What John Loves

Title: What John Loves
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Word Count: 3,200 (complete)
Beta: Ladyholder
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Author’s Note: Inspired by FanArts “Rising” Wallpaper: http://fanarts-series.livejournal.com/51907.html

Summary: John and Rodney meet in Antarctica for the first time.

* * * *

John was seriously beginning to question how much his family tree forked. The General had abandoned him to the clutches of two doctors—a Scottish one with a rather nice lilting accent that John might have found attractive if the man hadn’t tried to kill him. Sure, they had all said it was an accident but John found living interesting enough to be kind of peeved at the guy. The other scientist was brash, mean-spirited, and loud. It shouldn’t have been hot and maybe on anyone else it wouldn’t have been but McKay had these bright blue eyes and an ass John was confident could qualify as the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World.

The weather turned on them in the afternoon, effectively grounding him until morning and leaving him at McKay’s not-so tender mercies. Despite John’s interest in throwing the man on a flat surface and fucking him mute—he found himself looking for any escape route within a few hours of O’Neill letting him know they were going have to spend the night. When Elizabeth Weir had offered to show him to his assigned room for the night he’d jumped up and run before McKay could protest.

“These are your quarters for the night, Major.” Elizabeth Weir paused and took a deep breath. “I really hope you’ll consider the mission seriously. It’s the opportunity of a life time.”

It sounded like a suicide mission and John was all too familiar with that concept. He rubbed the back of his neck and took a deep breath. “You should talk to the man leading your military, Dr. Weir, and make sure he wants an officer like me under his command. It’s not wise to make decisions concerning his personnel without him—you’ll regret it in the long run.”

She flushed and crossed her arms. “I’m the leader of the expedition, Major Sheppard.”

“And he’s the CO of your military personnel. When it comes down to it—they are all going to follow him and they’ll follow you because he does. If there is disrespect between you… it’s going to make everyone’s life difficult.” John waved his hand over the door sensor and allowed himself a small smile when it worked. “Just some friendly advice, Dr. Weir.”

Her gaze narrowed slightly but she nodded. “Right. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ll speak with Colonel Sumner and ask that he request your transfer formally. It will remain, however, your decision.”

“Thanks.” John shoved his hands into his pockets and took a deep breath. “And thanks for rescuing me from the Super Geek.”

Weir’s lips twitched slightly. “He’s the smartest man alive, Major. I think that means we have to indulge him a little otherwise he might decide to use his talents for evil. We certainly don’t want a man like McKay building an island stronghold and hiring real minions, now do we?”

John laughed. “No.” Though he thought McKay would make evil kind of sexy. “That wouldn’t be good. Have a good evening, Ma’am.” He mentally prodded the door closed after she waved a little and wished him the same. The room was small but there was a bed and a small table with a lamp.  He dropped his bag on the floor and then sprawled out on the bed for a few minutes.

He blew out a breath as he sat up and took off his boots. “Aliens.”

John had ten minutes of quiet and then there was a brisk knock on his door. He smirked as he rolled off the bed. The door opened with an awesome little swish and he raised an eyebrow at McKay. “Took you long enough to find me.” Then he leaned because that was always a good way to tell if someone was interested.

McKay’s gaze flicked over him and he flushed brightly. “Major, we only have a limited time to do experiments on Earth… and… I really need your gene.”

John sighed and inclined his head. “You know what I need, Rodney?”

The man’s eyes widened fractionally and he looked up and down the hall quickly. “No, Major, I really have no idea what you need but I’d be happy to get it for you if you’ll come back to the lab.”

John reached out, snagged a fist full of McKay’s bright orange fleece, and jerked the man bodily into the room. He chuckled at the outraged squeak that burst out of the scientist’s mouth and thought the door closed. That wasn’t going to get old, ever.  The door locks engaged with another thought and John prodded McKay against the wall. He held him in place with one hand and looked over the scientist’s expressive face critically.

