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I’ve settled pretty well on Discord for podcast recording. It certainly seems to be working better for the people who can listen to the live shows as well. We’ve also been recording some podcasts without a chat audience and the first Conversation (Jilly Plots her Shifts ‘Verse) is live. We have several others but they’re Quantum Bang related and will have to wait until after those stories are published next year.

The podcast is now fully syndicated as far as I can tell. If I’m not hitting a major service/app you prefer feel free to comment here and let me know. I’ll certainly try to get my RSS feed fed into it. You can use the podcast player on my site as well without impacting my bandwidth at all so no worries on that front.

I’m still thinking and planning on my essay series and I’ve nearly finished a “ritual magic” kit for writers which I think will be really fun for HP fans. I’m still working on Small Magic. The battle of the five armies was honestly a poor choice on my part as the end game for that fic. I probably won’t be able to do a complete blackout on Fluff Bingo but I just one fic left to get a bingo at least so it’ll probably be a Harry/Hermione short.

I’ve plotted my QB for 2020 and my RT story for November so I’m pretty set on that front. I’ve been thinking about various ideas in regards to next year The Sentinel premise. I know I’m doing a Rule 63 fic for the Layers challenge in November 2020. April is an established relationship fic which might result in a sequel to one of my previous Sentinel fusions because I have many. I’m utterly on the fence about July of next year though since those will be 2 bonding fics. It is my jam but I’ve written various bonding fics for my OTPs already so I might go for a rare pairing for at least one just to get a little variety in my life.

New Fiction

New Art, etc

I received some gorgeous art over the summer:

The Bartered Queen is currently just an excerpt on the EAD community:
The Bartered Bride Part 1
The Bartered Bride Part 2

I also created some art for my QB story – Unleash Your Demons:

DebMorrisey made me this awesome playlist for Iterum:

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  1. I saw that “Unleash Your Demons” was posted on your site now and told myself I wasn’t going to read it again right now since I’ve already read it multiple times on the QB site… And then, you posted the artwork of Nebula’s magazine cover and I find myself opening the story in a separate tab to immerse myself in all over again. The magazine mock-ups are fabulous companions to the story world.

    Also, I love your candidness in regards to your choices for Small Magic.

  2. Ummm…what’s Rule 63? I’m sure I saw that somewhere. Sorry if you’ve already answered it.

  3. Bonding option = #Branet??????
    If you’re thinking rare pair…
    Can you tell which podcast I was listening to on the drive to my parents? *grin*

    Seriously, though, anything you write is awesome, and I’ll be grateful for whatever you decide to share with us.

    Looking forward to all of the challenges above. Thank you for organizing them!

  4. Will u be continuing Tangled Destinies? Love your writing!!!! You rock!

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