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I’m all about the McKay/Sheppard pairing.

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  1. Diva0789 (Michelle)

    yay!…and for the record…if you ever decided to risk dropping yourself in the farscape ‘verse..i will so follow you down that rabbit hole!

  2. I have read “what might have been” 3 times since Wednesday, by far the best fanfiction series I have ever read. I apologise for the one thing I don’t like Jack/Sam really yucky on all levels much prefare Jack/Daniel and this from a straight female. once again thank you for a brilliant read

    • Normally, Sam&Jack squicks me as much as MPreg. You avoided that squick, though, ’cause Sam’s NOT military or under Jack’s command, so my only wish would be that you’d made Daniel a more visible character. You do such a good job of the rest, and he’s my favorite so I’d like to see him, too…

      LOVE Sebastian! I think he needs to learn more languages, though: Daniel would be a great teacher for that… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hiya,

    I agree that Jack/Daniel would not have worked in this series, unless surrogate from Jack. I am off ill at the moment and I am about to read again.

    i noticed the time difference, just so you know you have fans from Liverpool, England

  4. I love all your stories and am absolutely head over heels about the Ties That Bind seies. Thanks so much for a great read. Looking forward to more…and more…and more.

  5. I really like how you’ve set this page up. ๐Ÿ™‚ So far, I love all of your Stargate fic, even things I swore I’d never read, like Sentinel Fusion/crossovers. And you’ve made me love Sheppard & Cadman together. You’ve even made me like Keller & truly enjoying BDSM-universe fic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a heads up that the link to Secrets goes to Monsters Inc.

  6. I have just submitted my comment after reading your latest instalement and as I came out I had another look at the photographs. They are just brilliant especially James Woods. Some of them I do not know as I have not knowingly seen them. It reminds me of the game my brother and I use to play years ago in the 80s we read our Dad’s Alistar Maclean books and we use to play which actor would best be suited to which character, Thank you for that really good memory

  7. You are so totally made of win! That’s my new catch phrase. Hope you don’t mind. Can’t wait for the next update on any of your stories.

  8. I read each and every of your fanfics and I’ve decided that it’s time to say something. ^^

    girl, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!^^

    you are one of THE most amazing writers ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally love your style of writing, your character developments, your plot bunnies (heck, I love that word XD) and the people you ‘cast’ for the characters.^^

    btw, congrats on the awards!!! you deserve them!!

    now, keep going *waving pom poms* ^^ and I’m SO looking forward to your updates. ^^


  9. So much like the comment above mine I’ve been lurking for a little bit (since Harder To Breathe installment of Ties that Bind)and since then I’ve read… well pretty much everything that you’ve written on here. So rather than commenting on everything seperately I decided to comment here.

    Your fiction has this ability to start me reading and then keep me reading into the wee hours of the morning, and I will admit once through the night, much to the dismay of both my academics and my room mate.

    Ties That Bind, is normally not my kink at the levels that you write at, but I could live in that universe, very happily.

    What Might Have Been, was the one that I stayed up through the night to read so… yeah.

    I liked The Sentinels of Atlantis so much that I researched the show and actually started to watch. It also spured me to read The Awakening which had my throat tight more than once and clicking the “next” button faster than I ever have.

    Everything you write has this amazing down to earth quality and a humour that I love. The characterization is phenomenal and the whole of every story feels like it should be in places other than just the internet.

    I could ramble on for the rest of the night on what I think but I think I’ll end this by just saying that I love everything that you’ve written, and I’ll probably be a fangirl of your’s for life ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Well there is no question about it… I am addicted to your site. I have read all the work you have posted more then once. But I can say that I find something new in the stories each time I read them. You are one of the few writers that try to build the world your characters live in and not just drop them into a timeline made from a cookie cutter. Love the kink that you bring to SGA… what a breath of freash air. keep at it and ignore anyone that stands in your way. Looking forward to further chapters.

  11. Michelle(Diva0789)

    Can’t Wait For More…And I Love The New Layout!!! (lol, i actually popped on to the site, like, mid change….back when it was red…then black…now its BLUE!!!)

  12. Love your work…..each new story a decadent pleasure to be relished, bookmarked and revisited whenever I’m in the mood to enjoy a good read. May your muse be fruitful and your typing fingers tireless! Thank you for sharing your gift.

  13. I was wondering if there was any way that I could get or put your stories in pdf format? I am so in love with all of your work, and I would love to be able to read them off line.

    • I have plans for that but it’s a lot of work. Ties That Bind is actually in the hands of a professional editor with a PDF edition in mind. I have a big PDF of What Might Have Been in the works but I’m slowly going through it to correct the typos and stuff.

