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Sometimes I hate my brain because it never stops. Just about half way through my NANO story, I came to realize that my structure is deeply flawed. This comes from a creator perspective because I’m not getting there in the writing and by “there” I mean I’m not seeing the story develop the way I wanted it to develop. The premise is a lot bigger in my head than what I’ve been able to put down in real, actual words. 

Since I don’t want to hate the project (because I’m really in love with the premise), I’m suspending the story on Rough Trade. I’ll continue to work on it but it’ll mostly be restructuring and the like because I would like to shift the structure into a novella series format (like What Might Have Been) though I briefly considered a full on episode format today – I think the novella mini-series will allow me to go deep on different topics in the ‘verse and really explore my characters and the planet they will make their home.

I’m a little disappointed to step back from RT this month but I always strive to make emotionally healthy choices for myself as a writer. I can’t say I always did but it’s something I’ve learned along the way because the only other option is to abuse yourself and your work for absolutely no legitimate reason.

Oh, head’s up for you everyday users — I’ll be doing some site reorganization so you’ll probably notice a mess now and again through the end of the year. If you need a specific story, just use the search box.

So, that’s that, I guess. 

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In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. While I love what I’ve read so far on RT if you’re not happy with it, then I can only say, “your story, your rules”. You’re doing it for fun, and the fic shouldn’t be a chore or something you hate. You’ve given me a lot of joy over the years, and the comfort of coming back and reading one of my old favorites here, when that’s sometimes all I can hang onto, is just beyond measure. So– thank you. And do what’s best for you.

  2. I’m thrilled you’re not abandoning the story, because I’m totally in love with the premise too.

  3. I totally appreciate you sharing you world building process – it was so informative and educational. I am sure taking a step back and working through the process from a different angle will make this world even more fantastic!

  4. It’s an awesome premise, like nothing I’ve read before. I’m sure that whatever and whenever you end up doing with it, it will be brilliant! Thanks for all you do!

  5. I have really enjoyed this story. But you being happy to write it always comes first.

  6. Nearly cried when I noticed Synthetic was missing but indeed – your amazing creativity – your rules – and you do what you have to do to make it something you love!

    So original! The stargate familiarity made it sweet but honestly the premis could be made into its own separate from fandom story (course I think that of all your fics – why twilight fanfic made into book stores and all your works haven’t is a crime šŸ™‚ )

    Thank you for all that you do!

  7. I haven’t read it yet, but I can say that for myself, if I’m working on something and I just can’t get in the groove, I walk away from it for awhile. And isn’t Rough Trade the place to explore and have fun? šŸ™‚

  8. I love the universe you’ve created with your RT project and I’m sure when you’re ready to share your restructured version that I’ll love it even more. Great writing is worth waiting for after all.

  9. I enjoyed the premise of your RT story quite a bit, so I am (selfishly) glad to see it’s not being abandoned. That being said, I have had to make similar decisions and while they weren’t my favorites, they were for the best. Good luck with it-I do hope you find the path that best suits your vision.

  10. Does suspended mean gone completely from Rough Trade? Because I was catching up on what you had already posted when it all vanished and I wasn’t sure if that was because you had taken it down or because of the site reorganization.

    As always, your work is amazing!

  11. Thanks for the heads up and explanation of your RT offering. I am grateful for whatever writers choose to share of their art. You have many other amazing stories available on your site.

  12. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your story. Hope you find the format that works for you.

    Question: have you ever had a story idea that just begged to be written, then you get into and realize you have no idea what comes next? Like the story just gets up and walks away? I had a Nano idea a couple years ago, knew what I wanted to write, but had no idea how to get where I wanted. It’s infuriating, I miss writing, and can only manage a drabble here and there. I’ve wanted to do one of your RT prompts, but something always gets in the way. Maybe I should try your little prompt thingies.

    • I’ve had ideas fizzle out — yeah. I mean I think we all have. There have also been times when I’ve had an idea that I thought was one thing and it turned out to be another.

  13. I’m sorry to hear that you were having trouble. šŸ™ I hope things flow easier for you after restructuring it. Thank you for sharing the story and world building with us!

  14. I’m glad that your NaNo project will come back in some form; I loved the premise and what you’d written, but I can see how a restructure and a series of shorter stories would be a better fit for exploring the concepts and implications.

    Since Rough Trade has a no questions policy, I’ll ask here – is there any way to find other works by a Rough Trade author? I’ve found a couple new authors on the site whose stories I love, but I can’t find them under those pen names anywhere else.

    • Sometimes, if they’re comfortable they have links to various places in their author profile on RT. If they don’t and aren’t using a name on RT that corresponds with a user name on a major archive — then they aren’t interested in being found or they’re only posting on RT.

  15. Sorry to hear that Synthetic wasn’t going as you wished it to. Hope that the restructure you have in mind works well. Thank you for sharing what you had written.

  16. By all means, do what is best for you as a writer. As the beneficiary of your wonderful writing, I have no cause to complain. Gee, longer, better product? I’m quite willing to wait!

  17. I’ve always been amazed at how many people are able to basically write in chronological order. I’m fairly sure that if I were to write something, there would be a ton of jumping around and inserting/deleting earlier scenes and it would not work for serialized posting at all.

    Which is to say, sometimes you just gotta work on it for yourself without posting incomplete parts. I look forward to seeing it when you’re done.

  18. While I’m sad not be exploring your fascinating world as it develops, I completely applaud your decision to do what is best for you as a writer. I look forward to seeing what comes out of everything in the future and in the meantime will satisfy myself rereading all your other work!