“I’m really sorry Carson tried to kill you!” McKay finally burst out. “I’ll spend the next year torturing him if it will make you feel better? I could, you know, call him a witch doctor and accuse him of practicing voodoo every chance I get… even though I like doctors and I hate to be sick… and I might need his help if I get sick. I’d be fine with making him furious on a daily basis for you.”

John smirked. “Yeah, I love that idea.” He inclined his head and wet his bottom lip. “You know what else I love, Rodney?”

“No. I couldn’t even begin to guess,” Rodney confessed, suddenly dejected. “I mean I have no frame of reference so the whole ‘hot pilot top five list’ remains a mystery.”

John laughed and moved in closer. His fingers slid downward and curled around McKay’s belt buckle. “I love football.” He pulled gently and the belt loosened. McKay’s breath caught and John offered him a little smirk. “The American kind.”

“Of course you do.” McKay tried to frown at him but John was sliding his belt out of his pants.

“It’s the best sport on the planet, Rodney. It’s important that we agree on this.”

“Right. Best sport.” Rodney sucked in a breath at the thud of his belt hitting the floor.

“Good.” John flicked open the buttons of McKay’s BDUs with practiced ease. “I love Ferris Wheels. I’ve been on hundreds. Riding one of the big ones is such a slow and gentle thrill. I love how peaceful it is.”

“Pretty odd choice for a pilot,” Rodney whispered.

“I love Johnny Cash.”

Rodney cleared his throat. “Well, the Man in Black isn’t a bad choice if it must be country music.”

John grinned and slid to his knees. He made quick work of McKay’s boots and socks—tossing the unnecessary items out of his way carelessly. “I love flying.”

“Right. Makes sense… you being a pilot and all.” Rodney shuddered as John’s hands slid up the back of his legs before unceremoniously pulling his pants and boxers down.

“There is such beauty in flight,” John murmured as he prodded McKay out the pants and boxers before tossing them aside. “The science of it is amazing but the spiritual connection with the sky is beyond explanation.”

Rodney took a deep, painful sounding breath as Sheppard’s hands trailed lightly over his skin. “You’re… not at all what I expected, Major.”

“I like to be a surprise.” John’s lips brushed over the top of his thigh and McKay’s knees weakened briefly. Sheppard chuckled. “Easy there. Take off the rest, McKay. I wouldn’t want to get your clothes messy.”

McKay’s hands were trembling as he pulled his fleece and t-shirt over his head in one hasty action. “Major this is… dangerous for you.”

“I do like doing dangerous things but it wouldn’t make my top five,” John admitted. He scraped against the outside of Rodney’s thighs with his short nails. “You know what I else I love, Rodney?”

Rodney let his head fall back against the wall with a harsh thud. “No. I can’t say that I do.”

“I love cock.”

McKay choked back a moan as John stroked over his balls with gentle fingers before wrapping one large warm hand around his dick. “Fuck, Major.”

“Yeah.” John chuckled. “I love to fuck, too. I really want push you down on the bed and fuck your pretty ass, McKay. Christ, I’ve been hiding an erection most of the afternoon because of your ass.”

“That plan works for me,” Rodney said and then gasped softly as John flicked his tongue over the head of his cock. “This never happens to me. Are you okay? Do you think you’re having some kind of reaction to the Ancient tech? Maybe I should call Carson.”

“Sure, you can call Beckett.” John rose to his feet and pushed McKay towards the bed. “I don’t mind being watched if that’s the kind of thing you like.”

McKay huffed dramatically as he was prodded onto his back and sucked in a deep breath as John efficiently stripped off all of his clothes and crawled right on top of him. “Seriously. Did the Ancient tech fuck you up and we just didn’t notice?”

John laughed softly and brushed his mouth over McKay’s casually. “Are you asking me if alien technology made me gay, Rodney?”

Rodney blushed furiously. “Maybe.”

“The answer is no,” John murmured as he nudged McKay’s legs open and settled between them. He wedged his hand down between their bodies and wrapped it around both of their cocks. “I’ve been known to worship a cock or two in the past.”

Rodney shifted under him and closed his eyes with a soft moan. “You’re very good at that.”