      • Awesome!! I mean seriously I really love your work. So I shall content myself with the knowledge that I will get them on pdf sometime. Awesome again. Thanks!!

        • That’s wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work. I am pleased beyond all reason that you share your talent with us.

  14. Hey i am sure your probably aware, but just in case you aren’t, the links for your stories are a bit screwy. The main page for WMHB doesn’t work and links for other stories/series/parts go to completely different stories/series/parts. Just thought i’d let you know.

    • The site index on the left side menu is “categories” so if you click on What Might Have Been There– you’re going to get the entire category –everything ever posted in that category the newest first.

      The established pages (menu at top of the site) works like normal and I haven’t had any problems browsing though the stuff there.

  15. Dear Lady Keira,

    I have a confession to make.
    I just went into ‘Dark Places…’ and tried to read it…
    ’cause you know, you wrote it so it must be awesome…
    But I couldn’t even get two paragraphs in… all I could think was *HET HET HET* argh….

    So I thought I should apologise… I’m sure it’s brilliant, I just can’t make myself read it.
    Really, even most of my paperbacks are slash. But I just couldn’t do it… not even for the promise of McKay/Lorne.

    I’m sorry…


    P.s. On another note, I’m not sure if you read het paperbacks or not. But I totally sugest reading the big arse series by Janet Evanovich – the ‘Stephanie Plum’ series… Hehe, all I do is laugh when I read this, Steph is just so adorably hopeless.

  16. For the record, I love all your stories and I don’t say it enough. I just wanted to say that I got into Stargate by reading fanfiction and never saw an episode (despite the fact that I know ALOT about the series from fanfic) until yesterday. And I just had to say that Stargate: Atlantis has replaced Firefly as my favorite series. And Rodney and John are REALLY hot…

    ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your stories again – they made me finally get off my ass and actually watch the show.


  17. You forgot to put the latest stand alone story in the stand alone section. It’s in this page but not in the stand alone page.

  18. I’m hoping that the wonderful Keira or one of her fantastic fans can help me. Since the website changed, I can’t pull the stories up on my cellphone anymore. I get a message about scripts and the stories don’t load. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

    • I’ve checked and the “mobile” view is active. What kind of phone do you have? I was able to pull the site up on mine.

      • I have a HCT Touch from Sprint. It’s an older model. I can still view Wraithbait and other sites. It’s only yours that won’t work. The problem could very well be user error – but If so, I have no idea what I’ve done. I appreciate your help, and let me take a moment to joing the looonnnnnnggggggg list of readers who have gushed about how fantastic you are! I adore your work and am insanely grateful that you choose to share with us. Thank you!

        • It could be that my new template is running scripts your browser can’t support. Can your browser be updated?

          • I’m not sure, but I can find out! Thanks for steering me in the right direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Eternus Discipulus

            …drool… A girl that speaks tech, you’ve gotta love that! If you drink beer and ride a big hunkin motorbike i want to make babies….

  19. You know, I blame you. Completely. You see, I was reading Awakening… for the fourth time… when I noticed in the comments the words Sentinels of Atlantis. Well, I don’t read SGA, but I will read crossovers, so I decided to check it out. Before I could get there though, I ran across the summary for Ties That Bind and something said I had to read it. And I did. Then I went and read What Might Have Been. Then Sentinels of Atlantis. Then I read them all again. Then I went to find more SGA fic.

    Xanthe, who got me into NCIS not too long ago, could not get me into Stargate fandom. It’s all your fault!

    Thanks! ^_^

    I even went and found the first episode on youtube… mostly because I wanted to see the orange jumper, I admit.

    I’ve read tons of crossovers, so I knew the basics of the main characters, but never before did I have any interest in reading plain SGA fic. Now I have SGAstoryfinders and SGAgenrefinders in my bookmarks. Still, none of the fics I’ve read so far outshine yours. I’ve read TtB and WMHB at least three times each and check the website several times each day. I even read Tangled Destinies! And I hate Star Trek!

    Happily looking forward to anything that you bring forth, a now devoted fan,


  20. ๐Ÿ˜€ Wow. Okay so I read the first two stories of What Might Have Been on either or somewhere else…I remember loving them, but you didn’t have any more posted on the site, and even though I think you had a link to this site, I didn’t pursue it. Why? Because I was a sheltered, picky little bitch who only stuck to sites that she knew and had a few bad experiences with personal websites that were actually quite crappy.

    However, sometime later, I don’t remember why or when, I clicked on this link and….voila, I was in love. Really. I’ve now read every single Stargate fanfic you have up here except the series Dark Places in the Soul because to be frank, the pairings don’t much interest me. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy your writing, because I’m sure I would, but I prefer McKay/Sheppard to almost any other pairing.

