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I’ve got a full plate! It’s always best to be kept busy and I’m certainly managing that this month (and for the next few months on top of that).  Rough Trade is in full swing for April and the Quantum Bang has been very successful so far. We had 25 projects come in for the art claim which is stunning! We didn’t expect that many to be completed by May ;-). We’re super proud of all of you guys. I can’t wait to start reading. Even more are finished or will be finished for the second art claiming in May. You guys are just awesome!

I’ve some more original works on the plate as well including one about a lightkeeper who gets a summer assistant he’s not sure he can handle. It will be gay historical. I’ve had a great time researching lighthouses. Also I’m noodling Synthetic and trying to rework the concept with original characters after my total fail to write it as an SGA fusion. I’ll have to scrap all the work I’ve written since I don’t want to “scrub” it and present it as original which isn’t totally terrible since I don’t like what I wrote anyways.

Happy Spring!

New Original Work

Cover Art by Kelly Martin

Coming April 15, 2019 from Cobblestone Press
Henri Shaw joins the Pleasure Club for the fun of it, but he longs to explore his deeper sexual desires. His Pleasure Master gives him everything he asks for and exactly what he needs. When the fantasy is over, Henri’s reality is no longer enough.

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Rough Trade – Take Two 2019

I’ve finished my first chapter of my RT project and I’m about half way through my second. Sprinting on Discord is amazeballs for productivity. I’m back in Stargate: Atlantis for my project which is called Finding Atlantis. I’ve restricted myself to two povs – John and Sebastian which is making for an interesting dynamic in the story telling since Sebastian is 10 and John is fumbling through new fatherhood. This story is the sequel to The Bridge which is here on my site which I wrote in 2016 as a response to a prompt in the Workshop on Rough Trade. You can check out my project here.

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New Fan Fiction Works

New Art

Fasi0n made me some new Harry Potter mood boards and Krani drew Ally and Theseus! You can see more art in the art galleries.

Small Magic by Fashi0n That Old Black Magic by Fashi0n Lantean Legacy: Avatars of the city by Krani

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  1. I thought Synthetic was a cool concept for SGA.

  2. So I’m feeling dumb, I’m excited you’re going to do more SGA and wanted to reread Synthetic and it sounds super familiar but I’m drawing a complete blank. I’ve looked around and I can’t find it (I don’t think I remember enough to look properly) where is it?

  3. LOVE the new layout! I was just reading and switched to the next page when everything went black and changed…like magic! Lol. I live in the Oregon coast, so I got lighthouses coming outta my behind. There’s one about ten minutes away and another about an hour north…And I think one about fifteen minutes from where I work.

  4. Love the new website layout.

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