What Might Have Been

Title: What Might Have Been
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: SGA & SG1
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Summary: This is an alternate universe series in that Rodney McKay never went to Atlantis, the mission failed within it’s first two years and John Sheppard finds himself back on Earth as the second in command of Stargate Command under the leadership of Major General Jack O’Neill. Characters from the Atlantis series and the original SG1 series will figure prominently in all of the novellas in this series. McShep and many other pairings throughout.

What Might Have Been Cover ArtCover Art by fanarts_series

This is an alternate universe series in that Rodney McKay never went to Atlantis, the mission failed within it’s first two years and John Sheppard finds himself back on Earth as the second in command of Stargate Command under the leadership of Major General Jack O’Neill. Characters from the Atlantis series and the original SG1 series will figure prominently in all of the novellas in this series. McShep and many other pairings throughout.

1. We’ve Taken Different Roads (11,300 words)
John takes the first step in his relationship with McKay and takes the scientist on a date to Mars.

2. I Walk the Line (15,700 words)
When Dr. Rodney McKay disappears on an average Monday morning for no particular reason—Colonel John Sheppard and the SGC find themselves in a race against time to get him back and to discover the real reason he was taken.

3. When You Say You Love Me (43,400 words)
Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay find themselves unwillingly thrust into the public spotlight when someone makes an attempt on McKay’s life. John finds himself juggling a freaking out McKay, his gianormous cat, an estranged father (and two brothers), a murderous plot, two irritated Generals, the IOA, and a wedding planner masquerading as the Prime Minister of Canada.

4. When You Kiss Me (41,000)
House hunting and a series of problems at the SGC test the relationship between John and Rodney in ways neither of them expected. Trust, love, lust, and loyalty have allowed them to build a strong relationship—what happens if one of those things appears to be damaged?

5. February Song (16,400 words)
Dr. Rodney McKay has never considered himself a lucky man but then a hard twist of fate brought Colonel John Sheppard back into his life and gave him a second chance for love and a meaningful life. He’s found the courage he thought long gone in the one man he’d pretty much figured was never going to be his. Then someone took him away and Rodney discovered that there was nothing he would not do to get him back.

6. Keep Me Awake (12,900 words)
John and Rodney come back from a little down time to a conspiracy and a Larry King interview. John decides to make the most of his situation and show the entire world exactly how much McKay means to him.

7. A Wild and Wicked Wind (22,800 words)
John and Rodney find themselves on a lecture/publicity tour for the Stargate program to shore up support for the Atlantis mission. What they find a long the way is everything they could have wanted and one thing they didn’t even realize they needed.

8. My Wish For You (23,400 words)
John and Rodney adjust to Sebastian in their family while the situation at the SGC becomes dangerous for gene carriers, the NID takes a very nasty turn, and the world welcomes to the Phoenix.

9. You’re Where I Belong (22,300 words)
After a wedding on Mars, John and Rodney face a hard situation with Sebastian and it will rock the foundations of their family.

10. More Than Words (41,300 words)
How far will John and Rodney go to protect their son?

Read the follow up series: Ring of Fire


An Intimate Portrait with Dr. Rodney McKay & Colonel John Sheppard by Iris March (best read before part 5)
And Then There Was Quark (best read after part 2)
Beautiful Stranger (pre-series Cameron/OMC)
The Home Front (pre-series Sheppard/McKay Pre-slash)

John Sheppard
(actor: Joe Flanigan)

Dr. Rodney McKay
(actor: David Hewlett)

Admiral Patrick Sheppard
(actor: Viggo Mortensen)

Dr. Carolyn Lam
(actress: Lexa Doig)

David Sheppard
(actor: Dylan Neal)

Dr. Jennifer Keller
(actress: Jewel Staite)

Matthew Sheppard
(actor: Jensen Ackles)

Cameron Mitchell
(actor: Ben Browder)

Sean Taylor
(actor: Orlando Bloom)

Declan Frost
(actor: Michael Weatherly)

Jeanie McKay-Miller
(actress: Kate Hewlett)

Dr. Radek Zelenka
(actor: David Nykl)

General Jack O’Neill
(actor: Richard Dean Anderson)

Dr. Samantha Carter
(actress: Amanda Tapping)

Ian Wilkes
(actor: Wentworth Miller)

James (Jimmy) Martinson
(actor: Antonio Sebato, Jr)

The play list that inspires me to write this series:

What Might Have Been by Little Texas
I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash
When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
When You Kiss Me by Shania Twain
February Song by Josh Groban
Awake by Josh Groban
Viva La Vida by Cold Play
The Special Two by Missy Higgins
My Wish by Rascal Flatts
Savin’ Me by Nickelback
You and Me by Lifehouse
Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
I Believe by Diamond Rio
I’d Come For You by Nickelback
What About Now by Daughtry
Home by Daughtry
With Arms Wide Open by Creed


  1. Eternus Discipulus

    AARG… I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, NEEDS MORE…
    sorry to hear about your broken foot Btw, must have been nasty. For both our sakes i hope you get better soon.

