don’t break anything! We’ll wait to read the book/s. 😉  Also, very excited about the ramp-up for the second season of Sentinels of Atlantis.  Very. Excited.  😀

    Thanks so much, Keira!

  6. Hi Keira,

    I’m actually in the middle of listening to the pod cast about killing off Rachel Edwards. About the going Dormant thing, It relates back to something in the show in which there was a women with the heightened senses who is amoral and ends up trying to kill Blair and later is in a permanent coma and that’s the basis of the Dormant idea

  7. Thanks Keira.  I always look forward to your updates and the tempting [very large] morsels to come.  I continue to be awed by your output while also being very jealous that I can’t produce anything even close to your quality and quantity! (That’s enough butt kissing.Ed)



  8. Thank you for the Sentinel of Atlantis. It has been a recent discovery for me, and I am grateful for more.

  9. Thank you for letting us know what’s on your plate.  You are one busy, busy person. 🙂

  10. Somehow missed the start of this rough trade and spent all morning reading through! Fantastic as always, and I can’t wait to see how you wrap up Duality! Hope to one day see it on the website as I am quite enjoying it 🙂 Also loved how Wrath was put together. Perhaps we will see more of that relationship in the future? Your work is always amazing, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  11. I am so looking forward to having more Sentinels of Atlantis to read. Looking for Sentinel fusions was how I discovered your site in the first place!


  12. wondering about the harry potter and soulmate bond saga gonna start again.

    p.s just wondering, thanxs

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