2019 In Review

This year has felt super productive for me for a variety of reasons. I’ve written just short of 800k words for the whole year and posted 325k on my site. That seems crazy, in retrospect, but I do have a lot of works in progress—128. We’ve been discussing goals and writer habits on the Writer’s Table (FB group) and have set up a few spaces on the Just Write Discord server to further that goal. Workgroups full of writers provide a source of comfort and inspiration for what is largely a solitary endeavor.

My writer circle in meat space has slowly shrunk over the years for various reasons, but I’ve learned that online groups can be just as beneficial and rewarding. I can say without a doubt that one of the reasons why I’ve been so productive this year boils down to the writerly spaces we’ve created on Discord and specifically the people who’ve made themselves at home on the server.

Additionally, Discord became my social home of sorts when I created the Crossroads server. We do our podcast creation there and the space has proven much more inclusive and easier to manage than our previous recording situation. The podcast is fully syndicated now and pretty easy to find across various platforms so you can listen to us ramble. Or alternatively, play it for your pets. Pets love us. We’ll keep your fur babies company while you’re gone.

This year also included some very personal stress for a lot of people in our circle. We lost loved ones, had health issues, and battled old mental dragons along the way. 2019 kind of sucked, ya know, but guess what guys? We came home with our shields, and that’s something to be really proud of.

Personally, I don’t think I’d be nearly as sane as I currently pretend I am if it weren’t for my personal bitch circle—Azure Hart, Ladyholder, Jilly James, and the most amazing hit minion of all, Cinna. They make me laugh, support me, listen to me bitch, and inspire me. And that’s honestly more than I can shake a stick at.

My cup runneth over, guys. I’d be really mad if it was coffee, tho.

I’m a lucky bitch. I hope the same for all of you!

Current Projects

I’m tempted to provide an actual list of projects I’ll be working on next year but that would just lead to demanding emails regarding posting dates and I can’t deal with y’all’s expectations. Seriously.

My goal is to write a minimum of 1k a day so that’s 365k for the year. My average last year was well over 2k a day so I’m very comfortable with my minimum goal.

Outside of my RT projects (listed below), I’ll be working on the Quantum Bang (I hope to have 2 entries this year), a few Harry Potter projects, some Hobbit stuff, and I’ll be fiddling with Revenant (SGA) to turn it into a novel.

Rough Trade 2020

Below are my current thoughts regarding the Year of the Sentinel on Rough Trade. I’m pretty pleased with my plans (and don’t want suggestions from readers) so I doubt they’ll change much between now and then. You can find out more about the pages on the RT site.

April 2020 -Year of the Sentinel: Pairs

Title: Eye of the Tiger
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Relationship: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Summary: John comes online during the events of the Storm which changes everything about his relationship with McKay, an online Guide whose lack of interest in bonding with a Sentinel was a secret to no one.

July 2020-Year of the Sentinel: Bonds

Title: Lionheart
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Lily Potter/James Potter
Summary: Lily Potter ignored her Guide gifts, embraced magic, and married a wizard who wasn’t even a latent Sentinel. Then she got pregnant and got taught a life lesson about wish magic, fate, and reckless wizards.

July 2020-Year of the Sentinel: Bonds

Title: Hungry Like the Wolf
Fandom: Hannibal
Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lector
Summary: Hannibal Lecter came online as Sentinel during the murders of his parents–it saved his sister’s life but left him so emotionally damaged he swore to never seek a Guide. Will Graham consults for the FBI as a profiler but his use in the field is limited due to his state as an unbonded Guide. Jack Crawford decides it would be a good idea to play matchmaker but doesn’t like the consequences of his meddling.

November 2020-Year of the Sentinel: Layers

Title: Dark Horse
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Relationship: Meredith McKay/John Sheppard
Summary: John Sheppard comes online when the Genii try to feed him to a Wraith. On Earth, Dr. Meredith McKay starts to have visions of her Sentinel fighting for his life on a planet in a different galaxy and she has no choice but to contact the SGC despite her hostile past with the program.

New Art Gifts

I received some amazing new art from Fashi0n for All the World, Revenant and Interum. Check out the slideshow below for the new art plus a glance back at the art I received throughout the year. Note: If you don’t see your work on the site and you sent it to me – I never saw it or worse my fibro-fog ate it. Send it again!