    I especially like The Ties that Bind and every single one of your stand alones because they’re all amazing in their own rights, especially Touching Secrets and In the Blood, because I’m a sucker for angst and slash and anything with Rodney and John together.

    Your writing is amazing, and I’d love, love, love to see more sometime soon. Luckily you’ve said that you’ll have updates in August and that’s not that far away, but I admire your ability to actually write to deadlines. ๐Ÿ˜ Some of my stories that I’ve written for any number of fandoms are never finished, and if they are finished, sometimes never see the light of day simply because I’m lazy and more often than not enjoy reading more than writing.

    But I digress. Please, keep writing and I’ll be watching your site for updates.


  21. I’ve been reading your stories for the last couple of weeks since my sister Gillian recommended them to me.
    I can say that I’ve never been a SGA fan and I stopped watching SG1 after Daniel died that 1st time… But all the universes you’ve created have just pulled me in. I left the โ€œTies That Bindโ€ ’til last because I never thought I could get into a fic like that but I found myself fascinated by the whole world you created. All your characters seem to be “real” and “whole” but those in โ€œTies That Bindโ€ seem to jump of the screen and into, well, my heart. But that doesnโ€™t mean that your other SGA universes are in anyway less then exceptional in their storylines.
    I find myself thinking that Rodney himself is such a versatile character. All these different universes and all these different Rodneyโ€˜s and yet he is the same Rodney. And Johnโ€ฆ John is just a yummy treat in all your universes and I love that leaning thing he does. *sigh*
    The Sentinel stories are wonderful, an excellent showing of a world where Sentinel and Guide can be together rather then hide and lie.
    โ€œWhat Might Have Beenโ€ turned out to be an awesome read and while I feel for John because he lost Atlantis, Iโ€™m sure that he and Rodney will get back there and get the old girl up and running! Oh and I love the twist with young Sebastian. ๐Ÿ™‚
    โ€œThe Lantean Legacy – No Enemy Withinโ€ is a great show of what might happen if Earth did the dirty and dumped our guys. And it showed what the SGA guys can do with more then a little help from Atlantis.
    I will say that I havenโ€™t read any of the โ€œDark Places in the Soulโ€ After reading the blurb they didnโ€™t really draw me in like the McShep storiesโ€ฆ
    Oh and btw, Iโ€™ve even gone to YouTube and checked out some of the music you used in your fic and then bought a few from iTunes – thanks for the recommendations!
    So once again I would just like to say thank you very much for creating so many new universes for me to play in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Kiera,
    I adore just about everything you do, but Ive been wondering something for awhile. I adore John. Him and Daniel are my favorite characters of the whole SG series. I think his character did a lot of growing and had the potential to do more if the series had continued. I like how you write him. He always feels very real to me in each different universe you put him in. It always feels that you really are writing John or a version of him. Anyway, I was just wondering why you like John?

    • Ah. Confession time. I didn’t like John all that much in canon. I’m a McKay fan at heart and the changes I made to John along the way in all of my fics are my way of fixing the STUPID I saw in canon on the development of both of their characters.

      • ROTFLMAO!!! That is just truly awesome. And for some reason even more impressive. Most fic writers dont treat the characters they dont like kindly. Why John and Rodney then if you didnt like him all that much in the cannon?

  23. “Okay” is not the word I would use. You did so much better than ok.

  24. So I’m definitely a little in love with your fic. Well, your Stargate and HP fic, I’m not a reader of Sentinel or Star Trek, although yours tempt me. I’ve just spent the last week devouring all of your work and I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it all immensely! Can’t wait for you WIP updates, or any new stuff you lay your pen to!

  25. Excerpt: If Your Heart’s Not In It :

    just read it is tantalizing you are such an amazing writer . i want to rank you with mercedess lackey i love your work so much
    . i hope you continue this story for a long time

  26. I just finished reading all your SGA fic, and I have now lost DAYS because every universe you write is just THAT GOOD. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us with these amazing stories!

  27. I adore your gratiutous violence. It makes my day. I love that you write a completely BAMF John Sheppard. It makes him even hotter. And lets be real. He’s a soldier. Its not like they sit around petting puppies and picking daisies all day. Blowing up “Daisies” maybe. My favorite line in the Boondock Saint: All Saints Day is when Murphy say “Lets do some gratiutous violence”. I about died in the theater. I actually study to Doom. I have it playing in the background for whitenoise. Ive watched it so many times I dont even have to think about when my favorite parts come on. So I do hope you carry on with your badass self and write as much action as you like.