  2. I just wanted to tell you that I re-read the “What Might Have Been” series for the second time. It’s like crack! Only in a good way! (Is it possible to have a GOOD addiction?)

    I appreciate your hard work in creating such a lush universe. I look forward to the future installments.

  3. I love this series and I can’t wait to see you continue it! I thought there was a short future fic story you wrote with Sebastian and now I can’t seem to find it. Does such a story exist or am I crazy?

  4. Hey, so I found your site a couple months ago and have just kind of single mindedly been reading EVERYTHING…. Like several times and now I can’t really remember if I ever commented (sorry:(). You are amazing, seriously I think you have beaten out Beren as my favoritefic writer. I cannot gush enough seriously. I’ve probably read ttb and wmhb 3 times each at this point. So good.

    Question for anyone though, what chapter in WMHB do they declassify the stargate program? I feel like I remember that scene but didn’t come across it in my re read

    • There is no scene but it takes place in between Rodney’s presentation in Chicago and John’s interview for the Science Channel. The only “tell” the reader gets is that that Stargate Program is mentioned in John’s interview.

  5. I have been rereading all of your stories since EAD and I was wondering something. What Might Have Been is finished now since you have moved onto Ring of Fire; does this mean that you will be putting it out in ebook format sometime, or will you wait until the whole series is finished?

  6. I am rereading WMHB currently and realized that Quark is not listet in the Cast list. You really should correct that, when you have time. 😉

  7. Just finished re-reading this for probably the 86th time, and it’s still my absolute favorite fic ever in the history of fanfic. I even ended getting myself a Maine Coon because I loved your Quark so much.
    Erm…please don’t take that to mean I am some sort of weird creepy stalker type person. Because I’m not. Swearsies.

  8. Is there any chance we’re ever going to get more information about *how* the Stargate program was declassified? As a side story, maybe? I just think about Rodney and Sam comparing lists of people they need to gloat to. The world’s initial reaction to the information. What information they would have released first, or if they would have just dumped it all on the public at once and hope that the abundance of information would keep people too engrossed to bother them for a while. What was the final catalyst that pushed them to declassification, or was it just decided “now’s the time”?

    ….. I just love declassification stories, but with yours we get to see so much happening even after declassification that most other stories don’t go into and it sets my imagination on fire.

  9. I am doing what seems to have turned into my at least tri-yearly reread of everything, and noticed that the internal link to Part 2 of When You Say You Love Me seems to be broken.

    One can work around it by going up to the What Might Have Been tag and finding the post of Part 2, but if you have time, it’s wonderfully convenient to have the internal links.

    Still loving your work, and looking forward to the next update of whatever lands on the site next!

  10. I’ve finally made it to the What Might Have Been universe & as expected, I’m loving it. I just read the part where John & Rodney are on Larry King’s show & I have to admit that John’s proposal touched a serious emotional chord in me. As a guy, I won’t admit to actually misting up, lol, but I’ll admit to being happy I had Kleenex close by 😉 Your SGA stories & various universes are awesome & I’m loving them all. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I went to the site today to re read What Might Have Been but the section that has the links to all of the stories seems to be gone. Just wanted to tell you in case something broke on the site. Love your stories! * switches to Harry Potter*

  12. I’ve been reading fanfic for years, but I always find my way back to you! Love your work. It one of the most original adaptions of a show/ book / movie etc. I’ve had. The multiple pleaseure of reading. Ebook??? Also Lantean legacy sequel???
    Thx 4 writing such amazing stories.

  13. When i get back home today i’m going to start re reading this amazingly beautiful piece of fanfic

  14. I have realized that reading one of your pieces of wonderful writing before bed is the worst idea possible. I am so into the story that I CANT STOP and HAVE to move onto the next chapter!! Tell myself, save it for tomorrow, savor it..but naww why wait when I can enjoy it now 🙂
    THANK YOU THANKYOU for such fun wonderful and bamfness!!

  15. This series is actually how I found your website. I read “We’ve Taken Different Roads” many years ago on Wraithbait. When I got back into Stargate Atlantis fiction, I wanted to read it again, but could only remember one line: “You realize offering to take an astrophysicist into space and another planet is literally like offering to suck his dick?” So, thank you for coming up with such memorable lines so that I could find it again. 🙂

  16. I don’t know why I never read this series before. I have been stalking your site for years (I came for Tangled Destinies and then found your Harry Potter fics) and I’ve re-read some things over and over but for some reason skipped over your SGA stuff. That was so very wrong. Your John and Rodney are fantastic together. I love the way you right John so very much.

    This series was wonderful from start to finish. I love their relationship from their first date on Mars to the parenting discussions they have. The whole things was wonderful and made me smile like an idiot every time they said “I love you”. You are so talented and i am so pleased youndecide to share. Thanks very much!

  17. I have read this so much it’s like a well loved movie, I know most of it by heart. But also like a well loved movie, I still come back again and again.

  18. Time for a reread. I’ve got a nasty cough and I need some excellent writing to get me through it!

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