Completed Works

Someone To Die For
Across Time
Fortunate Monsters
Dance With Me
Deep Blue Sea (The Feeding Frenzy)
Unleash Your Demons
Stealth Dating 101
The World Can Wait
Stand By You
The Little Things
Finding Atlantis
For the Heart That Cannot Vary
Trust Issues
Just One Touch
Accidental Dragon Slayer
Way the Hell out at Pearl
The Warrior’s Path
What Howard Stark Built
The Boy I’m Gonna Marry
True North
Speaks With Beasts
The Train
Coffee & Tea
*Note: All the World is not on this list because it’s a rough draft housed on Rough Trade and therefore is not considered “complete” by me.

My Art

I’ve been dabbling in art for a while — just banners and simple aesthetics so I made a gallery to house them all which you guys can check out here: My Banners & Aesthetics


You can check out the podcast distribution information on the page.

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Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. We love you too Keira! Thank you for creating so many safe spaces for us to let our creativity run free.

  2. I’m so glad you’ve had a productive year with a great support system 😀

    I am very much looking forward to your SGA works. I appreciate all that you give to fandom – your free time, your creative energies, etc.

  3. I’m very glad you have a great support system. It shows in not only the amount of work, but in the quality of your work. Your talent and skill shine through wonderfully and it is a pleasure to read anything you write. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Testing the comment thing. Also, 800k? Holy crap! Thank you!!

  5. I’ll echo reilael’s ‘holy crap’ as to the amount written. I mean, I knew there’d been all sorts of shinies every time I turned around, but that hadn’t really registered as THAT many words. Looking forward to whatever you come up with in the coming year!

  6. Commenting to see if everything works. I love this site and visit often. Some of your stories (Tangled Destiny for one) seem to get me through tough spots when I need to remind myself that I can achieve much if I only try. Thanks for years past, and for many years to come.

  7. Eye of the Tiger sounds totally awesome! And wow, 365! That’s something impressive! I admire you so much.

  8. WOW!!, been here long enough to remember celebrating your 1 000 000 words and your quality has only improved with your quantity.
    Love the new artwork for your fiction and on some of my favourite stories too.Thank you for sharing your talent with us minions over the years Keira.

  9. I don’t comment often. That being said, I appreciate how much time and effort you put into what you share on your site. I love everything you write. I come back and reread all the time because your works are that good and sometimes they help get me through rough patches. I’ve also bought the two books I’ve seen here. (If there are more, please let me know.) Both are fabulous as well. You are a fantastic writer. I can’t wait for (I mean I can, but) whatever you choose to share.

  10. I have been reading your work for over a decade now, and I can’t begin tell you what kind of impact you’ve had on me.
    Thank you for writing and choosing to share it with us.
    Thank you for setting up and hosting safe places for writers to work together.
    Thank you for advocating for the change in perspective regarding readers and entitlement.
    Thank you for the podcasts.
    So much laughter and tears through all of it.
    Have a Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade.

  11. Happy New Year, babe! Really looking forward to Discord fu with you guys and reading all your great new works in 2020.

  12. Happy New Year! I am excited to say that I have read everything that you posted this year…more than once! I don’t know what that says about be but I can’t really find it in me to care. Reading fan fiction has become a bit of an escape from the everyday stress. And you are definitely the go to. Thank you for all that you have written. I won’t ask for more if only because I am more than happy to re-read what you have already gifted us with. But I look forward to anything you decide to post. I hope this year brings you nothing but joy. Thanks again.

  13. Congratulations for a productive year and I wish you luck in all this year’s endeavours. Anything you choose to show us, as always, will be greatly recieved. I particularly get excited for the ex-roughtrade projects you feel have been polished enough to unleash on the world. They always read like old friend that you haven’t seen in ages and now you’re meeting for coffe with excited girly squealing… or is that just me?
    Anyway drunken Baileys rambling aside, belated best wishes and good vibes for the new year!

  14. Where can I find The stories from evil author day? When I click on the link then it says deleted so plllllease where can I read it

  15. I’m always astounded by the amount of quality work you manage to produce. Congrats on a great productive year. I was curious about two of your HP fics that I’d gone back to reread (again!) that I can’t seem to find anymore. They were both sneak peaks so I wondered if that’s why they were gone? I adore all your HP fic, btw. I’d forgotten how much I loved reading that genre until a friend who knew I loved your SG stuff let me know you’d written some!

  16. what happened to the sga fic on rough trade where evil!carson infected everyone with the uh dragon spores or something? and they had to negotiate with sg1. always wanted to read that again

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