  28. Hey, I like the new look

  29. My google Acct got hacked * * * * * * **
    Is there a way to change this for all your fiction??
    Really a pain but so far just looks like malicious mischief, haven’t tried to steal anything, but changed my user name to Osama bin laden on one site. ๐Ÿ™

  30. I only recently discovered this site and your lj site and i just wanted to say Thank You … i adore your writing and i cried laughing at some of your comments on your livejournal. please keep up the fantastic work


  31. Well, hallo there!

    I’m a notorious lurker, I’ve crept around your site on numerous occasions enjoying your fabulous stories but I haven’t commented until now because… I could never be arsed before. But I feel motivated atm so here I am.

    Your fics never fail to make my day. I check this site almost every day on the off chance you’ve updated because I am that pathetic. I love your Stargate fanworks with unrivalled intensity! Your characterisations of all of the characters are my favourite within fandom, and I actually prefer them to the canon characters. You keep all of the best aspects of the characters and expand upon them. Also! Your OCs are incredible! I usually don’t like OCs much, or can only handle them in small doses, but I care about your OCs as much as the rest of the cast, that is so impressive, I have no words. Your plotting and world building are awesome too. All of your fics are such an indulgence for me, it’s like you wrote them just for me because they are everything I love about Stargate fanfiction all bundled up on one website. Every time you post a new fic I could weep with glee! Thank you for all the time you spend entertaining us, I get so much enjoyment out of your fics I can hardly believe you’re real.

    Now that that’s out of my system, I’mma go back to lurking again, but make no mistake, I’ll be knocking around your site for a long time to come.

    TL;DR You rock. Carry on.

  32. First let me say I am seriously crazy about your various StarGate stories. This alone should explain the following.

    The other day after a long reading binge of your writing I was listening to some Don Henley and heard two songs on the CD Inside Job that I immediately identified with your “What Might Have Been” series. I started to filk them but realized that for only one or two gender words, they didn’t really need changing. ‘Everything Is Different Now’ I heard as a Rodney voice, someone who had what most people want but is still lost and unfulfilled. ‘Taking You Home’ is the John voice, a man who has everything but love finding someone who he cares for but needs protection from the world and himself.

    I don’t want to waste space here by copying them but you can find both songd on the yahoo music page at or just the lyrics at and

    I hope you enjoy them and agree with my mindvoice. I certainly do love your stories and always look forward to getting that little email announcing your posts.

    Thank you for your hard work and gracing us with you talent.

    Debi C

  33. I love your stories. I was actually searching for a sentinel/sga crossover when i stumbled across you and i started to read and then couldn’t stop. Now everything I read is ccompared to yours and just doesn’t seem to compare. Please update soon.

  34. This question has been eating away at me for a while now because I love the way you write. Would you ever consider doing your take on a shifter verse within either Stargate Atlantis or one of the other realms that you write in? You write things in such a way that I can clearly see it all in my imagination and the thought of you doing a shifter verse puts a stupid ass smile on my face and makes me want to bribe you with shameless amounts of baked goods. That is all. Thank you for the time and effort you put into entertaining us and for dealing with an ignoring all of the stupidity that comes with being on the internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I was just wondering….will you be updating anything soon?

    and at this point I don’t even have a preference.

  36. Thank you for several hours of enjoyment, I have been reading your different series and can’t wait for updates. Just love your writing style, once again thanks for writing and sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Am I going completely mad or didn’t you have a mutant!AU for this fandom where Sheppard had wings? >_<

  38. Love your stories i have read some of them a few times over an over again, especially stargate atlantis rodney and john.

  39. I love book one of legacy and was wondering when your going to get around to writing book two. I also like the sentinel story awakening and wanted to know if you are going to write anymore or if you can recommend other story by people you know.

  40. reread…. finished too quickly…. off to the next story…. You are an evil, awesome lady!

  41. So I was a bit hesitant on this series because this is a far cry from my normal interests. The casting (I’m glad no one else is in the room to hear the number of times I muttered “oh hell yes” to certain casting especially with a few of the pairings) and so far indicated pairings has totally sold me on trying it. If I can’t get into it, I’ll keep my opinions to myself and move on to another series. To each his or her own.

  42. Please post the last part soon! I have a feeling someone is about to bleed, and it ain’t John although he might be doing the bloodletting. I can totally see him bathing in Devereaux’s blood and Dato’ Raja, Rampart, Gerard and Philippe Dubois would be helping.

  43. More please!

  44. Yes More please LMAO
    Love you.
    No but seriously more please Madame Kiera (Madame Kiera sounds like Lady heather or Madame Claude, so naughty)

  45. Hi Keira – have you changed your mind about who plays Emmanuel Michel (Jude Law) and Antoine Devereaux (Jason Patric) as their pictures have gone from the cast page. Hugs, Hxx

  46. Hi
    I just finished a reread of Ties That Bind (oh…what a delight ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and saw the addition of Master Neal Peyton in your cast list. Did I miss him or is he a new character?