“I want to make you come.” John sucked Rodney’s bottom lip into his mouth gently and then released it. “I want to fuck you deep and hard until neither of us care about moving ever again.”

Rodney sucked in a breath. “How in the hell can you be this gay and be in the Air Force? Do they all have broken gaydar?”

John chuckled against his mouth as he jerked them both casually. “I hope you didn’t have any plans for the evening, McKay, because I don’t plan on letting you get dressed for hours.” He pressed in to kiss him when it appeared that Rodney was going to complain and swallowed his moan of shock as he thrust his tongue into Rodney’s mouth. It took a few seconds but the scientist went pliant underneath him with a muffled sigh.

“Yeah,” John murmured as he released his mouth and slid down his body.  He paused to suck and bite at hard pink nipples, his hands firm on McKay’s hips. “I didn’t think you’d be like this—but I like it.”

Rodney sucked in a breath as John’s tongue dipped into his belly button. “What did you think I’d be like?”

John hummed a little under his breath and sucked briefly on the head of his cock. “Bossy, demanding.”

“Is that what you want?” Rodney questioned as he arched under John’s attention.

“No. I want you to be yourself,” John pressed a kiss against the protrusion of his hip bone and then situated himself flat on his belly. He licked up the length of McKay’s cock and then swallowed him down with ease.

“Jesus.” Rodney shuddered and trailed his fingers hesitantly through the dark, gorgeous mess of John’s hair.

John could lose himself in the taste of a man. The thick, silky, and heavy weight of a cock pushing into his mouth—the sweet, tender head tucking into the back of his throat. He loved it—the power and the privilege of owning someone else’s pleasure. McKay melted under him—trembling and breathing heavily. Hands clenched in his hair and then drifted down to his shoulders to push gently, a reminder that they both wanted something more.

John lifted off of him with a little groan of regret and grabbed his bag off the floor. The shaving kit had gravitated to the bottom of the bag but he quickly found it. McKay lifted one leg and rubbed his thigh with his foot as John dropped a small tube of lube and a condom on his stomach.

“How do you want me?”

John bit down on his lip, completely spoiled for choices and took a deep breath. “Just the way you are unless you prefer a different position.”

“This works,” Rodney agreed, his eyes dark and watchful as John opened the lube. “Do you always do such risky things?”

John laughed softly and leaned down to press a kiss against McKay’s stomach before nuzzling at the head of his cock again. He sucked him in deftly as he nudged his legs open and pressed slick fingers against his hole. McKay was tight but relaxed into the penetration easily enough. John was quickly sliding into two fingers, rubbing across his prostate with each stroke.

“Jesus, fuck,” Rodney whispered fiercely.

John pulled off of him with a little sigh and added a third finger carefully. “You’re really tight, McKay. How long has it been…” Rodney blushed furiously and bit down on his bottom lip. John raised an eyebrow, clearly incredulous but eagerly pressed his fingers in deeper. “You’ve never been with a man?”

“Of course I have,” Rodney whispered a little breathless as John started to casually finger fuck him. “I was with a guy all through my first college degree.” His eyes fluttered shut as John leaned in and flicked his tongue over the head of his weeping cock. “He was just always on bottom.”

John groaned and pressed his face against McKay’s stomach so he could force himself to slow down. He sent out his free hand blindly, searching for the condom and lifted his head when he found it. “That’s… Jesus.”

“You’d better not stop,” Rodney ordered with a frown. “I swear to God, Sheppard, I’ll end you.”

John laughed, low and dirty. “No, stopping is the last thing on my mind.” He rolled on the condom quickly and slicked it up as he watched McKay—still and spread wide on the bed in front of him. “Ready?”

“More than,” Rodney assured and reached out for John with grabby hands, like Sheppard had seen him do all day. He figured that particular gesture would be getting him hard for the rest of his fucking life. “Come down here.”

John shivered a little as he slipped between McKay’s spread thighs. He’d been cold for months—long before he’d come to Antarctica and Rodney was warm and vivid and just suddenly absolutely everything John had ever wanted. It didn’t make any kind of sense—McKay was rude, arrogant, and kind of awkward. He just wasn’t John’s type at all.

