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My brain is all over the place and my writing is certainly been impacted by it. I mean, seriously, I think one word and another comes out of my mouth or gets typed out. It’s crazy and I know a thing or two about “making insane”. I’m looking forward to July and the new Rough Trade challenge but I can’t guarantee my rough draft is going to make any damn sense.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated recently to help pay the hosting fees for Rough Trade and the Wild Hare Project. I really appreciate every single dollar! 

New Fiction

Damage Control (Hold My Coffee)

Works in Progress

I’ve been working through various ideas in a few fandoms but nothing concrete since I’m avoiding getting too invested in any single idea so I won’t have a problem switching gears for the challenge. 

Recently, I received a piece of feedback that was essentially a complaint about the number of works in progress that I have that have come from Rough Trade. It’s bullshit really since that person apparently has no clue how I function as a writer. I have…over a hundred works in progress. Rough Trade challenges don’t make much of a dent in that particular pile of work. The only difference is that readers get a glimpse of material I produce on RT. That’s it.

Rough Trade July 2017

You can check out my RT project here

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Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. thorins_mistress

    OMG I wish people would stop letting stupid crap come out of their mouth! Keira, thank you for SHARING your craft with us! You are one of maybe a half-dozen authors that I will even read any more because you are that awesome and have spoiled me with your characters, world-building, and writing skills.

    I totally understand feeling insane – my brain feels like it moving 8 million miles an hour while my body is stuck in neutral. πŸ™

  2. Please do not pay attention to stupid comments. Block them and move on . I really, really appreciate you sharing your wonderful stories and I am thankful that you choose to continue posting at all. Thanks again.

  3. I love your work.

    Asshats really need to leave Keira alone and should go away!

  4. I’m excited for your rough trade work – even if you think it will be particularly rough, the concept seems great – thanks for letting us see your ideas so early in the process.

    Sorry people are complaining, its great to me that you share your ideas early sometimes. Just wish I could see more of it since its all good.
    Thanks for keeping your readers in the loop.

    Also, as long as I’m commenting, I’m still really loving the Hold My Coffee series, and I can’t wait for whatever else comes out of it when you get back to it after the challenge (assuming its not done for now).

  5. There was once an English comedian called Stanley Unwin who made a very good living out of talking what he called ‘Unwinese’. Do a google search for him or play a YouTube thingy. There’s nothing wrong with your brain, you’re just developing your own language!

    I’m looking forward to RT and your RT project in particular. It’s an intriguing idea and it’s John and Rodney. What’s not to like?


  6. Oh, FFS, not again! Listen, People-who-write-stupid-shit-to-Keira, just STFU will you? It’s none of our business what she writes, when she writes or whether she chooses, repeat CHOOSES, to publish any of it. If she decides to take her bat & ball home we’re all going to know who to blame. Even if we were going out buying her books from a shop, it STILL wouldn’t be our business. Her publisher might get a voice in that scenario, but not US.

    I have done it before, but I think of MY hobby (well, the other one), knitting. I must currently have 8-10 projects on the go and at least 2 more I want to start. Not all of them will get finished, some have been sitting about for a long time and may well continue to languish as I get distracted by the new, shiny pattern I just spotted. Not one has a deadline because I don’t often do that to myself. Very occasional gift knitting, but mostly, no. NOBODY gets to tell me what to knit. The only person who gets to put pressure on me is me, and even then we’re gonna have words, because that’s not healthy frankly.

    Keira writes for FUN. Just because she’s so good at it doesn’t mean she wants it to become like a chore. I totally got it when she said the last challenge on RT was a bit of a pain because she actually wanted to keep on writing in the Hold My Coffee series. If I were her, I would have completely given in to that impulse, just like this afternoon I am going to cast on ANOTHER new pattern despite having all these unfinished ones. I get to do whatever I want and so does she.

    Keira, I am so sorry you have this constant flow of idiocy coming at you. Forgive the rant, but it’s a case of put it here or just yell at the wall! I think the majority of us DO get it. Do get that you can do whatever you want and we just love seeing what that turns out to be, regardless. Please, just continue to enjoy your craft. If you feel like sharing it, great, but it’s for you not for us so do what makes you happy. Best wishes and thank you.

  7. I’m an all grown up adult, I enjoy well written adult stories. I love your world building Keira, and I thoroughly enjoy the sheer range of your imagination, and the lives and scenarios you create for the characters in all those different worlds.
    I look on each chapter you publish as a gift πŸ™‚

    It’s all too often an instant ‘gimme now’ world these days, but good writing, editing and publishing takes it’s own sweet time, and rest of life needs attending to as well.
    I think some people need to learn to be thankful for what they have already been given.
    Hopeful encouragement is one thing, but one doesn’t nag the author to gift more or chastise them for
    not fulfilling the wishes of an individual reader.

    Thank you for the presents, Ms Marcos πŸ˜€ they’re very much appreciated
    kind regards,

  8. I’ve found that a lot of readers can be really entitled. It’s one of the reasons I stopped writing fiction because instead of proper reviews all I would get is ‘when’s the next part coming?’. They think that your whole purpose in life is writing fanfic and don’t accept/understand that you have other things going on in your life or might be blocked/uninspired by that particular story at the moment.

    I confess I myself am not much for commenting/reviewing because I suffer quite badly with social anxiety (even online!) and never know what to say but I wanted to leave a message letting you know that there are plenty of us out there who appreciate all the work you do writing/maintaining these sites/settng up challenges, etc. I have read a single fic of yours that I didn’t enjoy. At this point I don’t even really care what fandom you write in – I’m reading it either way πŸ™‚

  9. Ignore others criticism, unless they have a valid point. In this particular situation, they don’t. Remember, those who can, do. those who can’t complain about those who can. Screw those who are complaining without merit. If they don’t like what you do, they don’t have to come to your site.

  10. Jennifer_Carroll

    I’m genuinely astounded that anyone would presume to have, much less express, an opinion about how many and which stories you should be working on.

  11. Huh. So their complaint really was that you’re too smart, too imaginative, too creative, too…what? Amazing.

  12. I may not always like some of the stuff that you write but that is just my opinion. Though I love most of the stuff that you write. I would never tell you that something is crap or that you should change the way you write. You are, and have been for many years, one of my favorite authors. Everything that I do read is the best. You just have a way with writing that not everyone can equal. I believe that if you don’t like something then you should just not read it and keep your mouth shut about it. People that can’t keep their mouths shut, I believe, should not have the right to leave you comments. I may not comment often, but the stories that I do read have been better then most books that I have read in the past. Please keep up on the wonderful work that you do. You are an amazing writer.

  13. You know, I started and deleted several comments about the idiot that upset you and how your way of writing one or a hundred stories at the same time is no one’s business but your own. So that’s the way your proverbial muse works. Personally, I am very glad that you are willing to post to the web what you have written. So the motivation today or this week or even this hour is to work on a previously started story or to clean up this near-completed piece or maybe start something entirely new that was sparked by an idea like the gender-bending you explored. That is your business. Our business – or at least on my part – is to savor every morsel.
    Oh, and sorry to hear about your headache.

  14. Telzey Amberdon

    Ha! Your rough stuff is about a thousand times more interesting than other writers’ finished product. I never read Harry Potter until I started to read it when I read your HP stuff. I never read Sentinel fic until I started to read it when I read your Sentinel stuff.


  15. I completely understand about thinking one word and saying another! At first I never even knew I did it until I started getting strange looks.

    Of course there’s always where the whole brain to mouth filter doesn’t work but that’s something completely different…and entertaining.

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