    • He’ll make an appearance in an upcoming episode and will be a guest star in the Criminal Minds Arc of TTB on a semi-regular basis as he is the House Dom for all of La Petite Mort (world wide) and a very good friend of Aaron Hotchner.

      • OK Colour me confused – I thought that Philippe Dubois was the House Dom for all of LPM after he took over from the guy that trained Ethan (Louis something beginning with B) Has he retired too? Hxx

        • No. Philippe Dubois is the House Dom for the LA Branch of La Petite Mort. Neal Peyton is the equivalent of Dato Raja or Kyle Napier. If you’ve seen it stated otherwise — I just wasn’t clear or I’m a bad author. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Hmm I’ll blame Ethan for not being clear to Chase – although we can forgive him as he was with Chase *naked in a shower* and let’s face it, no-one would be able to think in that situation LOL

  47. OMG Johnny !

    You know that i saw him once at Ramatuelle, he was buying shoes for his first daughter and was so shy and humble, delicious.

    Out of subject: You must have receive my gmail for now, happy ?

  48. I just wanted to let you know that YOU ATE MY BRAIN!!

    There I am, innocently looking for new Gibbs/ Tony stories in NCIS. I find a link to Ladyholder’s page, and click. Good stories and more links and I find myself here so I start looking around. I only read Sentinel and Stargate when they cross over with NCIS/ Criminal Minds/ Hawaii 50/ Numbers, but what the hell, it’s the weekend and I’ve nothing better to do.

    Next thing I know is I’m staring blearily at the clock which says 2 am (Monday morning) and I realise that I have to get up at 7 for work. Next day – same story. Within the week I find I’ve read all the Sentinel & Stargate stuff (through surreptitious peeks during down times at work, lunch breaks etc. etc), I have a sore lip from biting it trying not to laugh out loud on the bus, and then I discover I want to read more Stargate, especially Stargate Atlantis John/ Rodney, and I’ve never even seen an episode – I don’t watch sci-fi as a rule.

    And then I’m back here re-reading while I wait for the next installment in whatever story you’re working on, and then I’m DREAMING about your characters – seriously! I had a weird dream last night, the details of which are very vague, but I know it featured Dr Thomas Grant and people chasing around and something about a sub contract, and all I can say is that, with the influence of your writing, my brain is a strange and wonderful place!!

    So, all of the above is a lead-in to saying thank you for writing such wonderful stories and providing so much enjoyment – even with the sleep deprivation – and I’m looking forward to reading what comes next.


  49. I went to a massive convention in Indianapolis last weekend and ended up with Con Crud from exposure to over 50,000 unwashed nerds and writers. Needless to say that I spent my recovery time planted on the sofa with a grouchy, demanding cat, a blanket and nearly every single one of your stories. I’ve read them all before but it’s been quite awhile, so it was like falling into them all over again. I did not leave the house for 5 days >_> . I’m fairly certain that I’ve developed a mild case of agoraphobia and an overt addiction to my e-reader. I was absolutely devastated when the battery ran out and I had to WAIT for it to recharge before continuing my spree of bibliophilia. Your work moves, humbles and inspires. Thank you for all that you do. I’d molest your brain if it wouldn’t be awkward and messy for both of us afterward. Honestly, how do you have the morning-after conversation with Creativity?

  50. Hi M’Lady, I had a ‘huh’ moment when I was re-reading this work of art.
    Will all the Disciples train a Courtesan or only the ones who taught at dSI? Oooh and would Sydney & Mason train one together? *gasp* I’m getting a hot flush just thinking of that. Phew!
    Well I’m off to deepest, darkest Cornwall for 10 days so the likelyhood of me getting online is practically non-existant (unless daddy will drive me 40miles to Truro so I can use the library computers!) I’m taking my Kindle with all your ebooks to keep me sane.
    Hugs, Hxx

    • Anyone who teaches will eventually train a Courtesan — Sydney and Mason have both trained –they each had one. In fact, if you check out my cast list, you’ll find one of their Courtesans. Thomas Grant has also trained a Courtesan but that’s a story for another to tell.

  51. I absolutely love this universe, I was completely sucked in and spent my whole weekend glued to it. I can’t wait to see how this house trial turns out and how everyone will deal with its aftermath. Thank you for writing such an amazing series and can’t wait to read more. I do have a question and I couldn’t find if you answered it or not. My questions is In our universe we have communities which have dominants and submissives and have a BDSM lifestyle, in your universe do you see communities/cultures on Earth where they don’t believe / acknowledge the BDSM lifestyle and if so how are they treated by the rest of the world, are they shunned? Does that make sense, I am unsure if I am explaining my question right? Anyway, again I love your work and am now moving on to your other Stargate Atlantis fiction.
    Angel x

    • I never thought about it actually. There are people in the series who are asexual and being non-dynamic has been mentioned but that’s as far as I went with that. I tried, for the most part, to keep politics at a minimum in the piece outside of personal situation politics.