  19. Like everyone else has been saying, do what’s right for you! Synthetic is exceedingly amazing, but I am more than happy to wait until you get the chance to redevelop it to find more! For now, I’ll just enjoy rereading your older stuff, and what’s being shared on RT šŸ™‚

  20. Thanks for the heads up, Keira. Reading works from Rough Trade over the years has been an eye opening experience for me. I’m much more appreciative of the effort that writers put into their works and am grateful to be allowed to view the fruits of their labor. Thank you for everything you do, including your own wonderful writings and creating this type of safe space for others.

  21. Love the universe you created, when you are happy with the format and release it again I’ll enjoy reading this verse. Thank you for sharing always.

  22. It’s vexing for you that your story doesn’t behave like you would prefer it did. But as is so often the case I’m fascinated by getting the inside look to the writing process. Not only from you but from others as well.
    So thank you for not only sharing the finished awsome product, but also the growing pains. It is very encouraging.

  23. greywolfthewanderer

    hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, and if it wasn’t working, well, then you need to make it something that does work, however and whenever that may be. it was great reading along, so I will keep an eye out for it. and the worldbuilding you shared was absolutely fascinating. I love a good session of worldbuilding, and found it very interesting to watch you do it.

    onward thru the fog, no?

  24. Thank you for the information about your RT story.

  25. I am very thankful I read the new stories every day so that I got to experience your story before you took it down. I am sorry it did not work for you. I was enjoying it; the premise, the characters, the world you built, but then as a reader I don’t pick up on flawed structure or concepts. You are the artist and if your vision is not working for you, well I will just have to understand…sigh. I am happy to hear that you will try to work on it with a different structure, so look forward to a future post someday.

  26. I’m sorry to hear about your story, but if it’s not working for you, then you have to do what you feel is right. Thank you for letting us know.

  27. It takes a huge amount of self discipline to be able to step back and realise that sort of thing. Especially with a story you love.

    The novella sounds awsome though, and could be really easily turned into original fiction. Take all the time you need and know we’ll still love it.

  28. Sad that I don’t get to read more of your work this month.

    Ecstatic that it means I’ll end up reading a whole shitload more in this universe.

    End result: YAY Keira continuing to be awesome.

  29. I just found the project last night, and read it like a house afire. Fantastic concept, unlimited scope. (Gene Roddenberry called it the “Thousand Worlds” scenario – so many places and directions to go!) Totally understand why it has to wait – but man, I was having so much FUN.

  30. I really like the premise and am glad you’re going to continue working on the story. I have friends who have done NANO and some of them have realized while dedicating themselves so completely to one story they are able to see more clearly how they’d like it to grow and change. It may be a good idea, but need to grow into something other than what they thought.

    If you’re satisfied with where you take the story, that’s the most important thing.

  31. I have enjoyed what you posted so far. I hope to see it again when you are ready to work on it and satisfied by what you have. The worldbuilding in this was/is fabulous. It was/is something I can totally buy into. The only comment I have on putting it aside is, you do what’s right for you. Your site and stories have given me so much pleasure in reading. Thanks for that.

  32. I totally relate. Sometimes the angle is wrong and you find out too late. But I’ve had a great time riding the wave, so thanks.

  33. Hon,
    Whatever you write or whenever… It does not matter, I, your minion, will always wait for you!
    While waiting, I have no problem reading any of your stories while waiting, and some of the stories for the… fifth or sixth time… STILL GOLDEN!
    Thank you for making my days over and over again!

  34. While I am sad to hear you are having trouble with the story, it is, as everyone else has noted, your story and I am glad you are doing whatever is healthy for you. Your work is absolutely fantastic and is always a pleasure to read, no matter if it’s the first or the fifty-first time. I look forward to seeing this story in whatever form it will take in the future as well as all the other lovely works you put up here. As always, thank you for sharing with is, your loyal minions/cult members.

  35. I’m afraid I’ve been so wrapped up in my own fic that I only discovered today that you’ve withdraw, so sorry.

    It’s been a real privilege to watch you develop your world in ‘Synthetic’ and I’ve learnt a lot from what you’d already done. I do hope that you can work out what you want and need to do with the story as the entire premiss was amazing.

    Thank you for sharing what you have, and I wish you the best of luck moving forward with it.


  36. The very LAST thing you could possibly need or even consider requiring in any way is the approval of your readers in order to postpone a piece you’re working on.
    That said, I am personally glad that you are such in tune with your writing that you are able to realize that you’re not happy and it’s not just the plot or characters being difficult. Most times, we don’t see these problems since you usually post complete works.
    When – and if – you get the plot and characters to work the way you envision – even if it wasn’t what you originally planned – at least, I’ll still be waiting to read it. And I’m sure that there will be lots of others happy for the ‘new’ material.

  37. Sorry to hear that Synthetic is going to take more time, but I am sure it will be amazing when you are ready to share it again. I love the world you created, and will patiently wait for our next glimpse.

    Regarding site changes, you used to have a section on your home page with links to your links for other author’s stories (which I was working through very slowly). Will you be sharing that with us again?

    Thanks for all you do – both writing outstanding stories and coordinating RT et al.

  38. Yes! That is it! Thank you very much!

    The link used to be at the bottom of your home page etc. Have you placed it somewhere else during the site changes?

  39. I love the look of the site, pretty cool. Reading your stories are a joy, so I wish you joy and fulfillment in the writing!

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