Rodney hitched one leg up, tucking it against John’s shoulder as he pressed in and it was amazing. He slid in with one push, taking something that McKay had never given anyone else and Sheppard figured he’d be smug about that for years. Rodney sent him a narrowed eyed glance, as if he knew exactly what he was thinking and John grinned.

He urged McKay’s leg to his waist and sighed when the scientist wrapped both around him. “Yeah, that’s…” John shuddered and buried his face in Rodney’s neck as he started to work his cock in deep. “So good.”

“Yeah,” Rodney agreed breathlessly. “Come on, God, fuck me.”

“Am I hurting you?” John questioned softly as he buried his face against McKay’s neck.

“Just enough to be interesting,” Rodney admitted roughly.

John laughed softly and lifted his head. He slid both arms under Rodney’s shoulders and settled his weight on him with a little sigh as his thrusts took a languid turn. He watched McKay’s eyes blur with pleasure as he pressed in deep to nudge his prostate. “Like this?”

“That’s perfect.” Rodney’s hands clenched on his back and John jerked briefly at the sharp sting of nails on his skin. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s good, just try not to leave any marks.” John leaned in and kissed him then—licking his way into McKay’s mouth with an odd kind of familiarity that shouldn’t have existed between them.

When he finally forced himself to release Rodney’s mouth, he shifted slightly, and slid one hand between them so he could wrap it around McKay’s cock. John watched him intently, all the while thrusting his cock slow and deep into Rodney’s ass. Every time he pressed all the way in, Rodney’s breath hitched and his eyes fluttered briefly shut. It was the kind of thing that John figured would eventually make his ego as unmanageable as McKay’s.

He tightened his grip on Rodney’s dick and jacked him roughly until the scientist started to babble about coming too soon. John laughed softly and released his cock with some regret. Then with a little smirk he pulled his own cock free from the clenching heat of McKay’s body and slid down. John took a shuddering breath as he sucked the head of Rodney’s cock into his mouth and then he took in the rest until the head was tucked into back of this throat.

“Jesus. Fuck.” Rodney jerked against his mouth, his hands brushing restlessly through John’s hair and down to his shoulders. “John.”

John pushed three fingers roughly into McKay’s ass and started to bob up and down on his cock. He listened to Rodney’s breathing and the little moaning noises he was trying to swallow as he worked his cock. McKay barely managed to offer any kind of verbal warning before he was coming in John’s mouth. Sheppard swallowed easily, scraping this tongue over the head of Rodney’s weeping cock as he lifted his head and then he went back to gather any semen that had escaped his mouth.

Rodney shuddered and groaned as John pulled his fingers out of his ass and then Sheppard was covering him again—sliding his thick cock back into his ass with one steady push. “Oh.”

“Too much?” John questioned as he started to thrust in and out.

“Perfect,” McKay offered in correction and wrapped his legs around John’s waist.

John buried his face against McKay’s neck and just let go—thrusting in again and again until Rodney’s cock was half-hard between them and words were beyond them both. Orgasm came out of nowhere—and John groaned softly with each involuntary jerk of his body as he gave into it.

After a few seconds, he pulled carefully from Rodney’s body and dropped down on the bed beside him. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” Rodney frowned at the ceiling. “I think you’re the best sex I’ve ever had.”

John hazarded a glance at him and then grinned at the frown on his face. “That makes you unhappy?”

“That depends on whether or not you’re going on the expedition.”

John chuckled and sighed. “Christ, McKay, you do realize how ridiculous it is—all of that crap about wormholes and other galaxies and aliens.”


Sheppard sighed. “I’ll think about it.” He scratched his belly and sighed. “In the mean time, I think I should fuck you as often as possible until you leave Earth. Just in case I don’t go.”

Rodney snapped his fingers and pointed in his general direction. “That’s an excellent idea.”

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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  83. “… the power and the priviledge of owning someone else’s pleasure.” When I was re-reading this story just now, this phrase suddenly struck me. It really is a universe-altering proposition if you take it seriously.

    Thank you for writing this.

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