  52. I love the amount of detail you put into your stories, It shows just how much work you put into your writing and makes rereading the chapters fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a ‘what if’ question about Miko. I know that because she has royal blood she’s a red petal geisha instead of a white petal one. If Miko had been a Dragon geisha instead of a Lotus one how would her mark differ from the others?

  53. Thank you for writing such a fantastic world. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have a random question though, I think you mentioned previously that phobias like needle phobia would be trained out of submissives in their pleasure house, however in the case of conditions like ADHD would that somehow be trained out during the sub’s teachings at their pleasure house?

    • I don’t think ADHD would be considered the purview of a pleasure house. That would require a medical doctor and a psychologist to be frank. A needle phobia would be an issue for a masochist like McKay and they’d work with him at his request but such training wouldn’t be forced.

  54. I’ve read this about six times and find something new to love everytime.

  55. As much as I adore your other Stargate stories I think this has now become my all time favourite. I think this is the seventh time I have read it now. Thank you for the enjoyment I have received from reading it.

  56. Hi Keira,

    I just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays – whatever is applicable in your case, and to say thank you SO MUCH for the updates to Ties That Bind and the Unspeakable Plot. I intend, when I get my act together (some time over the holidays) to post explaining exactly how much and why I love your stories, but it’s almost 10 pm on Christmas Day and I don’t think I’d post anything really worth reading.

    I love both stories and getting the updates was a terrific Christmas present, and both installments advanced the stories nicely – but the cliffhangers! You’re slightly evil ๐Ÿ™‚

    So: go raibh mile maith agat agus Nollaig shona dhuit


  57. Hi Keira,

    I’ve been promising myself that I’d post to tell you exactly why I enjoy your writing so much, and I’ve finally got my act together to do so. Basically, it’s because of

    1. the characterisation
    2. the plots and story lines
    3. the quality of the writing (that is everything about it! :D)

    And now, the details:

    I find your characterisations hugely engaging, so much so that I’m always left wanting to know more about the hows and whys of what motivates them. I find them real and, whether I love them or hate them, they’re always memorable. I have now read all your writing (I think), even in fandoms I don’t otherwise follow, and I enjoy meeting what are essentially original characters. In fact, because I don’t know Stargate Atlantis, The Sentinel or the modern incarnation of Sherlock Holmes except through fanfic, your work amounts to original fiction for me and it’s really sucked me in. Even with Harry Potter, where I do know the characters, I think your writing adds so much that it too amounts to original fiction.

    And you can do it in such a simple and almost off-hand way. I’m a huge fan of Numb3rs, and have been delighted to see, even as minor characters, some of the characters from that series, and I really liked your depiction of Larry Fleinhardt and Rodney’s reaction to him. (And perhaps my favourite line in everything I’ve read is “Mathematicians don’t squeak”, from “What might have been.”) I would absolutely love to read your take on Ian Edgerton, who’s my favourite in the show.

    It’s not just the characters, but also the stories and plot lines, and the ways in which you develop your narratives, that is so appealing. Again, to me it’s mostly original because I came to it through fanfic. Therefore, I’m quite happy to go with the flow and let your muse carry me along. However, even with Harry Potter, where I do know the canon, I frequently find that the story according to Keira is much more thrilling, thought-provoking and downright entertaining. So often, I feel “that’s what should have happened”, after I finish reading your story.

    Another thing that I love about your work is that it’s eminently rereadable – that’s important to me, and I keep noticing details when I go back that I missed on the first (second, fifth…) reading, details that make me wonder just what twists and turns you have ahead in stories that aren’t finished. In finished work, I’m left with questions “I wonder what happened there?” “How did X deal with that?”, and to me the mark of good writing is leaving your reader wanting more; that’s something you’ve definitely achieved for me.

    At this point, I’m using you as my “go-to” when I need cheering up. I know I posted a while back about how you managed to suck me into the Harry Potter fandom, but I have to say that, in all the thousands of stories, there’s a huge amount of complete rubbish. Now, when I start reading a story that seemed like a good idea from the summary but turns out to be a disappointment, I usually come back here and reread you to remind myself of what quality writing is.

    Finally, I really, really appreciate the quality of your writing and the respect you show your readers. I’m frequently amazed by the number of fanfic writers who fail to run even a simple spell check before they post. Yes, I know it’s a hobby, I know it’s for fun, but when a “writer’s” grasp of English and/ or typing skills are so limited that what is produced is unreadable, a line has been crossed. It is, fortunately, a line you never approach let alone cross. I love that you know the difference between “rein” and “reign”, “your” and “you’re” and so on. I teach English as a Foreign Language and on top of that I am, and always have been, slightly obsessive about proper spelling and punctuation and stupid, avoidable mistakes infuriate me, but I don’t find that with you. Yes, there are some typos but they’re always genuine typos rather than the result of bad writing.

    And finally, I love the way you phrase things, what you do with your knowledge of how English works. There are so many great lines that say a lot in a few words.

    Thank you for all the pleasure I’ve had over the last six months or so since I found your work, and keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to reading whatever comes next.


  58. Keira,

    I just want to say I REALLY love your stories here.
    Especially: Ties That Bind, What Might Have Been & Ring of Fire…

    I can’t wait for more, but enjoy re-reading what is there while waiting.
    I do actually understand you are a person with a real life out there that you are living…

    Thank you for this!

  59. Hello Keira

    I just had a random question. So This is very vague in my head so i’m hoping i have the right details, but did you or someone write for you a small piece about Matt’s problem with the admiral who wanted to collar him after they broke off their relationship (when Matt was stationed on the ship…or was it a sub…) ? I thick it was from a 3rd person POV, and the enlisted navy(?) was the one who watched out for Matt in the background. Something about the little guy heroes? This just popped up into my head and won’t leave me alone. Am I remembering this right or am I dreaming this up?

  60. I absolutely love how you incorporate other authors stories in TTB that are based in your TTB-universe!!!
    Dr. Katie Brown’s pairing in ‘Time Heals’ and now Danny Williams from ‘Tsunami Bomb’. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait to read when and how you put him in your story. ๐Ÿ™‚ very excited!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  61. Yay for more pretty pictures of characters for me to wonder about!

  62. Ooh, new characters! I love this series so much. Even though the reasons purely suck, it’s cool to have all the Earth-bound characters to read about!

    Love this, as always: Thank you!

  63. Ooohhh! Helen Mirren is an inspired choice! I can just see her now – the epitome of grace and class, fierce and demanding by nature and always, always getting what she wants. Hee! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate her. I was thinking that she’d probably be a part of the new CM arc, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see her sooner. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, it will be interesting to see if we learn who her Courtesan Master was/is (maybe Gerard’s father?! – this is all so exciting). And two other new Courtesans. This is such a bounty! I’m so excited. CAN’T WAIT. (But I will. *hugs you*)

    Thanks so much!

  64. What’s Spencer’s House and marking?

  65. Soooo exciting to see all the new characters and the expansion of back stories for those we already know. TTB so far is a constant re-read for me. I rotate it out with WMHB and Sentinels so I continually have a Keira fic on the go. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will see more of the House Trial soon – the tease of the two EAD snippets are just too delicious. Love the idea of Spencer as a courtesan. Thank you for sharing your writing with us.

  66. I have a question pertaining to your recent radio programmes regarding TTB if I may?

    You mentioned in the radio show(s) that Summers didn’t premeditate her treasonable acts against John and Rodney and that she was honestly concerned for Rodney. How did she come to have a contact already set up in the Mountain then? I am aware that she’d been in a relationship with the marine who distributed her emails and email attachments, but surely she must have set this up in advance?

    Also, in a similar vein, was she instructed by Devereaux to discover what she could about John and Rodney or was it all just done on the fly?

    Thank you so much for your stories and for the fact that you are willing to share them with us.

    And now congratulations on your two million words. I think many authors would be pleased to have written one million, but two million, and in what amounts to a hobby for you, is simply amazing. Many congratulations and all the best on your next million. I just hope I’m around to cheer for you when you achieve it.

    Best wishes


  67. I just reread everything Stargate again for what seems like the thousandth time, and am just dropping by to comment to try and express my love for your writing. Honestly, I’m at the stage where I am looking for your Stargate OC’s in almost every other fanfic I read….

    So yeah. Happy writing and I hope your muse cooperates with you to write something in your spare time. Any update I receive makes me practically drop anything else I’m doing.


  68. This would have to be my favourite Stargate Atlantis story ever. I can’t even count how many times I have reread it waiting for the next update. Thank you for making my bad days a little better.

  69. In canon John is depicted as being lazy – at first I thought it was all for show until the Ronan comment. I love how your John is far from lazy (in all your fics). I want to know if he was lazy how the hell did he manage to get those degrees and almost be a member of MENSA? Sorry I just needed someone to complain at. I wish they had just stuck with the ‘John broke the rules so isn’t higher on the totem pole’ instead of adding the lazy.

  70. I agree. I kind of feel sorry for Lorne in canon. He would of had to make up for it. I just pretend it’s all a face.

  71. so, in the past 6 weeks i have read this series, in its entirety, six times. like, i reread it over and over and over and over and over and over again because i am so completely, totally enamored and enthralled by this universe. i’m about to start rereading it for the seventh time and just. every time i reread it i find more things i love about it.

    just wanted to let you know =]

  72. I can not express just how much I appreciate the casting notes and author notes you provide for your stories. I also can not get enough of your writing and it may be that I will be found rolling around in your fic for many years to come. Thanks for sharing your words & talent.

  73. OMG, I just spent the last week working my way through this series & my brain’s on fire. I’ve come across the series before while diligently searching for awesome stuff to read but I’m ashamed to say I never cracked it open. And now I’m ready to join John on his killing spree cos I’ve reached the end only to find out it’s not the end, yet. I do my own writing so I understand how much time it can take to post something new, especially when life gets in the way. But please, you gotta tell me, when is the next installment coming out?! I’m hanging on the edge of my seat & trust me, there’s very little left to this seat before I fall off. You are an awesome writer & this universe is so real that while I’m reading, I’m constantly surprised that I’m not actually “there”. Thank you so much, don’t quit writing & please let me know when I can expect the next posting.

    • The final installment of the SGA arc of this series is in progress but I don’t have a date (and no longer give them because people turn into assholes when they get postponed. I’m currently at 18k and I expect the completed rough draft to be between 80 and 100k)

  74. OMG … I just love this series and I am sooooo looking forward to the final installment and any further stories.
    Never thought I would enjoy this, because I only ever encountered badly written fiction surrounding BDSM in my own language, but I am more than pleasently suprised and enjoyed reading during the last few days a great deal ^^
    Thank you for uploading this so far.

  75. Just re-read The Ties that Bind and I just want to commend you for your incredible writing. The characters just jump off the page and I feel like I’m a voyeur in the room with them as I read. I love the little details you’ve put into your AU and all the cross references of characters mentioned earlier on that get drawn into the story at a later date. Thanks so much for providing me hours of reading enjoyment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Can I just say how much I like this series in particular. I’ve really enjoyed it!

  77. love, love, LOVE this series – I must have read it at least 10 times by now ๐Ÿ™‚ Your new Sentinel/Guide SGA fic is really really good, but nothing trumps this series. It’s the first and only one that I really can’t put down. Great job and thanks so much for keeping your fics here even though there are such idiots like the one that put your fics somewhere else!

  78. This is the 3rd time I’ve read this series. Every time I look at the cast I don’t think anyone could make better matches. They all fit the personalities you have given them. Favorites other than John and Rodney: Declan Frost, Kyle Napier, Aaron Hochner and Spencer Reid (also favorite actors as well. Of course John and Rodney are my most favorite, I mean who else could make this story so compelling I can’t sleep. ๐Ÿ˜›

  79. Any chance of this in an ebook? I can’t afford internet at home and would love to download Ties to my kindle. Pretty please??????

  80. I have so much love for SGA/SG1 and especially all of your incarnations!

  81. I’m getting the following error when clicking on either link to Ties That Bind

    Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0

  82. Getting this error:
    “Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0”
    when trying to read TTB. Just FYI.

  83. Seems to be working today.

  84. I haven’t seen much of the Stargate franchise so I have been avoiding that part of your website for ages. I just spent the last three days absorbed in the Sentinels of Atlantis. So fantastic. I know you have been into Harry Potter lately but if you ever go back to Sentinels of Atlantis, or Star Trek, you will have an appreciative audience!

  85. Alright, I have to say it. You are my favorite author ever. I usually hate Jack/Sam and I absolutely adore the way you have them together. Especially in the What might have been series. One quick question, though. In When you say you love me, the planet that John goes to meet with was the alterans. Is that a typo or are the Ancients not called the Alterans in this AU?

  86. Okay. I have read almost EVERY story you’ve written. I even bought your original work (which is fantastic, by the way). The only one I haven’t read is the Marvel verse one about Tony Starks kids, which I’m going to as soon as I’m done.

    However, I must claim my ignorance on the Sentinal verse. I’d never heard of it before I read your fics, and from what I read of them I grasp, but I feel like I’m missing a bunch of info. What is the Sentinal and where do I find it?

    I have read a lot of your stuff over 10 Times each. I love your stuff. Keep doing what you do, and we’ll be waiting for the next post! Thanks for sharing your gift and your twisted mind with all of us!

  87. Hi I have a question what do I need to go to read the rest of a Pale Horse it says it’s an excerpt for members only. So where do I go thank you.

  88. Thank you for all of the wonderful fics that you right!! Have a great holiday season!!

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